When ‘Islamophobes’ Free Muslim Slaves [+Video]

I have a friend who travels to the Middle East twice a year. He recently returned from a trip that took him to Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. His mission has been for many years to free families from slavery. He has Muslim contacts in the Middle East who go to slave markets, yes these still exist, and using money he has raised purchase women and children. In America we call this human trafficking. He then places these women and children into shelters run by Christians. The children attend a school, also run by Christians. They are taught the Bible. Many are of the Yazidi faith, Muslim but believers in Jesus.

My friend is a Christian and therefore an enemy of Islam. Because he believes that Jesus is the Son of God and openly says so, he is considers by some an “Islamophobe.”

The Glazov Gang did an interview with Dr. Charles Jacobs, President of Americans for Peace and Tolerance. Dr. Jacobs sheds light on when “Islamophobes” free Muslim slaves, and also on the curious phenomenon of “racists” freeing black slaves.

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