VIDEO: This is why we’re investigating Big Tech

At CPAC, James O’Keefe and former Google engineer James Damore led a panel on the suppression of conservative views in social media. The panel, sponsored by the American Principles Project, also featured Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor, entrepreneur Marlene Jaeckel, and attorney Harmeet Dhillon.

Facebook is labeling conservative news as “fake”; Twitter has been exposed “shadow-banning” ideas they don’t like; Google has outright fired those who do not share the same viewpoints as their executives. These attempts to silence views and control opinions is what makes social media companies so dangerous.

O’Keefe spoke about the power that social media companies hold today:

If they can rewire society to prevent people from even talking about things, it’s going to change everything. And we’re not going to let it happen.”

James Damore, who was famously fired from Google for publishing a factual memo, also gave some profound insights during the panel:

These companies are so ubiquitous and powerful that they’re controlling all the means of mass communication… We really need to wake up to the problem and help raise awareness, because this is a big risk to freedom of speech and democracy in general.”

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