GET THE FACTS: Crime in America by Race

Crime in America is an important factor in our society. All law enforcement agencies are involved in both the prevention, apprehension and arrest of those suspected of a crime. The Judicial system is responsible to determine each individuals guilt or innocence for a given crime. In America we have equal justice under the law.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau here is the racial breakdown of America:

Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent


Black or African American alone, percent(a)


American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a)


Asian alone, percent(a)


Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent(a)


Two or More Races, percent


Hispanic or Latino, percent(b)


White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent


The U.S. Department of Justice chart below shows the number of individuals arrested for criminal offences by category and race. In any discussion of crime and racial issues it is important to get the facts right.

DOJ data on arrests by race:

  • 69% are white.
  • 27% are black.
  • 2% are American Indian.
  • 1.4% are Asian.

DOJ data on violent crime arrests by race:

  • 58% are white
  • 37.8% are black
  • 2% are American Indian
  • 1.9% are Asian

Violent Crime Index includes murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

Property Crime Index includes, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.

NA: Beginning in 2013, the FBI broadened the definition of rape, removing the phrase “forcible” from the offense name and description. The new definition of rape is: Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim. The new definition includes the NIBRS offenses of rape, sodomy, and sexual assault with an object.

Law enforcement agencies may submit data on rape arrests based on either the new or legacy definition of rape. Due to differences in agency reporting practices, national estimates for the offenses of “rape” and “sex offenses” are not available after 2012. Additionally, estimates for the Violent Crime Index (which included “forcible rape”) are not shown after 2012 as this category is no longer compatible with prior years.

* The “violent crimes” category includes the offenses of murder, robbery, and aggravated assault and is presented as an alternative to the Violent Crime Index, which is not available as a result of the change to the definition of rape in 2013. In any given year prior to the change in the rape definition, these three offenses accounted for more than 95% of arrests for Violent Crime Index offenses.

Internet citation: OJJDP Statistical Briefing Book. Estimated number of arrests by offense and race, 2018. Available: Released on October 31, 2019.

Data source: Arrest estimates for 1980-2014 developed by the Bureau of Justice Statistics and disseminated through “Arrest Data Analysis Tool.” Online. Available from the BJS website.

Arrest estimates for 2015 through 2018 developed by the National Center for Juvenile Justice based on data published in the FBI’s Crime in the United States reports. These are preliminary estimates that will be updated upon release of final estimates on the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ Arrest Data Analysis Tool.

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    • Chuck Schick
      Chuck Schick says:

      Good observation. He didn’t manipulate anything tho it’s straight from the source, at least the one he linked to. Not only is Hispanic/Latino left out but these are juvenile crime stats.

    • Bo
      Bo says:

      He used the FBI UCR and for some reason that site does combine White and Hispanic, but on the same table at the FBI UCR site if you scroll to the left it gives you Hispanic and you have to do the math to subtract the Hispanic crime from White crime.
      I think the FBI does this intentionally to inflate the white numbers

    • james
      james says:

      The US Census considers Hispanics to be white (you can self-report as “Hispanic” or “Latino” and they’ll record that, but not as a separate race – which is a little odd since “Hispanic” can include everything from we’d usually call white, to black to native American in the US).

    • Km
      Km says:

      That is because Hispanic is considered an ethnicity, not a race. Nothing nefarious about it. This is nothing new. The crime statistics have been reported this way for a long time.

  1. Deb dennis
    Deb dennis says:

    You would be correct. American census now divides the Hispanic communities by White Hispanic and Black Hispanic. Therefore, the number of blacks is also misrepresented. That is what happens in a society that wants to retain power by increasing the white popularity by other groups that closely resemble white.

  2. Thomas Dixon
    Thomas Dixon says:

    What they never seem to print is the per capita rate. There are several times more white people than black people but that information is not included. Per capita is much more revealing.

    • Baksu Mudang
      Baksu Mudang says:

      Why would they put a per capita? It would only prove that a certain ethnic group commits Majority of the Homicides and the other crimes they commit are at a drastically higher rate than any other ethnic group. To reveal that important information would literally destroy the past 100 years of progress made in America. How? Bec it would show that a certain ethnic group isn’t the ones who are more of a threat to America and instead a minority group is more racist and deadly than the others. For example the Asian hate crimes. I was absolutely floored when I saw 2 black men on the news being charged with a hate crime over their attacks on Asians in New York. Elderly people at that. I’m not white but I was finally glad to see other ethnicities being treated equally as white people when it comes to identifying hate crimes against others.

