Movie “God’s Not Dead” in theaters nationwide March 21st

I went to my local AMC theater to see the film “Lone Survivor“. What amazed me was the trailers for two Hollywood films coming out this year. Both films were Biblically based, one titled “Noah” and the other “Son of God“. I am always wary of movies coming out of Hollywood about the Bible. Not since Charlton Heston has Hollywood truly portrayed the Bible in a meaningful and inspirational way, as it was meant to be.

Now I learn about a third movie being released on March 21st, 2014 titled “God’s Not Dead” featuring Willie and Korie Robertson, the Duck Commander himself.

Watch the trailer for God’s Not Dead:


American Family Association notes, “You may have heard some buzz about the exciting and important new film God’s Not Dead, releasing nationwide on March 21st. The trailer, featuring Duck Dynasty’s Willie and Korie Robertson, went viral within hours of its release… We believe that God’s Not Dead, which follows college freshman and devout Christian Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) on his mission to disprove his dogmatic professor’s (Kevin Sorbo) belief that there is no God, has a powerful message that our culture needs to hear and deserves our full support.”

There are several ways that you can support God’s Not Dead:

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Your support will impact just how far and wide the message of God’s Not Dead is spread. Thanks in advance for joining us in supporting this timely and much-needed film.

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