VIDEO: State Senator Joe Gruters — ‘Time to Enact e-Verify in Florida!’

In an email Florida State Senator Joe Gruters wrote:

Yesterday, I stood alongside Governor DeSantis and State Representative Cord Byrd in The Villages as the Governor called on the legislature to pass e-Verify during our approaching legislative session.

Having successfully passed and watched my Sanctuary City Ban legislation be signed into law earlier this year, I am fired up to help pass another importance piece of legislation combating illegal immigration in Florida.

Please read the article below and consider sharing it on social media. The more citizens that demand the passage of e-Verify, the better our chances are to enact it.

Thank you for being informed & engaged!

Joe Gruters
Florida State Senator

Watch the press conference with Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Gruters:

In a article titled Ron DeSantis wants E-Verify bill in 2020 for ‘public safety’ Renzo Downey reports:

Gov. Ron DeSantis asked the Legislature Monday to send him a bill this coming Session to require employers make E-Verify checks, saying it would make Florida communities safer.

Republicans Sen. Joe Gruters and Rep. Cord Byrd joined DeSantis in The Villages for the announcement. Gruters, chair of the Florida GOP, is co-sponsoring Sen. Tom Lee’s E-Verify requirement bill (SB 664) while Byrd intends to file a House counterpart.

“The reason this is so timely is twofold — It’s about fairness for lawful immigrants and native-born workers, and it’s about public safety,” DeSantis said.

Read more.

Many of those running for public office in the Florida House, Senate and for Governor have promised to implement E-Verify statewide. It appears that the E-Verify requirement bill (SB 664) is the best chance yet that it will become law statewide.

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  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    Yes – we need eVerify among our tools to stop illegal alien infiltration into FL and the problems that come with it.

    If the FL Legislature fails to pass eVerify, it will be one more indication that we have too many RINOs and not enough conservatives and need to oust them during the Primaries. Another indication being the unconstitutional gun control Republicans in House and Senate passed in SB 7026, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act and the current ongoing effort by Bill Galvano to consider more gun control !

    We have too many actions taken for political expediency rather than what’s best for our state and upholds the FL and US Constitutions.

    Chambers of Commerce don’t want eVerify because they think it will hurt citrus and other farmers/ranchers. This is short sighted considering the high costs to taxpayers of illegal aliens including education, medical, social security and other welfare benefits.

    Pass eVerify !


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