VIDEO: Maria Elvira Salazar running for Congress in Florida District 27

Maria Elvira Salazar has announced that she is running for Congress in Florida District 27. Ms. Salazar is running against incumbent Donna Shalala.

In an email Ms. Salazar states:

We are now seeing politicians in Washington behave like corrupt banana republic dictators.

Not only are they peddling a disturbing, socialist agenda that threatens our freedoms, they’re openly spewing hateful, anti-Semetic rhetoric against Israel, our great American ally.

And South Florida’s own Donna Shalala remains silent.

Ms. Salazar goes on to say:

Florida knows what socialism does to a country. Many of us saw first hand how it ruined the countries from which many of us escaped.

Many exiles, like my own parents who came to this great country from Cuba, know the pain of  leaving behind your life’s work and starting anew with only five dollars in your pocket. And we know how important it is to preserve the freedoms that we came to America to pursue.

I grew up hearing about the horrors and injustices of the socialist Castro regime which instilled in me a deep faith in and a desire to pursue the American Dream.

My career as a journalist has taken me all over the world – including to Latin America where socialism has run rampant for decades. There, I confronted dictators with questions they did not want to hear – and much less wanted to answer.

Despite the dangers to my own life I covered the wars in Central America because I am committed to the truth and bringing a voice to those who cannot be heard. This is a principle I stuck by when I returned to South Florida. I dedicated my tv career to providing an outlet for the voices of my community, Miami. I wanted us to be heard.

But politicians like Donna Shalala callously continue to ignore people like us.

For that reason, I am more committed than ever to bringing our fight to Washington. I will not be invisible. I will not remain on the sidelines. I will not be silent.


Born in Miami’s Little Havana to Cuban parents, who emigrated to the United States, fleeing Cuba due to the arrival of Fidel Castro to power. With only five dollars in their pockets, the pursuit for freedom and the American dream was instilled in María Elvira Salazar at an early age by her parents. While being raised in Miami and Puerto Rico, Salazar listened as her parents told stories of the oppressive communist regime from which they escaped. Becoming American citizens at the Freedom Tower, Salazar’s parents wanted a better life for their family; they wanted freedom.


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