Ten (10) Ways Science is Being Attacked

There are more, but this is the condensed version…

Our modern society is 100% based on Science. Without Science, we would revert to Neanderthal (cave-man) status (i.e., lower than third-world country levels).

By and large, the public is unaware that Science has been under an intense assault for several decades now. Citizens are uninformed as the anti-Science agents are subtle in their attacks: they never come out and say that they are trying to undermine Science, they just do it. Further, the Mainstream Media is complicit with their campaign.

A good example is the K-12 Next Generation Science Standards now adopted in 49 states. It says “Next Generation” so what’s the problem? There are many — like the fact that they have scrapped the traditional Scientific Method! I’ve spelled out ten (10) problems with the NGSS in my ReportThe Key to Fixing the US K-12 Education System.

A primary driver behind the assault on Science is that many environmental activists want to kill our modern society and revert to an agrarian version (think Bill McKibben). What they are effectively advocating is an idealized society that would be something like the 1800s — live in the country, with an outhouse, cow, chickens, and a few acres to grow vegetables. A horse would provide transportation.

Any practical person would see that such aspirations are fairy dust — but that is (in effect) what the result of a true “Net Zero” policy would be. Oh, and two hundred million plus American citizens would have to be “eliminated” in the process. This is exactly what happens when we substitute political science for real Science.

Put another way, these people hate Science, as it has made what we have today (modernity) possible. Some other reasons they want to kill Science are:

a) They are anti-American. We cannot maintain our lifestyle, or our position of world leadership, without many more competent STEM professionals. Globalists are working here to undermine the competency part, and thus America’s leadership.

b) They want nonsensical policies. Science is a gatekeeper that exposes when political policies on technical matters (COVID, climate, energy, etc.) are nonsense. When Science is diluted, the protection it offers to our country and its citizens is severely diminished.

c) They want citizens to support their nonsensical policies. Citizens need a Science background to be able to intelligently appreciate and apply to their own life, today’s complex technical issues.Regressives do not want Science-educated citizens making informed decisions.

d) Studentsneed some Science background to be able to better understand (and effectively use), the many technical gadgets that have become an integral part of our modern daily life. The Left prefers that students focus on superficial things like social media.

e) Yet another liability of our time, is that more children (minors) are being given the authority to make major medical decisions. I’m opposed to that, but it follows that the more genuine Science education they have received, the better off they will be in deciding about potentially life-changing health matters.

f) Real Science involves polite, open-minded debate about problem-solving. Students need to be taught how to constructively discuss differences of opinion. The Woke mentality disdains discussion and debate.

g) In addition to the K-12 educational basics (3 R’s), we need graduates to be Critically Thinking, problem-solvers. Science is the most appropriate subject area to teach both Critical Thinking and problem-solving. Education opponents are aggressively working to cut those off at the pass

HOW are they assaulting Science? In my well-attended 2012 Congressional talks (sponsored by the House Science and Technology Committee), I discussed fifteen (15) ways Science is being attacked. To keep this condensed, here are ten (10) of them:

  1. Using Consensus to imply Correctness
  2. Using Peer Review to imply Accuracy
  3. Using Scientists to imply Scientificness
  4. Using Computer Models to imply Reality
  5. Using Correlation to imply Causality
  6. Using Selective Data to imply Actuality
  7. Using Precautionary Principle to imply Reasonableness
  8. Using Engineering to Replace Science
  9. Misusing words, like “Theory”
  10. Adjusting the Raw Data, to Support Political or Economic Agendas…

If you prefer soundbites, what is going on here is that the Left is taking advantage of the fact that most citizens are technically challenged, so they are trying to substitute political science for real Science, and are counting on most people not noticing.

Again, all this and more is explained in my ReportThe Key to Fixing the US K-12 Education System. For those in a hurry, just read five pages, starting on Page 3.

Currently, 49 States have gone off the rails regarding their K-12 Science Standards! Unless we fix this — quickly — our future will be severely compromised.

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