Hillary to Military K9 Handler: ‘Get that F__king dog away from me.’

johncasey and roxy

U.S. Army Pfc. John Casey, a military dog handler assigned to the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, and his partner, Roxy, pose for the camera at the conclusion of their training. Photo: Wikicommons

Eric Bonner, a military K9 handler, posted the following on his Facebook page. His comments have gone viral.

I’m not Voting for Clinton.

It has nothing to do with her views. It really doesn’t even matter about all the laws she broke.

It’s because She actually talked to me once. Almost a sentence. But first, some background.

Being a K9 handler in the Military I got to do a few details involving Distinguished Visitors. Mostly Generals, DOD Officials, and Secretaries of Defense. I was lucky enough to pull two awesome details. George W Bush, and Obama.

GW looked at me, said “Man, who’d you piss off” high fived me, and continued on. I was climbing down from a catwalk I stood on for 4 hours with nothing but Dust and a radio to keep me company. The radio died early on. It was pretty sweet.

Obama, as he was walking out to his plane in Turkey, said “What the hell kind of dog is that?!” In reference to Suli.

One of my Last details was for Hillary when she was Secretary of State. She was in Turkey for whatever rneason. I helped with sweeps of her DV Quarters and staff vehicles. Her words to me? “Get that Fucking dog away from me.” Then she turns to her Security Detail and berates them up and down about why that animal was in her quarters. For the next 20 minutes while I sit there waiting to be released she lays into her detail, slamming the door in their faces when she’s done. The Detail lead walks over apologizes and releases me. I apologize to him for getting him in trouble. His words “Happens every day, Brother”

Hillary doesn’t care about anyone but Hillary.


Strange Morning……

I went to bed last night thinking things calmed down. I was at 5600ish shares when my head hit the pillow. I woke up at 6 am with about 8200 shares, which was far less a pace considering I slept 6 hours. Just looked, 11K Shares. More on that in a few…..

My Facebook message inbox was full of messages of praise and support. Regular people thanking me for my service. People offering a lot of beer, and a few good meals. There were also fellow handlers past and present telling similar stories to mine. I did receive one negative message calling me a liar and asking why I’d make a story like that up. To those strangers that offered up messages of support I want you to know I really appreciate it.

I jumped in the shower a short time later. When I got out I had a message from a good friend asking what happened to my account. He couldn’t Facebook Message me or see anything I had posted…. EVER. I opened Facebook to find my account had been suspended. Why? My name.

About a year ago, out of an abundance of caution due to what I did for a living, I changed how my name was displayed on Facebook. While no specific threats were made, there were plenty of general threats that I had a hard time ignoring. I would be devastated if harm came to my family or friends because of my chosen profession.

Facebook suspended my account until my name could be Verified. The timing of it was interesting. They wanted me to provide government ID. Which ultimately I did not end up providing. End Result? As you can see my profile is back up and running. However, I feel like this won’t be the end of this type of “Contact.”

Finally, I’d like to speak to my motivations two nights ago. I posted that Hillary encounter while watching her speech at the DNC. I was typing as she spoke. I was simply telling a story I have told a hundred times. Never did I think I would reach this level of popularity. Let me reiterate from earlier posts…. I do not support any candidate for President. I can’t envision any candidate doing the job at the level that the American people deserve. I’m still waiting for a Candidate to earn my vote. This regrettably may not happen in 2016.

TL;DR My post went kinda sorta viral, Facebook suspended my account because I had a funky name, I don’t support a Presidential candidate.

Eric confirms what others have written about their experiences with Hillary Clinton and her demeanor. Bernie Sanders is right when he said Hillary is not “qualified to be president.”


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Letter from a Blue Star Mother to the Muslim Gold Star father that spoke at the DNC

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  1. Elle George
    Elle George says:

    a non-vote for anyone is a vote for Hillary you dumb ass. Trump is the only person who is challenging the elitests and NWO crap, as well as the immigration problems, economic problems, job problems, health care problems, and the climate hoax bullshit. Not voting is NOT going to help. Can’t you see that?

    • Donna
      Donna says:

      As a military member, he can not post who he is voting for but he can post the facts of something that happened to him. Get off his back about “not voting”. I’m sure he will.

      • Vaunda Giberson
        Vaunda Giberson says:

        There is an option, the libertarian Gary Johnson and his running mate both elected governors of their states. Check them out we need to get them on the debate so people will know them. I have seen an interview of them and they are against all this. They are not for war either. I would like to ask any of you who want an option to check them out.

        • bobb
          bobb says:

          It seems like this is a great idea since no majority favors either one of those on the top of the bubble. But, chances are a 3rd party will not happen and will be ignored. However, perhaps Mr. Trump, a man who makes decisions that impact many, including his own pocket, may hopefully listen a bit more to those asking for just a tad of moderation. His ideas and proposals have substance, but they should be allowed a fair time frame for considerations.

