College Fires Retired Army General Over Protecting Daughter in Transgender Bathroom Comment

Hampton-Sydney-300x225Former commander of America’s elite Delta Force, Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, received news from Hampden-Sydney College that he was being terminated because of comments he made concerning Obama’s demands that schools should comply with the new bathroom laws that basically render restrooms and locker rooms genderless.

According to a World Net Daily article, Boykin voiced his disapproval of bills that would allow men to go into women’s toilets, locker rooms and showers. The article quotes Boykin,

“When I said in Orlando that ‘… the first man who goes in the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery,’ the LGBT community once again came after me, claiming that I was calling for violence against ‪#‎transgender people.”

Of course the militant LGBT community jumped all over his comment, claiming the distinguished military hero to have called for violence against transgender people. They demanded Boykin’s job be terminated through emails, phone calls, and social media.

In another article, Boykin states,

“I was referring to perverts who will use these policies to get into locker rooms with girls and women, and I object to that,”

He added,

“Nonetheless, I gave the LGBT community just what they needed to pressure the college leadership to terminate me and they did.”

Hampden-Sydney is one of the few all-male schools left in the country and has a rich history as Patrick Henry and James Madison were some of its first trustees. According to its website, the institution for higher learning has this as part of their mission: to form good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning.

The plaque at the front gate says:

“Come here as youths so that you may leave as men.”

And says this in its honor code:

“The Hampden-Sydney student will behave as a gentleman at all times and in all places.”

And yet those in leadership positions of the college who are responsible for firing a military hero should be mirroring what they propose to teach. Instead they act like a bunch of wimps, and do more harm to those young boys at the school who may actually believe that the college is there to train real men.

What they taught all the boys at that school is not to stand on principle, but to go with what will please the whining crowd of special interest groups. Moreover, those who decided to terminate Boykin have displayed a disregard for societal norms that are necessary to a moral civilization.

What could be more chivalrous or gentlemanly than to stand up for women and children who have and undoubtedly will suffer sexual assault due to an idiotic bathroom law that defies common sense. This is the intention of General Boykin… to protect women and children.

Hampden-Sydney’s intention is to run and hide from any confrontation with a bunch of men and women who are confused about their own sexual identity, and desire for the rest of the world to climb on board and celebrate their confusion.

The all-male college just neutered themselves in front of the whole country by proving that they no longer stand for the principles on which they were founded. Hampden-Sydney is nothing more than buildings filled with boys who will be searching for examples of real men, you know, the kind that: stand for what is right, fight the enemy head-on, don’t back down from confrontation, and know how to protect women and children.

The school has now lost an authentic man, professor, warrior, and Christian example. Hampden-Sydney will now be celebrated as a bastion for the LBGT crowd, but the students will be the losers.

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UPDATE: CBS News reports Hampden-Sydney rehires professor who said he was terminated after ‘bathroom bill’ comments.


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  1. Ruth Rose
    Ruth Rose says:

    the LGBT mafia is totally out of control, as are those who support them. This is a disgrace – were I homosexual, I would be equally disgusted with the LGBT’s mafia actions. prayers, always.

    • Scott Jones
      Scott Jones says:

      The Christian Mafia is also out of control with trying to enact these laws that are fully discriminatory against transgenders…but hide behind false meanings such as to protect women and children. That is not the case at all with these bathroom laws being made. That is why the LGBT community is fighting back against these outrageous laws that are being made. If the cis community was so overly against transgenders using the bathroom of the gender they identify with why weren’t these laws made decades ago with the other LGBT discriminatory laws made by republicans and Christians? The reason why is that there are already laws protecting people from sexual predators. So why make a new law regarding this if there wasn’t something else driving the push for the law? Is it because the LGBT community are having their rights restored and some people are pissed about that.
      Yes the LGBT community is overreacting a slight bit, but they have the right to be pissed off that this nation is getting away with discriminating against a minority.

      • Dr. Rich Swier
        Dr. Rich Swier says:


        Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

        This issue is about biology, science and genetics. Men are men and women are women. Sex is immutable. One can change their appearance, as did Bruce Jenner, but that is only skin deep.

        If you want to address discrimination against transgenders then you may want to look at the Muslim Mafia. There are many examples of homosexuals being executed by Muslims using a variety of methods including throwing them off of buildings, stoning and hanging. All done in the public square.

        General Boykin has a right to his position, and the right to voice it. The discrimination in this case is against General Boykin based upon his desire to protect his daughter.

      • John
        John says:

        The fact is you holler about transgender rights while trampling the rights of everyone else. This is about being realistic. If you allow men in the women’s restroom there are far more ramifications than people realize.

        If you allow men in the women’s restroom by simply allowing them to say they are transgender what are you going to do about registered sex offenders? If that registered sex offender claims to be transgender would it be a violation of his rights to deny him access to the women’s restroom? Would it be his right to expose himself to the women and girls in the restroom?

        Where do you draw the line? There are more registered sex offenders than there are transgenders. Then there are all the perverts that have not been caught yet. How do you keep the sex offenders that have not been caught out of the women’s restroom?

        It is as much about safety for a larger group people than it is about making a “transgender” feel
        uncomfortable. Use the family restroom and leave the rest of us alone.

        • Jerry
          Jerry says:

          L & Gs have been given more power than they deserve & have converted that into becoming the biggest Hate Group in the country. Their historical tracks speak louder than words & their deeds scream it.
          The American people tried to understand the problem and gave them greater freedoms & protections that far exceed that of any other group. In return they give us a Frank N Stein, so to speak. They don’t seem to realize that the dictate they wish to support could,one day spell their doom.- – -Fini

      • John M
        John M says:

        Scott Jones, It’s settled science. If you’re born with XX chromosomes then you’re female. Born with XY chromosomes then you’re male. No matter how much one identifies with the opposite sex or what type of surgery they have or drugs they take this is not going to change, the scientific community is in complete consensus, it’s settled. To believe otherwise is to be a denier, Flat Earther and anti-science.
        If you would desire for you or your children to go to the bathroom, change clothes or shower with men that “Identify” as women, then help yourself in the privacy of your own home or at a place that condones and accommodates such behaviour.
        But DO NOT fouste your social and sexual proclivities on the rest of society in the name of discrimination, human or social rights.

  2. Constitutional American
    Constitutional American says:

    If you were born a woman, than your a woman. If you were born a man then your a man.
    So if that’s the case. If a male dog is dressed up like a female dog. Does that make him a female dog. Even if you lop off the dogs swagera parts. Does that make him a female dog. NOPE. He is still a male dog.
    Trangenders feel like they identify with a woman. So be it.
    It doesn’t make Tootiae a woman any more than it does Mrs doubfire.

    Men, stick up for women. Stick up for young girls and children. Keep them safe, don’t fall prey to a bunch of laws from a demented twisted president who does NOT have tour back.

  3. God-Fearing American
    God-Fearing American says:

    When people turn from God and no longer lean toward morals as their guidelines, they dwindle. When a Country turns its back on God and follows the rules of those same people, it also will fail. We need to GET BACK TO BEING A GOD-FEARING COUNTRY WHERE OUR LAWS PROTECT AND GOVERN ACCORDINGLY, JUST AS OUR FOUNDING FATHERS ESTABLISHED.


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