VIDEO: Merkel politician, Walter Lübcke, found dead in his garden with gunshot to head

This is the politician who told German people that if they did not like Merkel’s mass immigration policies they should feel free to leave Germany. Apparently someone felt the same about him.

From the odious, DW:

German district president found dead with gunshot wound — report

The president of the regional council of the central German city of Kassel was found dead in his garden early on Sunday morning.

A spokesman for Walter Lübcke’s party, the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), confirmed the 65-year-old’s death late on Sunday.

Regional news outlet HNA reported that Lübcke had been found with a bullet wound in his head and that police had found no weapon at the scene.

State police did not comment on the HNA report. They said in a statement that they were investigating the matter.

Police helicopters circled above the deceased’s home as locals were interviewed by law enforcement officers, according to HNA.

The public prosecutor’s office in Kassel announced that they would release more details on Monday.

The CDU described the Lübcke as a “bridge builder” who never shied away from “telling it as it is.”

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