          • Chris
            Chris says:

            Everyone likes to say that a third party isn’t likely to win. I fully disagree. This election has shown people just how much of a dog and pony show our elections really are. The Democrat vs Republican, liberal vs conservative, left vs right paradigm is coming to an end, and we actually have Clinton and Trump to thank for that in a way. If it wasn’t for these horrible, awful corrupt individuals and their campaigns, we might still be where we were last election, with third parties receiving little over 5% of the total vote, or worse. This year we have the Libertarian candidate sitting at just shy of 15%, nearly three times the support than the previous election, and it’s not even election day yet. I’m talking of course about Gary Johnson. As soon as he reaches 15% he’ll be included in the televised debates including Trump and Clinton before the November election. At that point the polls are sure to spike in his favor, as the hardest obstacle for a third party to tackle is name recognition (or lack thereof). After the debates everyone will know who Gary Johnson is.

            I encourage people to do one of two things – check out isidewith.org – answer all the questions (after each section it’ll say show more [topic] questions), and be sure to rate each question according to how important of an issue it is to you. You’ll get the most out of your results this way. Alternatively, check out politicalcompass.org – which will show your stances/views on a liberal, conservative, authoritarian and libertarian chart which is very helpful. Even more, it shows current Presidential nominees, other politicians and previous historical and political figures in relation to your stances.

            The second thing is look up Gary Johnson on ontheissues.org (http://www.ontheissues.org/Gary_Johnson.htm) if you just want to browse and see what he’s all about.

            It’s time we end the liberal vs conservative paradigm. We need to start thinking of all four, but most importantly we need to start thinking in terms of authoritarian and libertarian.

        • Frank Stephens
          Frank Stephens says:

          As a former Libertarian I’m very familiar with Gary Johnson and his ever changing positions. He is not a conservative and he’s also not that much libertarian, either. Johnson claims to have balanced the budget every year, but what he means by this is that he complied with the New Mexico constitution, which as a practical matter prohibits operational spending deficits. New Mexico’s debt is required to be off the books, or at least off those books, in a separate “capital outlay” budget. This means that of course his operating budgets were balanced; New Mexico makes the alternative impossible. The capital outlays are considered “balanced” if it is believed that they can likely be paid for in the future, and rosy assumptions are permitted.

          It’s as if you or I claimed to be debt-free because our current account, which does not allow for overdrafts, had no overdrafts, despite our taking out ever more maxed-out credit cards and making minimum payments on each. In the sense that Johnson says he balanced the budgets, every president and Congress in history has passed balanced federal budgets 100% of the time. In fact, Johnson inherited a debt of $1.8 billion and left a debt of $4.6 billion, a rate of increase unmatched by the 22 governors in either party who have filed for presidential primaries in the past two decades, with the exception of Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack in 2007. During every year that Johnson, as he says, balanced the budget, he added to the debt.

          As with so many big-government types, government growth under his administration was greater not only quantitatively but qualitatively. That is, he expanded government into new and illegitimate areas. Most notably, he created a new form of the refundable tax credit, a film subsidy that has since spread like a cancer across America. Plenty of other governors imitated Johnson’s pattern of buying publicity, including photo opportunities with celebrities, by paying, cash down, for filmmakers to move out of some other state; traditional subsidies just weren’t generous enough to enable states to compete.

          For those who have followed Johnson over the years remember the discrepancy between his pro-choice rhetoric in his video and his moderate pro-life rhetoric when in a Republican debate four years ago. His campaign site takes the middle road: It notes the late-term-abortion ban (although not the counseling requirement) that he supported as governor and that he told Republicans about, but those positions are described in the past tense, without any indication of his current position. Whatever you believe the principled libertarian position on abortion is, it probably doesn’t involve telling conservatives that you would increase restrictions and then suggesting to progressives that the practice should be unrestricted.

      • Todd Lowry
        Todd Lowry says:

        I spent 22 years in military… You can say and post whomrvef you want to vote for…. There is no regulation that prevents you from saying who you want in the whitehouse… I told people all the time…

      • Ski Piotrowski
        Ski Piotrowski says:

        May not support Trump but I hope he votes Trump.
        If not, he’s helping Hillary get in the Whitehouse. Just a fact!

      • Bill
        Bill says:

        Verifies what SS has said about this power hungry feminazi. Sheesch, I’m no slick willy fan, but I think I know where he’s coming from, to whit Monica & other sleeze bags. Getting face in the Oval Office, trips to foreign island to be with little kids. Think he goes to Chucky Cheese’s for the pizza?

        Hope she keeps her bondage gear; whips, Stiletto heels, handcuffs, gags, duct tape, etc., stashed. Lord knows billy need to be spanked tho…

    • Canine Justice
      Canine Justice says:

      He never said he wasn’t going to vote you flaming fucktard. So before you call anyone a “dumb ass,” learn to fucking read shit for brains.

      The next time you feel like talking shit, don’t. Keep your cock holster closed.

    • Shirley
      Shirley says:

      You are so very right. The New World Order is our enemy whom we should be fighting, not eachother. What I’m really worried about are the CHEMTRAILS because our military is intentionally poisoning us with Rothschilds chemtrails. NWO Satanists are using our military to disperse metals and chemicals into our environment and killing our animals, fish and causing floods, droughts and wildfires. They must be stoped. There is plenty of snow and ice on the polar ice caps. It’s the Chemtrails that is causing all the problems.THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING. IT’S ALL LIES!

