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Is the White House Feeding Hamas for Votes?

by Roger L. Simon

You will hear a lot of “humanitarian” blather about why the White House has decided that the U.S. Air Force, in concert with the Jordanian Air Force, should be airdropping aid on Gaza.

The first round went out on March 2 with three U.S. Air Force cargo planes dropping 38,000 ready-to-eat meals.

All this, despite the well-known proclivity for Hamas to immediately abscond through force with all such aid.

To a great extent, the United States under the direction of the Biden administration is feeding Hamas, the enemy and a terrorist organization of the most extreme nature rivaling ISIS, in a time of war.

The administration is not even denying this.

From the Daily Caller:

“The reality that the likely recipient would not be the intended recipient could not be ignored by White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby as he was confronted on the matter during Friday’s White House press briefing.

“After being asked, ‘how the U.S. ensures that the airdropped aid gets to the people who need it and doesn’t end up in the hands of Hamas?’ Kirby responded in part, ‘This is—this is a tough military mission to do because so many parameters have to be exactly right … And, again, the planning will be robust on this. That said, I think—I don’t ‘think’—I know that we will learn from the first airdrops and this will be a part of a sustained effort. This isn’t going to be one and done. There will be additional airdrops planned and executed. And with each one, I think we’ll learn more, and we’ll get—we’ll get better at them.’”

Given what we have seen from the events of Oct. 7 and Hamas’s genocidal rhetoric and behavior in general, plus its ability to violently lord it over the citizens of Gaza, many of whom agree with it anyway, this optimism, tentative and befuddled as it is, is hard to swallow.

This seems more like a clear situation of the boss—Hamas—eats first.

The United States is holding its nose and hoping for the best.

So why are we doing this? Why are we playing into the hands of tyrants and aiding in the salvation of their murderous regime that we have said we oppose?

I would suggest the answer is exactly the same as answering why President Joe Biden opened our Southern border to mass, unsupervised illegal migration immediately after his inauguration.


In this case, the votes are in the key swing state of Michigan where the Muslim community is upset with President Biden for what they regard as support for Israel.

That Hamas started the war is irrelevant to them. That President Biden’s support for Israel veers to the schizophrenic is also irrelevant.

At the moment, the Michigan polls are tilting to Donald Trump.

That is relevant.

Also relevant are the votes of the protesters blocking the streets of our cities as they shout “from the river to the sea,” often ignorant of which river and which sea they are talking about or that the cry itself is genocidal.

The result of this moral confusion is that the United States is currently attempting to deny Israel what it assumed for itself during World War II—the right to defeat its enemy fully. America and its allies did so then, and now Germany and Japan have been our allies for a long time and likely for the foreseeable future.

Could the same happen in the Middle East if the United States let Israel pursue total victory instead of holding the Jewish state back, as it has multiple times, not just in the Biden administration?

I would recommend one of my favorite books on the area—Lee Smith’s “The Strong Horse: Power, Politics and the Clash of Arab Civilizations”—published in 2011. Mr. Smith tells us that Middle East conflicts do not really have to do with Israel, but with ancient conflicts endemic to the region. He explains that “The Arab world naturally aligns with strength, power and violence. He argues that America must be the strong horse in order to reclaim its role there, and that only by understanding the nature of the region’s ancient conflicts can we succeed.”

We are currently acting like a weak horse, flip-flopping this way and that in the winds of public opinion and, as mentioned, electoral choice.

I would imagine many in Israel are waiting with the proverbial bated breath for the possible election of Donald Trump in November. Mr. Trump is undoubtedly a strong horse, as Mr. Smith recommends, and his support for our ally, unlike President Biden’s, has been unwavering.

First published in the Epoch Times.


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