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Some Recent Energy and Environmental News

The latest Energy and Environmental Newsletter, is now online. Special Note 1: All U.S. citizens should take 1 minute to formally object to a proposed extension of the wind PTC. (Please pass this request onto your lists.) [FYI, the “PTC Elimination Act” now has 50 cosponsors, 7 U.S. Senators Opposed to Extension of PTC, and Horse Trading in Congress: Lifting […]

Putting Pope Francis’ Global Warming Position in Perspective

Right now the Pope is in the U.S., so we are inundated with popeology. This special report can be added to that list — but it will be rather different from mainstream media reports. One can’t help but admire the Pope’s many virtues (like his genuine humility). Likewise, almost everyone would support his Christian objectives […]

VIDEO: Wind Turbines Can Harm Humans

Carmen Krogh at Ideacity Conference in Toronto on wind turbines. To learn more please read “Wind Turbines can Harm Humans: A Case Study” by Carmen M.E. Krogh, Roy D. Jeffry, Jeff Aramini and Brett Horner. RELATED ARTICLES: How a NC Wind Project Undermines U.S. National Security An Open Letter To Amazon about the NC Desert […]

Spectacularly Poor Climate Science At NASA

Dr. James Hansen of NASA, has been the world’s leading promoter of the idea that the world is headed towards “climate disaster.” There is little evidence to back this up. In 2008, Hansen wrote about “stabilizing” the climate: Stabilizing atmospheric CO2 and climate requires that net CO2 emissions approach zero, because of the long lifetime of […]

Electricity from New Wind Three Times More Costly than Existing Coal

WASHINGTON – The Institute for Energy Research released a first-of-its-kind study calculating the levelized cost of electricity from existing generation sources. Our study shows that on average, electricity from new wind resources is nearly four times more expensive than from existing nuclear and nearly three times more expensive than from existing coal. These are dramatic increases in the cost of generating electricity. This means that […]