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Latest Energy & Environmental News

For the full version of: Energy and Environmental Newsletter please click on that link. To review some of the highlights, see below. Here is a simply amazing announcement: an affordable machine that can produce drinkable water just from the air — and at 8±¢ per gallon!  See here and here. Since there is such a diversity of interesting articles, I’m subdividing the most […]

Hot Energy & Environmental News: Trump right on Wind Turbine Noise Causes Cancer, The Green New Deal & More…

Our latest edition of: Energy and Environmental Newsletter is now online. President Trump caused quite a stir in a recent speech when he said that wind turbine noise could cause cancer. Of course the press immediately attacked him as being ignorant, dishonest, anti-wind, etc.  Since I wasn’t sure about the facts, I decided to look into it […]

Recent Energy & Environmental Newsletter

Recently we put together a definitive list of reasonable books on climate change — and it has been well-received. As a parallel effort, we now have a brand new list of some good books related to industrial wind energy. As before, if you have any suggested additions or deletions, please send them on, and we will update. Enjoy! We’re strong supporters […]

Global Warming — Science vs Political Science

Since you have an interest in the Global Warming issue, I’m sending along a current public exchange I’m having with a well-known climatologist. As he publicly disparaged my qualifications to even discuss the AGW matter (!), it should be no problem for a person of such elevated expertise, to win this debate. You decide… [FYI, if you’re pressed for […]

Energy & Environmental News

Again a cycle with a lot of news: Energy and Environmental Newsletter. A continued very hot topic is the Green New Deal proposed by US Progressives. There is a separate section in the full Newsletter that addresses it. Here are some good commentaries from that collection: The 10 Most Insane Requirements Of The Green New Deal The Green New Deal is a leftist politician’s worst enemyGreen […]

Some Recent Energy & Environmental News

Here is the latest Energy and Environmental Newsletter. We’ve had an extremely positive response to our proposed international meeting about improving the PR (i.e. communications) of our messages. We are still considering applications to be a participant, but the window will close soon. One of the most important energy developments in this news-cycle, is the response of […]

Energy & Environmental News [+Video]

Here is the latest Energy and Environmental Newsletter. Maybe due to the recent US elections, there’s a very high quantity of reports and articles in this cycle. I’ve tried to simplify this by having a special section on Nuclear Energy in this issue of the Newsletter. There are quite a few excellent (and surprising) articles in that part (like this and this), so please […]

Wind Turbines, the Military, National Security and Sausages

There’s a well-known observation that close inspection of how legislation is made, is very much like watching sausage being created. In both cases it’s very unappetizing. This process was on display recently with the machinations going on with the annual federal legislation for our military: the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). To understand the missed […]

Some Recent Energy & Environmental News

I hope you enjoy the latest Energy and Environmental Newsletter. Note: this issue has a special section about the EPA and Scott Pruitt. Some of the more interesting Energy related articles are: Wind and Solar Require Massive Subsidies Renewable energy seeks demand, investment to survive Trump squeeze Technical Experts: Wind Turbines Pose “Significant Danger” To Environment Video: Wind Turbine Infrasound Even ‘clean’ […]

Videos on Climate Computer Models & How Russia and China Have Identical Energy Agendas

The accuracy of computer models is critical to the entire climate change issue (and thus renewable energy). Two very good videos [below] have been just released that tackle this complex matter: 1) a 4± minute video in the style of PragerU releases, and 2) a 20± minute film designed for a deeper understanding. (BTW, I have the contact info for both filmmakers, so if you […]

Property Value Guarantee: What’s good for fossil fuels is good for wind turbines

Welcome to the latest Energy and Environmental Newsletter. We have long advocated that a Property Value Guarantee (PVG) be included in any local wind ordinance that is serious about protecting the rights of citizens. Not suprisingly, the wind industry is adamantly opposed to a PVG… We were alerted to the fact that Exxon is offering a PVG near one of their fossil […]

Humans face a far greater threat from one another, rather than from climate change.

Welcome to the latest Energy and Environmental Newsletter. A superior observation I recently heard: “Humans face a far greater threat from one another, rather than from climate change.” The corruption going on in our education system is simply stunningly bad.Nothing we do today regarding energy or environmental matters will make any difference if this is not fixed […]

Offshore Cape Wind Project Dead

I didn’t want to have to wait until the next issue of our Newsletter to share with you two pieces of VERY good news… 1 – The developer for the large proposed offshore Cape Wind project officially threw in the towel. This story has yet to be picked up by major media outlets, but this excellent news is the […]

Some Recent Energy & Environmental News

The newest edition of the Energy and Environmental Newsletter is now online. We’re repeating this key report as it is very popular: at least ten (10) financial liabilities that can adversely affect a community hosting a wind project! Here’s a new summary document that lists multiple ways that industrial wind turbines can interfere with various types of communication — including RADAR. Some of the more informative energy […]