Full Tommy Robinson discussion with Facebook on Danish TV

Posted by Eeyore

This is a very disturbing interview and full credit to the Danish show and host. She was exceptional in her handling of this Facebook exec, defender of his company’s Soviet like propaganda. He admitted several things in this people should be aware of. That truth does not matter. That anyone can be de-personed and evidence of the crimes, or reasons for this action, can not be found, nor will It be produced.

This is a profoundly important bit of video and I am providing two embeds, D Tube as well as Bitchute. However I will also produce a download link for anyone to grab the file and upload it to their own Facebook account and or Youtube and social media in general.

People need to know the state of decrepitude of our freedoms at this time.

Direct link.

Thank you Tania Groth for the translation of this critical video.

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