      • blazed ones
        blazed ones says:

        It wouldn’t prove that one group commits the majority of homicides. That one group you are talking about is the most over policed race in America, which, these stats prove. There also is a drug war you are ignoring that makes a plant illegal and that plant hasn’t killed anyone, but making it illegal forces this certain race to now be criminalized since they like that plant.

        Now, any fight over control of illegal sales of this plant and keeping it harder to get for regular civilians creates gang wars. This has been going on since the 70s, to act as if any one race is more of a threat to America is ignorant and shows you see only what you want to see.

        • grassass
          grassass says:

          “It wouldn’t prove that one group commits the majority of homicides. That one group you are talking about is the most over policed race in America, which, these stats prove. ”

          How does overpolicing make black people commit the majority of the murders in the United States? How is everything that black people do somehow actually white people’s fault? Do you think that black people are children with no agency, who can’t think or act for themselves?

          • Angel of Truth
            Angel of Truth says:

            You just proved his point about seeing what you want to see and your ignorance. If I only focus on those on the left of me, and less on those on the right of me. I will see far more wrong doing by those on the left than I would by those on the right. This makes the stats intellectually dishonest from the start. Not difficult unless you’re happy with making the main focus those on the left, so it confirms your own bigotry and prejudice of that group.

        • Km
          Km says:

          So you believe that police presence is what makes blacks commit more murders and robberies ? I fail to see any logic in that at all. Police are concentrated where the crime is. They are reacting to the reporting, not causing the crimes to be committed you dope.

          • Bob
            Bob says:

            White or Black people need to take responsibility for their actions and quit blamming others for a crime they have committed. This goes for both races

    • John Miblish
      John Miblish says:

      Come on, it’s pretty easy to take the percentage makeup of the population and percentage committing a crime and figure out the relative percapita. What it DOESN’T (and really can’t) address is, how does, for example, black crime compare to white crimes, given the same familt economic status? In other words, crime rate is a function of economic security, not race per se.

      • Demolition Man
        Demolition Man says:

        Wrong – crime is not caused by poverty. There are far more poor white people than black people in the US, in absolute numbers. So if poverty was the cause of criminal behavior, then white people should totally dominate every crime category.
        Take homicides per income level: you will find that yes, people with a higher income commit fewer homicides.
        But black people in the highest income bracket commit more homicides than white people in the lowest income bracket!
        You can also take a different approach and compare specific crime rates for each ethnicity with the crime rate of their place of origin – e.g. the European average for white people, the Southeast Asian average for people of Southeast Asian origin etc.
        White homicide rates are indeed very closely related to the European average, just like black homicide rates are closely related to the black African average.
        The genetic component cannot be excluded – there are numerous genetic factors which influence behavior, among them testosterone levels. Blacks have unquestionably higher testostone levels than white peole and much higher levels than Southeast Asians. That might very well explain why black people of any economic level are more prone to act violently.

  3. Ivan
    Ivan says:

    The shocking number is the percentage compared to population size. Whites of course will be a higher number but the ratio verse the percentage well, Blacks and Hispanics win that prize. As far as White Hispanics and Hispanics I will say they are the new ethnic minority and commit alot of crime compared to population size. The fact the DOJ classifies them under white eschews the numbers.

  4. Rw miller
    Rw miller says:

    As you can see the American citizen is not stupid. Segregating the white and Hispanic populations and then giving a per capita rate of infraction would be revealing. Your agenda is obvious

  5. jim b
    jim b says:

    Revealing stats, but a simple and clear number I would like to see (by race), is the percentage of people of a given race who commited a crime. E.g white crimes / white population. Etc. The last time I calculated this, it showed blacks are 2.8 times more likely to commit a crime than whites. Could this really be true? If so, it would seem to be a good metric for evaluating black social progress over time.

  6. Stephen R Hawkins
    Stephen R Hawkins says:

    I have not seen a killing by police of a caucasian person on the news in 2021 yet. The media should give all the information on all races killed by police and not only the negro killings by police. If you would take the information as what is true, you have to think that only negro’s are being killed by police. That comes off as racism be passed off as news. George Floyd is the only black man murdered by police that I have seen. Quit running from and fighting with police during interaction with them and a lot of this would end. Be polite to them and they will be polite to you. Try to harm them and you get what anyone of any stripe would get.

      • Dr. Rich Swier
        Dr. Rich Swier says:

        George Floyd was a convicted felon who when arrested was high on drugs including Fentanyl which restricts breathing. He was arrested for passing counterfeit bills. Floyd resisted arrest.

