Tommy Robinson’s “Brexit Betrayal Rally” December 9th in London

Tommy Robinson sent out the following in an email. Please support this rally in any way you can.

Brexit Means Exit Rally

During these last few weeks I have been extremely busy in preparing for and organising what I feel is an essential call to action for those of us who believe in democracy and the right to justifiably challenge injustice at the hands of those who’s duty it is to see that these very same values are upheld within our country.

In 2016, we the British people were given a referendum and subsequently handed the opportunity to vote and participate in what followed the largest democratic mandate in the history of the United Kingdom. We, the British people did vote and that vote resulted in the country’s decision to leave the European Union.

However, at the same time you are reading this, Parliament is orchestrating what could be catastrophic for not just you the electorate, but for Great Britain as a whole! With the possibility of a complete reversal of the peoples decision to leave the European Union, I strongly urge you to ask yourself this….

Will we still be a democracy governed by a democratic Parliament?

The answer upon asking myself this question is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

There are many people who do not understand or cannot gauge the severity of such resistance to the democratic electorate, but what I can tell you for certain is this..Whether you voted to leave or remain in the EU, your vote as a British Citizen must count and the subsequent result of your vote must be upheld, anything other than this will be a complete betrayal to the British public!


ASSEMBLE: 11:45am, outside THE DORCHESTER Hotel, Park Lane, London W1K 1QA
MARCH: begins 12:15pm, from PARK LANE to WHITEHALL
RALLY: 1:00pm (to start), OPPOSITE Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA

A range of speakers will explain how Mrs May’s ‘Deal’ betrays Brexit and how we could and should leave the EU.

The march and rally will be led by myself Tommy Robinson and Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP Leader.

As with every demonstration and organised event, it bears a financial cost, but one in which I feel is absolutely 100 percent justified. Therefore I am eternally grateful for any help and support you may be able to give in contributing to making this event the spectacle that it deserves to be and ensuring our voices as the people are heard and no longer ignored!

The following is a list of absolutely everything I am hoping to source along with the associated cost. This is enough production to make a 16ft x 8ft stage with 6 speakers on stands around the stage area and a 10kw per side line array system to the sides, 2 gazebos behind the stage with fencing around the gazebos / genie and stage steps plus standard crowd barriers for the front:

1 x 16ft x 8ft Prolyte stage 3ft high (£200)
5 x 8ft balustrades (£100)
1 x 4ft balustrades (£20)
1 x set modular steps (£50)
1 x 20kw full PA system (£3500)
2 x Sennheiser hand held radio mic with stand (£110)
1 x media player and ipod cable, set audio cables (£20)
1 x 60kva diesel road tow generator (£350)
1 x 60amp power distribution box (£60)
1 x set mains cables (£30)
Back Stage
2 x 3mtr sq Black gazebo with sides (£100)
8 x basic folding chairs (£0.0)
40 x standard steel crowd barriers (£600)
40 x Heras fence panels with bases (£600)
2 x audio technician (£500)
4 x road crew (£800)
London charges
1 x LEZ charge HGV (£200)
1 x LEZ charge 3.5t (£100)
4 x congestion charge (£46)
High visibility vests for all stewards (£600)

Estimated total cost for demonstration £8146+VAT

Forgive me if none of the above list makes much sense to you, however it is always extremely important for me to list or itemise anything that you the public are generously contributing towards, so you can have a clear picture that not only is everything tangible but I see it as nothing but an investment in our future prosperity.

If you are able to support me in getting this event staged please do so by clicking the following link and do whatever you can. EVERY bit of help counts!


Only YOU have the power – in London, on 9th December 2018 – to join us in telling our MPs and establishment that they must STOP this betrayal of face the consequences at the ballot box!!

Thank you,


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