      • Robert
        Robert says:

        Hello Shirley as veteran, I am hoping you are deaf, dumb,and blind or better yet locked up in an insane asylum, otherwise pull your head out your ass and educate yourself self on what is happening to our planet, even the astronauts from the Space station are speaking out on the disastrous changes being seen from space, you are one of the millions of self-centered idiots that are unfortunately living in my UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!

    • Russ
      Russ says:

      Exactly. ….not voting for Trump is a Vote for Killary
      ….. if you’re not part of the solution. ..
      U R part of the problem

    • Janet Westendorf
      Janet Westendorf says:

      Just found this website. Bookmarking to come back.
      I still agree with Trump and don’t care how many toes he steps on. Enough of the politically correct. BS.

      COLE BRYAN says:



      August 1, 2016 10:41 pm •Corruption

      (Breitbart) – Khizr Khan, the Muslim Gold Star father that the mainstream media and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been using to criticize Donald J. Trump, has deep ties to the government of Saudi Arabia—and to international Islamist investors through his own law firm. In addition to those ties to the wealthy Islamist nation, Khan also has ties to controversial immigration programs that wealthy foreigners can use to essentially buy their way into the United States—and has deep ties to the “Clinton Cash” narrative through the Clinton Foundation.

      Khan and his wife Ghazala Khan both appeared on stage at the Democratic National Convention to attack, on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s behalf, Donald Trump—the Republican nominee for president. Their son, U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, was killed in Iraq in 2004. Khizr Khan, in his speech to the DNC, lambasted Donald Trump for wanting to temporarily halt Islamic migration to America from countries with a proven history of exporting terrorists.

      Since then, Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos—who served as a senior adviser to the president in Bill Clinton’s White House and is a Clinton Foundation donor as well as a host on the ABC network—pushed Trump on the matter in an interview. Trump’s comments in that interview have sparked the same mini-rebellion inside his party, in the media and across the aisle that has happened many times before. The usual suspects inside the GOP, from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to House Speaker Paul Ryan to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, have condemned Trump in one way or another. The media condemnation has been swift and Democrats, as well their friends throughout media, are driving the train as fast as they can.

      But until now, it looked like the Khans were just Gold Star parents who the big bad Donald Trump attacked. It turns out, however, in addition to being Gold Star parents, the Khans are financially and legally tied deeply to the industry of Muslim migration–and to the government of Saudi Arabia and to the Clintons themselves.

      Khan, according to Intelius as also reported by Walid Shoebat, used to work at the law firm Hogan Lovells, LLP, a major D.C. law firm that has been on retainer as the law firm representing the government of Saudi Arabia in the United States for years. Citing federal government disclosure forms, the Washington Free Beacon reported the connection between Saudi Arabia and Hogan Lovells a couple weeks ago.

      “Hogan Lovells LLP, another U.S. firm hired by the Saudis, is registered to work for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia through 2016, disclosures show,” Joe Schoffstall of the Free Beacon reported.

      The federal form filed with the Department of Justice is a requirement under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, which makes lobbyists and lawyers working on behalf of foreign governments and other agents from abroad with interests in the United States register with the federal government.

      • Ivca56
        Ivca56 says:

        NWO is not Trump. The man is running because no one else will come forward and try to save the concept of the USA. He could be on a yacht somewhere and never stick his neck out, as he is doing now.

    • J. Boyer
      J. Boyer says:

      To Elle George: Here is someone who serves to protect us and you have the audacity to call him “dumb ass”?!?

      I do believe I saw your picture in the recent edition of the Funk and Wagnall’s dictionary…. It was listed under the heading, MORON.

    • Jeff
      Jeff says:

      Yes, Not voting is a vote for Clinton but calling her an idiot is uncalled for!!! It’s like when Obama was running against McCain, and Neither was a good choice so I didn’t vote either. She has served Our Country with Honor and Bravery protecting people like Obama, Kerry and Clinton even though she dislikes them all!!! It’s her Right to vote or not!!! She may very well decide to vote, But when a Trump supporter calls her an Idiot it’s easy to see Why for now she has made the decision she has!

    • Robert Schell
      Robert Schell says:

      Elle, calling this soldier a dumb ass shows your own bitter ignorance, and inability to deal with other people without resorting to a tantrum. Obviously you’re one of the progressive left that hates anything that reflects a belief other than your own.

    • alienredqueen
      alienredqueen says:

      “Challenging the elitists!” Ha, you are precious. He IS an elitist, you “dumb ass.”
      I love all the people on here making apologist remarks for Trump’s behavior with the Khan family and out the other side of their mouth berating Hillary for acting shitty to staff or not liking dogs. Like Trump is a paragon of propriety and politeness. Your hypocrisy is staggering. Part of me hopes you get what you ask for, Trump as president, then you can see with your own eyes how much he gives a tin shit about the little people. But I’m sure you’d find a way to blame it on Obama or anyone else but him.

      • alienredqueen
        alienredqueen says:

        I’d like to also add, “get that f-cking dog away from me?” I work with dogs, I love them. Still, I’m less worried about this than the claims Trump raped a thirteen year old- CHILD RAPE- and defrauded college students. But, hey, let’s keep hating on Hillary to justify a Trump vote.

