ISIS Says Goodbye Kitty after Fatwa Banning Pets [+Video]

The world’s most notorious terrorist group has turned its ire against the humble kitten following a fatwa banning pets.

The Islamic State has issued a new decree banning cat breeders from operating inside houses in its territory. The group says the new fatwa is in line with its “vision, ideology and beliefs.”

The group’s soldiers are now conducting house to house searches in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul looking for kittens. It is not known what they will do with the kittens if and when they find them.

The fatwa marks a departure from ISIS’ previously pro-cat attitude. The group previously uploaded pictures of its fighters with cats in order to soften its image. In 2015, Dutch jihadist Israfil Yilmaz reportedly received 10,000 online marriage proposals after posting a picture of himself with a kitten and the caption “Soft towards the creation of Allah but fierce and harsh towards the disbelievers.”

People are now forbidden from breeding cats like this one in the Iraqi city of Mosul:


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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is an illustrative image. (Photo © Saving Private Ryan / Wikimedia Commons)

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