        • HRRRM
          HRRRM says:

          Ehhhhhhh…I think his death was because he swallowed what he had in his pocket to AVOID being in trouble. It takes the size of a pin head to OD on fentanyl. He was high to start with, fucked up, swallowed what he had. If he had that much fentanyl in his system he could die in 17 (=D) minutes. More like 3 minutes. Patches are a different story. Dude fucked up because he was already fucked up and ate the rest of his shit like Super Troopers. They (Floyd and Chauvin)also worked together for years. The whole thing stinks.Floyd being at his own funeral?(if you know, you know).
          The Dem playbook is REALLY old and played out.

          On a side note I’m NOT suicidal. Never know when HRC gonna send that MS13 hit squad…

    • YeahYouHave
      YeahYouHave says:

      You’ve seen 2 people murdered by white people on the news. MAJOR news networks. Ever hear of Kyle Rittenhouse? Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaah none of them MFers were black, just an FYI. I guess I could add a few white people as well… that prosecutor? Yeah he, his staff, and their careers got murdered. GUN GRAB in effect. Dems been trying that shit for HOW long? So BLM can burn down cities (“only” portions of them though) but REAL peaceful protesters get beat on and thrown in jail (J6 anyone? Yeah WAY WORSE than the inside 9/11 job 🙄). People in EU countries getting fucking beat down over a vaccine or lack thereof. Vaccines protect YOU from OTHERS. So if I don’t take it there’s no repercussions for those who did. Got it. Wait…

      Just trying to get the message out not picking on you. <3

      Kygo Higher Love YouTube. <3

      Make America RIGHT Again. And RIGHT isn't fucking FORCING people to obey.

  7. Larry S
    Larry S says:

    Amazing how whites and Hispanics are counted together to the numbers look as if violent crime in the black community isn’t out of control. This is done by the FBI. It is so much more realistic when the murder and violent crime rates are shown in regards to ethnicity.

    • Rodrigo
      Rodrigo says:

      Actually, even with the white-latino obfuscation, the trends on violent crime and specially murder could not be clearer

  8. Raping Rappers
    Raping Rappers says:

    “Big up! Big up! It’s a stick up! Stick up!
    And I’m shooting niggas quick if ya hiccup
    Don’t let me fill my clip up in ya back and headpiece
    The opposite of peace, sending mom duke a wreath
    You’re talking to the robbery expert
    Step into your wake with your blood on my shirt
    Don’t be a jerk and get smoked over being resistant
    ‘Cause when I lick shots them shits is persistent”

    -Notorious B.I.G. “Gimme The Loot”

    One of the main rappers the libtards like to worship. This is the type of crap young people look up to. And you wonder why the crime rate is so high. People lack positive role-models.

    • Heard That
      Heard That says:

      Ed Zachary! Here’s the deal guys. The numbers while, showing mostly white/Latinos doing a majority of the crime by NUMBERS is FALSE. Take the percentage of blacks vs “whites” committing crimes. The, um, “blacks” show they’re not the ones committing the most VIOLENT crimes. However, when you look at the population PERCENTAGE wise black do like 2.798 times MORE than AAAAAANNNNNNYYY other race.
      The PROBLEM here is after segregation black were still demonized. What is your incentive to “be better”? I was in the restaurant indy for almost 20 years. Met lots of AMAZING people of ALL races, religions, and, I guess life decisions. Afro Americans account for 35-39% of abortions in America (not sure about anywhere else). I live around St.Louis. STL blacks are among the worst I’ve seen in 20 years. Lived in Chicago, KC, Miami, Houston, and STL for a majority of these years.
      We can get in to socioeconomic if you like but, sadly, blacks are THE WORST percentage wise for violent crimes. NOW we can all just let it go or fave the truth: American Black’s are THE WORST.
      Blame it on democrats (because I would) for their segregation crap but this is how [they] pit us against each other.
      As a white male, I can’t have a normal conversation about this with an African AMERICAN (NOTICE African AMERICAN) because that makes me racist. An African American can’t talk to another AA because they’re “not keeping it real” or an “Uncle Tom”.
      It’s up to the AAs to keep, um(yikes) THEIR people in check. The racial barrier was created by the DB dems to make it seem like they (the gvt officials) are doing something good for [them]. Creating poverty and no hope of getting out from their “lives”. Forced in to poverty, creating a burden on society, not wanting to work, and lack of respect for others.
      It’s up to US (can’t spell USA without US) but there’s a group of lazy fucking assholes who CHOOSE not to be educated. Manage II Society is a SOLID fucking film about the “plight” of Blacks in America. One the GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN SPONSORING since the blacks have been “free”.
      Flip side:AAs I’d be PISSED too but this is on YOU. GET THESE ASSHOLES OUT of your communities. White people can’t say SHIT because we’re “racist” if we do. EVERYTHING in your community and everyone else’s turns to SHIT until YOU get these assholes under control.
      White flight? YOUR FAULT. Stop letting juveniles tell YOU what the fuck is right. MOST of you are adults. Think normally,have jobs,aren’t exploiting a system out of pure HATRED.
      I’d be pissed too. Taken from home, forced to do work and bow down to people I don’t agree with but yet it’s being exploited ALL the time! Yeah that’s “America”. That’s what “America” has been for a LONG time.
      This ALL ENDS when WE (AMERICANS!!!!) stand together and tell these assholes to “go fuck themselves”.
      [They] WANT us divided. We’re WAY easier to control when we’re divided.
      Y’all MFers gotta get your people in check.

