Public schools not protecting the innocence of children!

true-toleranceFocus on the Family in order to protect the innocence of children has created the parent resource website

True Tolerance states, “It seems like almost every other day there’s another story on Fox News or CNN about sexually explicit teaching or homosexuality instruction being mandated for children as young as kindergarten—many times against their parents’ will. We’re often seeing these lessons being promoted in the name of ‘tolerance’ or ‘safe school lessons,’ which is extremely misleading and makes it hard for parents to know how to respond or learn what’s really being taught.”

“You may teach your children a biblically based point of view at home—but when they go to school they may encounter something drastically different or even opposed to what they’re learning from you and their spiritual leaders at church. So what’s a parent to do? You might feel like other parents have similar concerns, but they seem silent—and you feel alone and isolated,” notes True Tolerance.

True Tolerance warns, “It seems as if every time you turn on the TV or look at a newspaper lately, there’s a story about bullying. The federal government has had several forums on the topic and there’s been nationwide YouTube and Facebook campaigns addressing it. Unfortunately, many homosexual advocacy groups have been quick to capitalize on all of the national attention–turning the movement into a campaign for more inclusion of  controversial sexual topics in public schools.”

True Tolerance highlights words that alerts parents to programs that may deal with controversial relationships, marriage and sexuality issues—as well as sensitive topics like teen suicide, drug use and risky behaviors, such as:

• family diversity
• social justice
• anti-bullying
• tolerance
• sexual orientation
• comprehensive sex education
• safe schools
• gender identity
• health education

True Tolerance notes, “In general, federal courts have recognized the fundamental rights of parents to direct the “upbringing and education of children.” But the courts have not been helpful in explaining the specifics of that right, beyond the right to choose private or homeschool education over public education.” To assist parents True Tolerance has a page titled, “Parent Bill of Rights for Public Schools“.

Of note is the section on True Tolerance about the Gay, Lesbian Education Network (GLSEN) and the national Day of Silence and Ally Week promoted in some public schools.

True Tolerance provides a free guidebook titled, “Empowering Parents: A How-to Guide for Protecting Your Child’s Innocence and Your Family’s Values in Public Schools.

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