        • Bill
          Bill says:

          Psst. alien: I know area 51 is super secret & all BUT, you really should put that crack pipe away b4 you board the starship enterprise. BTW, high five the dude with those pointy ears…

    • Charly
      Charly says:

      you dont call ANY member of our Military, Law Enforcement or Secret Service a dumbass ,why dont you go sign up and Serve our Country ,otherwise DO NOT INSULT our protectors !

    • Geoff
      Geoff says:

      You’re exactly right, but you have NO right to call ANYBODY a dumbass, turdhead!
      Blow it out your back door, doofus.

    • Rob W
      Rob W says:

      So you’re telling me that if I don’t vote for Trump, Hillary gets my vote. Assuming that I’m the first person at the pollls and I vote for Gary Johnson, you’re saying that when I leave that Hillary will have one vote, Trump 0, and Johnson 1. Do you realize how stupid that is? The only way you will vote for Hillary, is if you actually select her name and cast a vote for her. A vote for anyone else is a vote for that person, not Hillary. I’m so sick of hearing comments like yours. If you actually thought about it, you’d realize how stupid it is.

    • Karen
      Karen says:

      I am the daughter of a US Navy career officer. How do you feel that Trump called you “suckers,” if you die and /or captured, he said you are “losers.” To me, all who serve are patriots.

  2. wesley turner
    wesley turner says:

    just a reminder to ALL It is True that I F you don’t VOTE for the best of the 2 then you are voting for the worst of the 2 , I will vote for Donald Trump because I think he is the BEST of the 2 I have seen the bad that the Clinton family has done OLE Bill left the US to study in England , so I consider him a Dodger of the VIET NAM W A R .. and there is a trail of Bodies from Arkansas to Washington DC of course their hands haven’t got blood on them but their minds do . How does someone go from very poor to about 900.million $$ their hands are very dirty and yes I am Talking about BOTH of them , they are also training their daughter to be the same . enough ranting

  3. Big guy
    Big guy says:

    Mark Zuckerman is a Billionaire & Jewish and owns Facebook yet sides with the Muslims and Hillary. One day he will meet the wrong Muslim.

    • Mongoose
      Mongoose says:

      Dogs can sense evil, when my dog doesn’t like somebody, I take the hint.
      No surprise that muzzies and shrillary don’t like them.

    • Karsn
      Karsn says:

      Please think when you write. I am Jewish. My father was a USNaval career officer. He was at Pearl Harbor when it was hit. He was on a ship that went down. He had such a bad infection that the bone on his leg was visible but he refused amputation. He fought in WW It with knowledge he would die. At one point he took oral instruction and responsibility for his men to do the same. No further orders are found what he did for years after WW II. Was he less than you because he was a Jew? Please think about all men of many religions who chose to serve, before you show use the occasion the spew hate in your comment. I am offended on behalf of my father who is no longer alive.

  4. edward williams
    edward williams says:

    I wouldn’t soil yours, or Suli’s honor by getting any where NEAR that spawn of satan, refugee from an abortion clinic

  5. Ginger
    Ginger says:

    Have heard this same story/different day from more than one dog handler who worked their behinds off to keep her safe. And, this is the thanks they get.

  6. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    Eric, I certainly believe you.I agree with you neither candidate is deserving of my vote either. We are in serious trouble. I applaud your service and respect you for all you have given up. Please don’t let the negative comments get to you. God is in control and His choice will be put into office.

  7. D Lewis
    D Lewis says:

    please I know Donald doesn’t always say the “politically correct ” stuff but he will learn, and we just can’t afford Hillary to get in office where she will appoint the wrong people to the supreme court and they change our way of life for the worse. As they are saying a no vote is a vote for Killary please don’t let this happen.
    What Donald say’s may offend some people but if what he says does then maybe the US isn’t for them, I’m ashamed of my party (GOP) and how they descend and say they’ll vote for Hillary, well I hope their political careers are over and we don’t have to hear or see them again.(Traitors) vote TRUMP 2016

      • Nic
        Nic says:

        Get this picture off your page you are not authorised to use it ! Especially when it’s associated with some bs stories, considering 1. She is British 2. This post is a about a guy 3. You definitely did not ask for her permission to use it

        • Dr. Rich Swier
          Dr. Rich Swier says:


          Thanks for reading the column and commenting. I apologize for using the wrong photo. I have replaced it with a photo of U.S. Army Pfc. John Casey, a military dog handler assigned to the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, and his partner, Roxy, pose for the camera at the conclusion of their training.

          Thanks for keeping us straight.

      • Nic
        Nic says:

        Well the girl in this picture has zero associations with this post, it was taken from the page it was loaded onto and copied to here and they are definitely not authorised to use this picture.

  8. John
    John says:

    This isn’t the first time I’ve heard disrespectful stories towards the military such as this, and I can guarantee this won’t be the last.

    The Clintonss have such venomous hate and disdain for the military personnel of all ranks and branches. And as a military member all you can do about it, is suck it up and continue to do your job no matter who you are in charge of protecting.

    I’ve heard from friends who’ve protected them as they slept in the White House, flew them from the Whie House to Air Force One, maintained Comm on Air Force One, protected them on the road. The stories are the sadly the same.

