VIDEO: Iran Shot Down The Jet

UPDATE: Iran Finally Admits to ‘Unintentionally’ Shooting Down Airplane

Iranian expat offers a few words about the legacy media and people who comment on Iran.

CBC framed the question to force people to think it was the US’s fault that Iran shot down a passenger jet after the US responded to yet ANOTHER Iranian attack on a US embassy.

New York Times says it has verified the video of a missile hitting the passenger jet shortly after take off from Iran

Video verified by The New York Times appears to show an Iranian missile hitting a plane above Parand, near Tehran’s airport, the area where a Ukrainian airliner stopped transmitting its signal before it crashed on Wednesday.

A small explosion occurred when a missile hit the plane, but the plane did not explode, the video showed. The jet continued flying for several minutes and turned back toward the airport, The Times has determined. The plane flew toward the airport ablaze before it exploded and crashed quickly, other videos verified by The Times showed.

Trudeau lets Iran off the hook for shooting down the jet within 90 seconds of his beginning this press conference. Again, if Israel or the US had shot down this jet even because of a systems error, which would likely be the nature off the accident, more specifically, a badly designed air defence system misidentifying the jet, his language would be stronger and less forgiving it is fair to assume.

To be fair to a singularity unfair man, He does say our FM condemns Iran’s strikes against military bases and other targets. That was our FM though, not Trudeau.


Why It Looks Like Iran Shot Down Ukrainian Airliner

Iran Sentenced Us to Death. Here’s How Iranians Really View the Regime.

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column with video posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

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