      • Olivia Stoma
        Olivia Stoma says:

        I cannot really listen to what you say because grammatically you sound ignorant. You cannot spell or put a clear grammatically correct sentence together so why would I trust your information? Obviously, you do not care enough to research and practice how to intelligently write the information you expect us to believe..

  9. Keith Cannon
    Keith Cannon says:

    I don’t think race is the determinant, I think that it is people unlucky enough to be born into a situation where it is better to have drugs than it is to have money. People in this situation are way more likely to murder and be murdered and it is many generations deep. It is obvious to me that the cause of a large part of crime is due to America’s failed drug policy, which is killing more people than it is saving. Drug laws were created to stop overdoses, the overdoses rate was going up even though the re is a drug that can reverse an overdose which doesn’t get administered due to secrecy caused by the illegal status of drugs. There are many people writing on website trying to dismiss alligations that gang violence is the cause of most gun homicides. The cite data from studies on youth gangs instead of drug cartels. Even the so called facr check web site labeled the idea of gangster violence as false but these are people who obviously have an agenda and are biased with blatant naivete. I live in the hood and hear gunshots every night, I’ve seen drive by and run by shootings, a car chasing another while the passenger shoots at it. This in California, home of the strictest gun control laws in the US which don’t do anything to stop gang member from obtaining and using them, fact is, they sell the guns and would like to see guns outlawed so they can make more money selling them. The highest murder rate in the world is in El Salvador and if you can’t figure out that it is all totally drug selling organized criminals doing it, then you shouldn’t be doing a fact check web site. A lot of the murders south of the border are by knife and machete these days, they have guns but…

    • Damn Right
      Damn Right says:

      Let me educate you here. Murder rate and murder per capita is VERY different. St. Louie MO had the highest murder per capita for like 3 years. More than Somalia. SOMALIA! They ALSO include East St Louis in those numbers which is horseshit. East St.Louis. is in IL. ESTL is FULL of those assholes who are content with destroying a country that STILL gives them hope but they STILL won’t get away from the rapper lifestyle. Now I remember in the 80s when NWA was offensive. And while Eazy was an ASSHOLE to women and his group mates, he wasn’t a terror. Much less than democrats and the SUPPOSED racist MAGA peeps. We all say we’re not racist and I understand. Numbers aren’t lying guys. This is from a little bitty ass town like St.Louis. %ages matter. Get your people under control and don’t be all mad when the bads face justice.

      Side rant: I was coming home from the airport a few months back and smelled the smell of something that seemed very familiar to me. A smell I’ve come to recognize over the course of 3 years of daily participation. I was happy. Cranked the volume. But like SERIOUSLY…Jesus fucking Christ stop fucking bitching about being racially profiled when your weed is coming through the air vents of my car. If I can smell it 1/4 mile back with vents on, what do you think police smell? Racially profiled or just FUCKING IDIOTS? Other traffic shit, got it.
      Got pulled over 2 days before I moved to Houston for an expired plate. Officer asked me if I was related to “my brother” and immediately got the bullshit story and the runaround on a routine traffic stop. Got it. Sucks to be profiled. Gotta fix your shit though people. Ignoring a PROBLEM doesn’t make it go away. But LITERALLY YOU are the only peeps who can do anything rational about “your” people. REAL Africans (like the 30 year old peeps who come HER FOR FREEDOM, don’t even like Afro-Americans. THIS is a problem.
      SO “FUCK ME” for being racist, I guess, but until AMERICAN Africans get their shit together, I’ll be leary. =)