    They decimated the military when they were in the White House the last time only now the game has gotten more serious. Not only has our military been reduced to sizes well below those of third world countries, our equipment is being operated by expertly trained personnel however with the reduction of manpower they work well beyond the stages of exhaustion to the point reaction times are pathetic. Our troops on the ground are worked the same way only they also have to contend with substandard equipment required to safely bring our brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters home back to their families and friends.
    Heap onto this pile of BS our enemies are now equipped with nuclear technology given to them by the same people they’ve been swarn to protect.

    The playing field has indeed changed, it’s their anything goes to meet our desired goal to our Marquess of Queesbury Rules of engagement. They Maim, and Kill Men, Women, and Children by any means necessary who disagree with their Religion of Peace while we idly sit by and let it happen. As its our duty to restrain our actions until we are given orders to defend.
    Personally I would prefer a commander in chief with military experience so they understand the power and ability we once had and maybe we can have again. However no matter which direction you look you will not find in any current candidate that ability.
    Our current choice is someone who despises the military with every fiber of their being, and the other who has the knowledge and willingness to staff as his advisors that knowledge base and understanding of what can and can’t be done with our current levels of equipment and manpower and the balls to use that information effectively and efficiently to bring our soldiers, marines, sailors, Airmen, and coast guard members home safely all the while protecting our friends, families and freedoms.

  9. David Rohan
    David Rohan says:

    That’s not how any of this works.
    When you cast a vote, it’s for your candidate. This doesn’t subtract a vote from someone else. If Bill and Bob have ten bucks, and I give John a dollar, Bill and Bob still have ten dollars. Not 11 or 9.
    It’s a dishonest and ridiculous argument. It’s the candidate’s job to earn my vote, they don’t get it by default or without discretion. They get one vote per person. If you’re pro-Trump,You hope more people are pro-trump than are pro-Hilary. That way your guy wins. Attacking people who aren’t voting or are undecided, that’s not a good way to sway people to your side. You’re not helping your candidate, you’re alienating a possible vote for your guy. There’s issues and policies to decide on this election too.
    It’s criminal candidate vs criminal candidate, who’s policies help us most?
    Do I want the candidate who has promised another stimulus package or the candidate that supports another stimulus, but wants to double how much is going to be spent? Didn’t love that spending our way out of debt plan when it was Obama’s and I’m not going to start now. Do I want to support the candidate that’s for amnesty or the one that’s pro touchback amnesty with a path to citizenship? Do I want to vote for the candidate who wants to keep funding planned parenthood or the candidate who wants to keep funding planned parenthood? The conspiracy theorist who thinks the national inquirer is a respectable news outlet, or the candidate who believes that we’re dumb enough to believe they didn’t know what a server was?
    They’re both Obama birthers, too.
    Do i vote for the candidate that owes money to everyone on wall street, or the one paid hundreds of thousands from wall street for speech arrangements? Do I support the candidate with 3,500 law suits pending or the one who gets away with every crime she’s committed? The rapist enabler who spent decades covering up and intimidating rape victims or the rapist enabler who tried to pay off a rape victim in exchange for the release of Mike Tyson,and has confirmed ties to pedophile island? The person who lied about landing under sniper fire or the one who called sleeping around his own private Vietnam and that he only likes the vets who weren’t captured? The guy who pays more to democrats, including his opponent, than he has to Republicans or the woman who takes money from foreign governments? The guy who produces porn, but signs an anti porn pledge? Or the woman who left Americans to die for political reasons? Either one that will say whatever they can to get elected and yet can’t keep their lies straight? They both support universal, government funded Healthcare, though Trump stole a new plan and released it yesterday, so that’s going for him.
    It’s a tough call.
    No, a vote for one isn’t a vote away from the other. A vote for someone else doesn’t suddenly gift a vote to one of their opponents. Trump fans would rather attack people who aren’t bowing to the audacity of Trump rather than trying to win them over. I get it, you want your guy to win. Your candidate has openly stated that he doesn’t need or want a lot of our votes. Says he has enough already, with his 5% of the electorate in the primaries, his 37% of the votes while opposed, and 44% unopposed. Still can’t Crack 50% in his own party, and yet he’s still spending all his time attacking Anyone but Hilary. You want your guy to win, you better start coming up with something better than, “he’s not Hilary”.

  10. Cranky
    Cranky says:

    If you don’t vote, you voted for Hillary and she’s eating that up. Please, vote. And, thank you for your service and give your puppy a Milk Bone.

  11. Tonya
    Tonya says:

    I voted for Dr. Ben Carson in the primaries, an educated, kind, well-spoken, and wise man whose book literally changed my life by inspiring me to enter the medical field.

    I am also a gold star wife. I actually am not fond of the term “gold star wife.” It makes me feel like I’m being told I did well by sacrificing my beloved husband and now get to have my gold star. Although, I suppose it is kinder than calling me a war widow. But I digress.

    The reason I am writing this today is because although Mr. Trump was not even close to my first choice candidate, I have come to realize that conservatives must coalesce behind him if we do not want to lose our country forever.

    I say conservatives because this is much bigger than the petty Republican party. We are at a crossroads as a nation, and we must decide in November if we want to attempt to retain all of the amazing concepts which helped build this country or see them destroyed forever.

    Ms. Clinton wants to fundamentally change the way this country had been run up until President Obama took office. He started the downfall of our Constitution and she wishes to continue it.

