VIDEO: The G. W. Bush, Grover Norquist connection to a domestic terrorist

Watch the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Executive Director Nihad Awad state his support of HAMAS.

According to Discover the Networks profile on Nihad Awad:

In September 1993, Awad attended a secret three-day summit in Philadelphia along with a number of people whom the FBI believed were Hamas members or supporters. Ten years later, during a deposition regarding that meeting, Awad claimed he could not recall whether he had been there.

Hamas is a U.S. State Department designated terrorist organization.

The same Nihad Awad standing behind and to the right of President George W. Bush, six days after 9-11-2001, as he proclaims “Islam is a religion of peace” in a mosque.

And how, you may ask, does that happen? At the behest of Grover Norquist, personal adviser to the Republican Party!

So it is not just a Hillary/Democrat thing, we are watching you Paul Ryan.


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