    • NaMan
      NaMan says:

      First problem here is your blaming “gun laws” dude. Let’s end up like Australia, right? There’s a GREAT REASON the 2A was drafted. Australia is PRIME example. Give up your guns, give up your rights and I GUARANTEE you the Dems want you NOT to have ANY gun. I mean I’m all about fair. Look at those assholes beating normal human beings over not wanting to comply with FORCED VAXXES in European countries. Lucille coming out to bat at that point. When human beings ALLOW others to tell them what to do, it’s only a matter of time before they CAN’T tell them “no”. Facts or fiction on ANY LEVEL don’t matter. Your choice is your choice. =) not 1 person has the RIGHT to TELL you what to do. When people figure THAT shit out…ALL of this bullshit ends. We’re stronger than them and they KNOW that. =P

  10. Caprj
    Caprj says:

    This is total biased BS! There agenda was to show whites have more violent crimes, yet they did the stats wrong to show it. Do it by per Cap. A percentage based on the percentage of that race in the population. Dr. Rich Swier is a raciest white basher and should be arrested because of this raciest fake article.

  11. NaMan
    NaMan says:

    First problem here is your blaming “gun laws” dude. Let’s end up like Australia, right? There’s a GREAT REASON the 2A was drafted. Australia is PRIME example. Give up your guns, give up your rights and I GUARANTEE you the Dems want you NOT to have ANY gun. I mean I’m all about fair. Look at those assholes beating normal human beings over not wanting to comply with FORCED VAXXES in European countries. Lucille coming out to bat at that point. When human beings ALLOW others to tell them what to do, it’s only a matter of time before they CAN’T tell them “no”. Facts or fiction on ANY LEVEL don’t matter. Your choice is your choice. =) not 1 person has the RIGHT to TELL you what to do. When people figure THAT shit out…ALL of this bullshit ends. We’re stronger than them and they KNOW that. =P

  12. Mark
    Mark says:

    I don’t care what anyone says or thinks America’s crime Rave is almost exclusively if not exclusively black. Every time I turn on the news another rape, another robbery oh, another shooting, another stabbing, another drive-by, another person pushed in front of a subway car, another negro perpetrator

  13. Steve
    Steve says:

    The data cited is from juvenile crime statistics. This is horribly misleading to the point of being intentional.

  14. Garret A.
    Garret A. says:

    The problem with stats like this, is that race and ethnicity are not well-defined categories to begin with. People’s physical characteristics will fall all over the spectrum and the lines are drawn very arbitrarily. For example, most people could categorize based on looks between people with Middle-eastern ancestry, Indian ancestry, and East-Asian ancestry. Asia’s the biggest continent in the world, but it gets just one “race”. Race is ever-changing and ambiguous, near the beginning of America there was a debate whether Spanish, Italian, or Irish people counted as “white”, there was no methodology used to create racial groups, it was just a gut feeling due to cultural developments.

    That said, the disparity in these stats does show that the categories are being built around a cultural phenomena where some people categorized by self-identity and genetic traits do share some sort of behavior. “Black” as an identity in America has been associated with a lot of negative treatment but also a lot of negative culture.

    Some people go into this topic thinking that race is purely biological and that all races are strictly biologically equal, so if there’s any disparity in stats it must mean the stats are wrong. I’ve seen people try to argue that black crime rate is high because black’s are treated unfairly by the justice system, but if you compare the rates of arrest to say the rates of reporting a suspect, there’s no major disparity. Meaning cops being “racist” is very unlikely to be a major factor in minority crime rates. Not to mention the logic just doesn’t add up because if society is racist it would still care if the victim was white, and so it’s not like you can make up this narrative where white’s commit just as much crime but get away with it much more. Another sorta plot-hole in this theory is that other races like Asians and Jewish are reported to have lower crime rates than Whites, so if the stats are being screwed with by a white-controlled society why aren’t whites the most peaceful race? That just doesn’t make sense on any level, there does seem to be a genuine disparity between the rates certain races commit certain crimes.

