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Capitulation: P5+1 Iran Nuclear Deal Reached in Vienna

News came from Vienna this morning that a final deal has been reached between the P5+1 and the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The Jerusalem Post reported:

World powers have reached a final, comprehensive agreement with Iran that will govern its nuclear program for over a decade, diplomats said on Tuesday morning.

The deal culminates a two-year diplomatic effort in which the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, led by the United States, have sought to end a twelve-year crisis over Iran’s suspicious nuclear work.

Formally known as the the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the 100-page document amounts to the most significant multilateral agreement reached in several decades. Its final form is roundly opposed in Israel by the government, by its opposition, and by the public at large.

The JCPOA allows Iran to retain much of its nuclear infrastructure, and grants it the right to enrich uranium on its own soil. But the deal also requires Iran to cap and partially roll back that infrastructure for ten to fifteen years, and grants the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, managed access to monitor that program with intrusive inspections.

In exchange, the governments of Britain, France, Russia, China, the US and Germany have agreed to lift  all UN sanctions on the Islamic Republic, once Iran abides by a set of nuclear-related commitments.

The United Nations’ nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, will be tasked with enforcing the agreement over its lifetime. The UN Security Council will soon vote on a resolution to codify the deal.

So, too, will the United States Congress. The US legislature now has a 60-day period to review the deal and, should its leadership choose, vote on a resolution approving or disapproving of the deal. A vote of disapproval would be subject to a presidential veto, which Congress may then vote to override.

Israel and its Arab neighbors are united in opposition to the agreement, warning it will legitimize Iran as a nuclear-threshold state in the short-term, and embolden its form of government – a theocratic republic – in the long-term.

The deal seeks to verifiably prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, and to keep Tehran at least one year away from having the capability to build such a weapon.

The JCPOA will not be “signed.” Negotiators in Vienna have agreed to “adopt” the text, and will spend several months preparing to implement various provisions of the highly technical agreement.

With this announcement from Vienna the unraveling of this dangerous legacy of President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry will ensue with triggering of the 60 day review by Congress under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act. As if orchestrated on cue in this duplicitous act of appeasement, President Obama will go to Capitol Hill to make the case to Democratic members that this agreement is a Hobson’s Choice, the least bad deal, under the circumstances with Iran.

For the Republican Congressional majorities in both houses it will present a daunting task to enlist a minority of wary Democratic colleagues to join with them to reject the Joint Plan of Action attempting to make it veto proof. Allies in the Middle East Israel, Saudi Arabia the Gulf Emirates and Egypt oppose the agreement as it facilitates Iran becoming a nuclear threshold state supporter of terrorism equipped with ICBMs. It will trigger proliferation and possible eventual military action against Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

Reliance on less than intrusive UN inspections of military sites and both known and unknown sites will assure Iran’s becoming a nuclear threshold power. Obama will leave behind a literal Stygian Stable of difficulties for his successor to enforce compliance by Iran with questionable snap back sanctions subject to a committee including Iran. Israel will be left virtually alone to its own means to combat a nuclear equipped apocalyptic Islamo fascist Iran.

UPDATE: Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today commented on the Obama Administration’s announcement of a nuclear deal with Iran:

“I have said from the beginning of this process that I would not support a deal with Iran that allows the mullahs to retain the ability to develop nuclear weapons, threaten Israel, and continue their regional expansionism and support for terrorism. Based on what we know thus far, I believe that this deal undermines our national security. President Obama has consistently negotiated from a position of weakness, giving concession after concession to a regime that has American blood on its hands, holds Americans hostage, and has consistently violated every agreement it ever signed.

I expect that a significant majority in Congress will share my skepticism of this agreement and vote it down. Failure by the President to obtain congressional support will tell the Iranians and the world that this is Barack Obama’s deal, not an agreement with lasting support from the United States. It will then be left to the next President to return us to a position of American strength and re-impose sanctions on this despicable regime until it is truly willing to abandon its nuclear ambitions and is no longer a threat to international security.”


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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review. The featured image is of U.S. Secretary of State Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Vienna June 30, 2015. Source: Reuters.

Obama: America’s First Nuclear Proliferation President

On March 6, 2012 the UK Telegraph reported:

President Obama, speaking at a news conference a day after meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said there was a window of opportunity to settle the dispute with Iran over its nuclear programme diplomatically.

We will not we will not countenance Iran getting a nuclear weapon. My policy is not containment. My policy is to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon, because if they get a nuclear weapon that could trigger an arms race in the region, it would undermine our non-proliferation goals, it could potentially fall into the hands of terrorists. And we’ve been in close consultation with all our allies, including Israel, in moving this strategy forward. At this stage, it is my belief that we have a window of opportunity where this can still be resolved diplomatically,” he said.

[Emphasis added]

In November 2013 The Huffington Post reported:

President Barack Obama addressed Iran during a press conference on Thursday [11/13/2013] called to address issues with Obamacare.

“I’ve said before and I will repeat — we do not want Iran having nuclear weapons,” Obama said when asked about Iran by Agence France-Presse’s Stephen Collinson.

[Emphasis added]

The anti-proliferation President has now changed his position on nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. He is the first U.S. President to do so.

Germany, France and the U.S. just sold out Ukraine to Putin. Now the P5+1 countries led by President Obama is negotiating a deal with Iran to sellout Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt among others. It is also a sellout of the United States which will one day have the Iranian ‘Sword of Damocles’ over its head as well.

Obama’s deal will assure that Iran will construct nuclear weapons over a period of time. None of the other Arab countries can afford not to build or acquire nuclear weapons once Iran is allowed to develop them. Henry Kissinger pointed this out to the Senate. He said even if Iran never actually follows through to build nuclear weapons the other Arab countries must assume they will and therefore will acquire them as well.

While Obama was assuring the American public, Israel and our Arab allies that the U.S. will not permit Iran to develop nuclear weapons he was secretly negotiating a different deal with Iran; and while Obama assured us he opposed nuclear proliferation he was secretly negotiating a deal to allow proliferation and a nuclear arms race in the most unstable and dagerous region of the world. As painful as it is for me to do so, because it damages the credibility of the U.S. and the office of the president I am compelled to say Obama lied. It is not Obama’s critics who are undermining America and the office of the president, it is Obama who is doing so.

If Obama believes Iran can be contained, how does he expect any future president to contain every Arab and Muslim country that will surely obtain nuclear weapons once Iran is given the path to them? Every Arab country is unstable and sooner of later may be taken over by the likes of ISIS. Just imagine if Syria, Libya or Yemen had nuclear weapons. How do you contain the most Radical elements of Islam? The answer is clear, it can’t be done.

In the video below President Obama in March 2014 voices his concern about “A Nuclear Weapon Going Off In Manhattan”. In January 2015 it was widely reported that Iran has a ballistic missile that can reach Manhattan. Giving Iran a nuclear weapon puts the entire Eastern seaboard of the United States at risk.