    But even if you want to focus solely on the recent Gold Star controversy Mr. Trump finds himself in, he is still the better choice.

    Ms. Clinton has a long and extensive history of treating military members, secret service members, support personnel, and even military K9 units like trash while they are actively trying to protect her. She yells at them, belittles them, treats them like servants, throws them out of her living quarters, and slams the door in their faces. Her favorite pastime appears to be dropping F bombs at them and trying to make them carry her luggage or disregard protocol for her own selfish comforts. She thoroughly disregarded multiple calls for help and reports of violence from the Benghazi Four, actions which directly led to their deaths. Instead of admitting this, she denigrates the men’s surviving parents, insinuating they are liars or confused about what she told them. I can tell you from experience that in the midst of grief from the recent death of your closest loved one, every detail involving their death sticks in your mind and tortures you. I have no doubt those mothers are telling the truth. Besides which, Mrs. Clinton followed the same pattern with the women who accused her husband of sexual misconduct. She has a history of this behavior.

    Additionally, the majority of my formative years were spent watching then President Bill Clinton drop missiles all over the middle east. 9/11, an event which took years to plan, occurred only 9 months after George W. Bush took office. President Clinton admitted he had four chances to take out Osama bin Laden and did not. So, we had a president who dropped missiles all over the region ISIS now inhabits, perhaps leading to 9/11, which led us into war. And we had a president who identified the most dangerous threat of the region and knowingly decided not to take action four times.

    At this point one might ask why I bring this up; it is not as if Hillary was president then. However, it was commonly known that Hillary considered herself a partner in presidential happenings. And, it was she who said, “We are the President.” So, yes, I do hold her responsible for the acts of the Clinton administration, acts which I feel led the US into the Iraq war. But even if she was blameless for all of that, President Bush handed President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton a stable Middle East and they proceeded to do everything they could to destabilize the area and breed the terror organizations we are plagued by today.

    On the other hand, we have Donald Trump, a verbally reckless man who seems to live to kick the hornet’s nest. However, they say that actions speak louder than words, so let’s examine his actions, shall we?

    Trump skipped a highly televised debate to raise millions for veterans’ charities.

    Trump sent a $25k check to Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi to help him get back on his feet. If you don’t remember, the Sgt. is a former Marine who was left to rot for 7 months in a Mexican jail while Obama pandered to the Mexican president and fully ignored the plight of the Sgt.

    In the 1990s Donald Trump sent his private plane to transport 200 stranded Gulf War veterans back home.

    In 1995 Trump was named grand marshal of the NY Veterans’ Day Parade after personally donating $200k himself and raising $300k more, helping to save the parade.

    Should Trump have kept his mouth shut? Yes. But losing a family member in war does not protect you from criticism. In fact, an uncouth Clinton supporter told me last week that I was mocking my husband’s sacrifice by even being a conservative. Mr. Khan lobbed a mortar round at Trump and Donald responded with a nuke. He needs to tame himself, but what he did was mild in comparison to how Clinton and the main stream media treated Pat Smith after her RNC speech. She didn’t ruin the night. Her emotions are valid. Her statements can be backed up and she doesn’t deserve to be beaten to death. Yes. Those are all public statements made by the media.

    Trump wasn’t my first choice and I hope at some point he behaves like a man who will make this country proud. However, the Clintons have and still do accept millions of dollars in donations from arms and defense contractors, both officially through campaigns and privately through their Foundation. The US represents an astounding 54% of the world’s total business for these companies. Nine of the ten largest arms producers in the world have donated to Mrs. Clinton. In fact, right before Secretary Clinton brokered a deal between Boeing, other defense contractors, and Saudi Arabia for $29 billion worth of aircrafts, the Clinton Foundation received a $10 million donation from the Saudi Royal Family and $900k from Boeing. Asst Secretary of State Ben Shapiro said the deal was a top priority personally for Secretary Clinton. I’ll bet it was exactly $10.9 million personal for her.

    So, Trump may be more of a wild card, but if you want to know who will get more of our military family members killed, look no further than Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a woman whose soul belongs to large special interest groups which will expect to benefit a great deal from war related business dealings under a Hillary Clinton presidency, and a woman whose poor judgement has already lead to American deaths.

    On a side note, my heart goes out to the Khan family. I know EXACTLY how they feel and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, regardless of political affiliation. If you have read this and agree, thank a veteran for their service today.

  12. Mandy
    Mandy says:

    I wish more people that have been around Hillary would tell more of these raging fits she has as she doesn’t appear to be mentally fit to hold the highest office. Frightening that someone who gets this out of control over little everyday life deals could handle real pressure that a president must deal with on a daily basis.

  13. Shirley
    Shirley says:


  14. thomas yost
    thomas yost says:

    Where was the outrage about Trumps comments about a fallen hero’s family. Oh right that soldier was a Muslim and brown so he apparently doesn’t count for all of you. Tell a person to remove a dog in no way shape or form even comes close to what Trump has done.

    • JoJo
      JoJo says:

      Where is the outrage? Do you not read? Do you not watch TV, outage was all over the place including Republicans and other politicians. Don’t make this more then what it is please.

