Washington, D.C. Rally4Refugees ‘falls short of expectations’

I’m glad I dragged myself to Washington on a steaming Sunday morning because if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed that the big hoopla that led up to the so-called Rally4Refugees would fall so short of expectations.

Someone spent an awful lot of money for jumbotrons, tents, a big sound system, bottled water, porta pots, and African American clean-up crews (for a mostly white crowd) for what generously might be called a thousand people (at one point or another during the event).  I’m terrible at estimating crowds, so it might have been 500 at the peak of the rally before noon.

Most attendees did not wear the recommended orange shirts so some of those watching the poets, singers and marching troops in orange life vests could have been tourists who took a few minutes from their visit to the Washington Monument to see what was going on.

My report was phoned in to Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily and his write-up is here. ‘Puny’ it was!

For your viewing pleasure, here are more photos of the day (in addition to those posted at WND). I’ll be so interested to see how any other media reports on it.  I saw lots of fancy schmancy cameras, but I didn’t see any cable news or reporters of any note.

code pink was there

Of course Code Pink was there! They wouldn’t miss an event like this!

counter protesters

An always important reminder that Saudi Arabia doesn’t take in its fellow Muslim refugees!

Park police, move

Move on out fellows, your free speech is offending these folks!

Ed's poster

This kind of truth is pretty painful for sensitive eyes.

wide open spaces

We have big jumbotrons all the better for the mass of rally goers to see us with.

the morning wore on

This is about two hours in and the crowds are thinning.

tents and stuff

Big daddy paid for some expensive rally gear including tents like this one.

women committed to social change

White girls love this social justice stuff!

flashed on the big screen

A favorite theme of the day’s festivities. At one point they flashed this sign on the jumbotron.

build the wall

Another offender who was moved away from the sensitive youngsters.

marching life jackets

My all time favorite for the day—the life vest troops who spent a lot of time posing for this photographer, marching to and fro.

for the hoards who didn't show

For the hordes who never showed!

vets for trump

I’m sorry I didn’t get this vet’s name.

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