VIDEO: The Chilling Night. When 20,000 Americans met in Madison Square Garden to Celebrate the Rise of Nazism and Antisemitism

The Chilling Night.

When 20,000 Americans met in Madison Square Garden in 1939 to Celebrate the Rise of Nazism as Jews were being transported in cattle cars to concentration camps and Murdered. The Jews are once again threatened with genocide.  

As of this writing over 400 rockets have been launched against innocent Israeli Jewish men, women and children by Jihadists and Hamas in Gaza. I just received an email from my friend Mark Kleinman, AIPAC Southeastern States Director to let me know Israel is once again under attack. He said:

Today is a reminder of the constant dangers Israelis confront on a daily basis. On any given day, life can be turned upside down by any of the threats facing Israel. That is why every morning we must continue to wake up committed to ensuring Israel has the support of the United States and what it needs to defend itself, by itself”‘ 

Years ago my wife Esther and I started making annual donations to AIPAC and made a legacy gift. The legacy gift to AIPAC is really a legacy gift to protect our children, grand children and future generations of grand children so that AIPAC’s work to Cement the Relationship between America and Israel will long continue if each of us support AIPAC’s work. A strong Israel means a strong Jewish population in America, Israel and the world for generations to come.

Why is this important?

In 1939 a ship called the St.Louis with a thousand Jewish men women and children arrived from Europe to Miami. The American authorities refused to allow the Jews to disembark. The ship then proceeded to New York and again the Jews were not permitted to disembark. The ship returned to Europe and most of the people died in concentration camps.

Roosevelt was the President at the time and allowed this to happen because the Jews were afraid to speak out. In 1939 antisemitism and support for Hitler was in full bloom by the likes of Father Coughlin with a mass radio audience, Charles Lindbergh, Congressmen and others.

The New York times was sympathetic to Hitler at the time. The antisemitic movement was gaining strength in America but was short circuited by World War II. The video below shows actual footage of “Chilling Night”, because this happened in America when Jews were too frightened to speak out.

Why AIPAC exists today.

If Israel and AIPAC existed in 1939 the Holocaust could have been prevented. Antisemitism is rising around the world including America. Several new Democratic Congresswomen clearly are Anti-Semites with a following and proud of it. They attack Israel and American Jews.

The rise of antisemitism is very serious. This is why a strong U.S./Israel relationship is so important, and why AIPAC needs your support now. Share this message.

See the Chilling Night. This actually happened in America.

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