England again! Trump calls perpetrators ‘evil losers in life’

Manchester terrorist attack survivor.

CBS News has confirmed that the man who blew himself up at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, was 23-year-old Salman Abedi, a Muslim, who was known to British authorities prior to the attack.

England has embraced refuges from the Middle East. English politicians and police have covered up gangs of Muslim men who have “groomed” young English girls for lives of prostitution. England has looked the other way when radical Islamic terrorists have run down, stabbed and blown up its citizens. Even the Church of England has repeatedly defended Islam as the “religion of peace” and called for all English school children to be forced to learn about Islam.

All of this kowtowing and appeasement has not stopped the terrorist attacks.

The UK Mirror posted a video of a soldier of the Islamic State claiming responsibility for the bombing in Manchester, England. ISIS has claimed the attack was carried out by one of its soldier.

Many, like former DHS agent and author Phillip B. Haney, argue attempts not to offend Muslims or expose Islam’s basic tenants has emboldened terrorists, and terrorist organization like ISIS, to plan and execute more attacks, killing more innocents. David Gaubatz, a former U.S. federal agent and Iraq war veteran, writes:

There are no two separate Islams.  Sharia law is enforced in Saudi Arabia at the same level as ISIS does in Syria.  There is not a Sharia law interpretation for ISIS that is not practiced in the same manner as any Islamic country/government in the Islamic world.  People at some point must begin to understand that Islam is the enemy of the world, which is led by the Saudi government.  All Muslims are required to travel to Saudi Arabia at least one time in their life.  I have conducted research in over 280 plus mosques in America.  Most of the violent material is directly from Saudi Arabia.

I visited one such mosques in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.  Sharia based material in the mosque advocated the killing of innocent people, especially our children.  The local media and police ignored the evidence.  For years I have warned that Islamic terrorists will target the hearts of innocent people.  The hearts are our children.

Last night in Manchester England we saw an example.

President Trump in his speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia said:

When we see the scenes of destruction in the wake of terror, we see no signs that those murdered were Jewish or Christian, Shia or Sunni. When we look upon the streams of innocent blood soaked into the ancient ground, we cannot see the faith or sect or tribe of the victims we see only that they were children of God whose deaths are an insult to all that is holy.

What we saw last evening in Manchester, England was “an insult to all that is holy.”

We learned that the attack took place at an Ariana Grande concert. Ariana Grande in 2015 was caught on video at a California donut shop saying, “What the f**k is that? I hate Americans. I hate America.”

There are those in England who hate England, including some who are English citizens. As this terrorist attack unfolds we shall see if this is yet another example of a follower of Mohammed carrying out the mandate to kill the infidel and strike fear into their hearts.

President Trump made comments on the Manchester attack at a press conference with Palestinian leader Mahmood Abbas in Israel. Here are President Trump’s remarks:


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