  15. Julie
    Julie says:

    Hillary is such a disgrace. Main stream media loves to focus on how “rude” and “vulgar” Trump is, and they behave as if Hillary is as pure as the driven snow. No matter how corrupt or awful she is behind the scenes. With Trump, what you see, is what you get. Not so with Hillary. She hides her corruption, hateful attitude, and disrespect for others behind a completely fake public persona. It’s false advertising, people. Open your eyes. Trump isn’t perfect by a long shot, but under all that bluster he’s done good things for many people – he’s employed thousands, and many of his employees attest to what a wonderful boss he is. Hillary can’t even treat those that protect her with courtesy. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking, true character is revealed behind closed doors. She’s shown herself to be woefully lacking in both.

  16. Apollyon
    Apollyon says:

    Dogs can sense if a person is good or bad, they can see right through the facade and can read your intent, which is why Hillery doesn’t want any around her. She can fool weak minded people but not animals, who can recognize her for what she is. She is a sick soul, an evil corrupt person and no animal will be fooled by her.

  17. Ruby
    Ruby says:

    Hey your dog is beautiful, I LOVE that dog. Looks like a very very good dog. Give it a pat and a steak from me. Hillary who cares….we all know the truth about her. Ugly lady….on the inside. Fake as can be. Your dog…..True as Can Be.

  18. JW
    JW says:

    I am surprised we have not heard more accounts like this. I heard very similar stories like this from military people who did Clinton details when Bill was President

  19. Missy
    Missy says:

    Obama is unable to recognize a german shepherd? One of those stupid people that I would avoid associating with, unless forced to.

  20. Rota Wolfman
    Rota Wolfman says:

    Why vote? Can anyone prove to me that the votes are 100 percent accurate and honestly counted? Or should I vote and hope the fix is in for the one I voted for? Or should I vote and just “trust the government?”

    Stupid American sheep.

  21. Dianna Masterson
    Dianna Masterson says:

    I feel for those that have had a bad experience and I would tell my story. I think that anyone in the military that has an experience of that kind. You don’t deserve to be treated as you have reported you were. You were doing your job to protect Mrs Clinton. Maybe she might need to know what its like to have someone disrespect her in her job.

  22. Arlene
    Arlene says:

    You have no right to use that photo! It does not go with the story! That photo is of a lass from the Scottish borders which u have no right to use for ur bullshit! and she is wearing a British uniform! You have been reported for using her photo unlawfully and without consent!

  23. Ramona Hester
    Ramona Hester says:

    I thank you & your beautiful dog for your service with all my heart! Ive worked with dogs 11 years, have 4 of my own. I trust them much more than most humans! I would never vote for a Clinton & especially not Hillary, shes evil. Trump has hos faults but one thing i can say for him, hes for America unlike the jerk thats in there now & you know Hillary cares inly about Hillary! I so appreciate the work you do at keeping us free! Take care & god bless! Give that puppy a big hug & smooch for me!

  24. YiMei
    YiMei says:

    When Hillary was a Senator, I was in the Dirksen Building elevator headed upstairs and held the door open when I heard someone coming. Guess who? Hillary! She waltzed in with her nose pointed at the ceiling, didn’t even say Thank You. As a senior staff I have been in the company of many U.S. leaders, she is by far the worst. Even Sen. Obama would smile and small talk with you. I am NOT with Her.

    • jill nelson
      jill nelson says:

      I think you have a valid point. Lately they have tried to frame her as private, shy. I worry that this is arrogance. Humility goes a long way, a long way with people and allows them the room to choose to give respect to a person. Respect cannot be commanded for long. It must be given. This is a lesson most all women need to take on and really internalize. Men can be much more cordial to each other.

  25. Patti Day
    Patti Day says:

    Clinton or Trump. One of the two will be elected in November, and I would consider myself to have helped Clinton if I didn’t vote for a candidate who could win against her. None of the independent or third party candidates can do that. I can’t stay home and not vote.

  26. D
    D says:

    This story is total bs. But, hey, it hot a lot of clicks and attention for the author, not to mention the hate it generated. Way to go, soldier

  27. Tj
    Tj says:

    Thanks for the story about Clinton, just confirms what kind of a person she really is. And thank you for your service.

  28. Barbie
    Barbie says:

    My Father always said, “You have to pick the lessor of the 2 evils when voting for President” There will never be anyone that will do the job 100% to anyone’s liking” He is a smart man.

  29. supportourmilitary
    supportourmilitary says:

    Please read the book Crisis of Character by Gary Byrne, a former White House secret service officer during the Clinton administration. Exposes the real HC, the same one that made the nasty comment to the military K9 handler. Do we see a pattern here?

  30. Annoyed
    Annoyed says:

    You moderators suck. You deleted my post just because I pointed out there is no substantiation for the person’s story? I said nothing false, but God forbid someone not fall in line with your rhetoric. Freaking Nazis.

  31. Ron Taylor
    Ron Taylor says:

    Here’s what I wrote Bonner: “I don’t believe your story, it’s obviously fabricated because you are a Hillary hater. No one who has had her quarters searched by K9’s as many times as Hillary would have the reaction and behaviors you are lying about”

  32. Michael Curtis
    Michael Curtis says:

    I am sorry to hear after all you have done for us and our great country, you and your fellow military companion were treated that way. Unbelievable how many don’t realize how good they have it due to you and your K-9. I am sure many lives, including yourself, have been saved from your service dog. I want to say thank you and God bless. I hope the best for you and your partner in life.

