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Congressional To-Do-List on Legal and Illegal Immigration

Here is a proposed to-do-list for members of Congress to deal with legal and illegal immigration:

  1. Pass and enforce E-Verify so all workers are legal. Require all employers to check all existing employees before law went into effect within two years of enactment.
  2. Amend the Immigration & Nationality Act to require one parent to be a citizen for a child born in the U.S. To be a citizen to eliminate Anchor babies at the rate of 40,000 a month.
  3. Require proof of citizenship to receive welfare of any kind.
  4. Make it a felony to enter illegally or overstay a visa.
  5. Automatically eliminate all aid to any country that refuses to take back a citizen of theirs that is being deported.
  6. Reduce refugees allowed in to 10,000 from 80,000 and use the $1.4 Billion saved in location costs to aid many more where they are located.
  7. Eliminate Temporary Protected Status which is not temporary and is simply backdoor amnesty.
  8. Eliminate Diversity Visas. No society is more diverse than ours.
  9. Repeal the Cuban Adjustment Act allowing a Cuban that reaches our shore to stay and put on a path to citizenship.
  10. Reduce the legal immigration limit to 100,000 per year requiring them to be educated, skilled and speak English.
  11. Reduce the work visa program to 25,000 workers a year and eliminate ridiculous classifications such as lawn mower operators and maids.

Any questions?