  33. Connie
    Connie says:

    Thank you for your service. Please do everything you can to keep this woman out of the White House and vote for Trump. He will be a much better president than she will. And do you want this woman to get what she wants? I certainly don’t.

  34. Von
    Von says:

    First of all, let me say up front that I realize that I am a very naïve Southern woman from Georgia, but I do not intend to change. I am among many that are thankful to live in a country where our thoughts and opinions can be freely expressed. However, I believe we should be kind in doing so. Saying that, I would like to share my heartfelt opinion about Hillary and Trump (and I hope it is not rude or unkind). The Office of the President of the United States of America is truly the highest office to hold in the world. He or she has so much power and the entire world looks to the USA for everything. I cannot believe that at the age of 63 that I am witnessing such horrid behavior and terrible role models as what we are witnessing with Hillary and Trump. How can we expect our young people and children to survive if this is what they are seeing as role models? When our leaders are dishonest and rude, it causes so much unrest and hopelessness for the rest of us. For Pete’s sake, isn’t Hillary and Trump thankful for the opportunity to lead our great nation? If so, why aren’t they showing it? Where is their humility? You CAN be humble AND strong. Weren’t they raised to be honest? To be sincere? To be hard-working examples? What I am hearing and seeing with Hillary and Trump is so disappointing. Can you believe that “a lady” would use the “f” word as an adjective? Why was that necessary in her eyes to say that? What kind of example is she? And with Trump constantly cutting down everyone and making jokes about the military, the physically handicapped and heaven knows who else behind the scenes, it’s just astounding. Such hypocrisy is so unacceptable, but what can we do? We must vote. We owe that to each other as Americans to exercise that privilege. We really need someone to step out as soon as possible as a Third Party Candidate. Someone that actually is deserving of being the 45th President of our great country. Someone that doesn’t feel so entitled and isn’t so condescending to the less fortunate. Do they exist? In my naïve little heart, I truly believe there are still some good leaders out there and I really pray that he or she will step out before it’s too late.

  35. Booboo
    Booboo says:

    I agree that not voting can NOT be the answer. Hillary is evil and corrupt, therefore another candidate deserves your vote. Vote Donald Trump to make America Great Again!

  36. scott finlayson
    scott finlayson says:

    I am a vietnam vet and what Hillary did to our countrymen in Benghazi says it all. She does NOT have the military’s backs. Just ask the secret service men who covered them when Bill was in office. She treated them like dirt. We will only get more of Obama’s bullshit if she is elected and the Clinton foundation will only get more money for them and not for any worthy cause. They say that Trump is a womanizer? What the hell would you call Bill Clinton? I’m sure he had a lot of “locker room” talk about his affairs. It’s funny how all of this comes out around election time.

  37. scott finlayson
    scott finlayson says:

    Another thing. Voting does NOT count. The electoral college elects the president and not the voting as a whole. John McCain would have beaten Obama if they counted the popular vote. Get rid of the college and go back to basics and we will get our answer on whom would be our next president. Our choices are bad but we have to see through the worst of two evils. Voting for a woman president just because she’s a woman is like eating a turd because it looks like a tootsie roll.


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  1. […] Hillary to Military K9 Handler: ‘Get that F—ing dog away from me.’ Eric Bonner, a military K9 handler, posted the following on his Facebook page. His comments have gone viral. His military working dog, “Suli” sniffs for BOMBS .   I’m not Voting for Clinton . It has nothing to do with her views. It really doesn’t even matter about all the laws she broke. It’s because she actually talked to me once. Almost a sentence. But first, some background. Being a K9 handler in the Military, I got to do a few details involving ‘Distinguished Visitors’. Mostly Generals, DOD Officials, and Secretaries of Defense. I was lucky enough to pull two awesome details. George W Bush, and Obama. GW looked at me, smiled, then said, “Man, who’d you piss off”, high fived me, and continued on. I was climbing down from a catwalk I stood on for 4 hours with nothing but dust and a radio to keep me company. The radio died early on. It was pretty sweet. Obama, as he was walking out to his plane in Turkey, said, “What the hell kind of dog is that?!” in reference to Suli. One of my last details was for Hillary when she was Secretary of State. She was in Turkey for whatever reason. I helped with bomb sweeps of her DV Quarters and staff vehicles. Her words to me? “Get that F—ing dog away from me.” Then she turns to her Security Detail and berates them up and down about why that animal was in her quarters. For the next 20 minutes while I sat there waiting to be released she lays into her detail, slamming the door in their faces when she’s done. The Detail lead walks over apologizes and releases me. I apologize to him for getting him in trouble. His words, “Happens every day, Brother”. (Added: (1 ) An Arkansas State Trooper wrote a book about Hillary’s daily  vulgar comments and attitude  toward the Security Detail when husband Bill was Governor of Arkansas.     (2 ) When a military working dog smells a bomb.  It will sit and refuse to move.  This alerts the handler it has detected a bomb.  The EOD (Explosive Ordnance Device) team is summoned to neutralize the bomb.   (3 ) When a ILLEGAL DRUG sniffing dog detects drugs it will paw the item and even nudge it with its nose)..        […]

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