    The high black crime rate in the US, violent crime especially, has many factors at play. From poverty, education, drugs, gang culture, etc. A big one seems to be fatherlessness, not having a father-figure in the house has the biggest correlation between violence out of any factor. This makes sense for multiple reasons, considering not having a father figure reduces discipline in the household leading to more drug use, some people are attracted to gangs looking for a father-figure, not having a father creates much more financial instability, etc. Some people claim Democrat’s welfare policies have actually encouraged fatherlessness by creating many systems and structures to support single-mothers. While many see malicious intent in this under a conspiracy theory that Democrats are trying to keep blacks down, I think it’s just an honest mistake made by people who don’t understand incentive structures and how helping out people who made bad life decisions might inadvertently encourage said life decisions. Of course a lot of these factors are also feedback loops that feed into each other, high murder means some people might lose their fathers to violence, not having enough money means less men are willing to settle down, gang culture encourages sexual promiscuity and womanization that creates more broken households. There are really countless ways in which the system’s problems prevent solutions, cause and effect is never simple. Feedback loops complicate things even more, for example there is more police presence in places with more crime. Since race science has been essentially been banned, we don’t really know very precisely what biological differences between people are, but if we look globally racial genetics don’t seem to be a very big indicator of crime relative to the other factors mentioned.

    This self-destructive gang culture that makes up for more than half of the murder in the US is heavily associated with African American culture. And it doesn’t seem to be a culture that was brought over from Africa, but instead a culture developed specifically after the descendants of US slaves. Again reinforcing biology not really having a significant impact relative to the cultural side of race. Africans who are first generation immigrants have much lower crime rates in the US than slave-descendent African Americans do. But because of the way the culture is, it’s very hard to break it. Older African Americans may mention how trying to make good life decisions like pursuing education would be ostracized by this culture for acting too “white”. Fighting racial discrimination would help them lead better lives, but to a smaller extent than I think people realize. If Jewish people can get through racial discrimination and still end up one of the wealthiest cultural groups in the US, then Black people can too. Racism will always exist, but it’s not actually as powerful as it seems.

    Republican’s are often criticized for being racist, and while I’m sure this is true for many of the more extreme ones, it’s kinda hard to blame them for any of this considering the way geography works. What I mean is that Democrats are the ones attracted to and born from urban living, which is where all the gang crime is too, meaning almost everywhere in the US where gang crime (mostly African American) is the worst, are places locally governed by Democrats. That however doesn’t mean Democrats are responsible for the situation either or intentionally want this situation, it just means it’s Democrat’s duty to fix it, and they just haven’t been doing a very compelling job. One of the reasons they haven’t been probably starts with trying to blame racist white people for every problem in the Black community. Some Black people find this very insulting because it sorta implies that black people don’t have agency and aren’t responsible for their own actions or community. Sure racist white people do some messed up things like redlining to keep black people out of their communities… but most racists just want to be far away from black people, they aren’t spending all day scheming on how to make black people commit crimes.

    The important takeaway is that “African American” is a culture and not a scientific biological category. And African American culture has many issues, some from external forces but mostly from internal non-biological forces. No single political party is responsible for all the issues, and it’s definitely not some group of scheming racists trying to make minorities look bad. That said, both political parties have done a subpar job representing and creating constructive change in the African American communities, but in all fairness it’s hard to really fix it because there are many feedback loops that cause the cycle of violence and poverty. So to really fix it would require not only some drastic policy changes but also a constructive cultural movement to redefine African American culture for the good of African Americans. Which is unlikely but not impossible and definitely worth it.

  15. Bob
    Bob says:

    Very old data. Population replacement is taking a toll on black population in 2020 census. Now only 12.3% of population and commit over 54% of all murders according to FBI public data

  16. ebehere
    ebehere says:


    “Unlike China and India, the United States population is expected to continue to grow throughout the century with no foreseeable decline. By 2067, the U.S. population is expected to surpass 400 million people.

    The population growth in the United States is mainly attributed to high rates of immigration, which have decreased since 2016, and the natural increase (the difference between births and deaths).

    The United States population grows on average about 0.9% every year. The population grew 0.60% in 2019; the lowest rate the U.S. has had in a century. This is because of a decrease in the number of total births over the year. Additionally, more post-World War II baby boomers are reaching old age, increasing the number of deaths.

    Despite a decrease in the population growth rate in recent years, the population is still expected to grow continuously.”

  17. ebehere
    ebehere says:


    “In 2020, the US was more diverse than it was in 2010. In 2020, the white (non-Hispanic) group made up 59.7% of the population compared with 63.8% in 2010.

    Between 2010 and 2020, the share of the population that is Hispanic/Latino grew the most, increasing 2.2 percentage points to 18.6%. The white (non-Hispanic) population had the largest decrease dropping 4.1 percentage points to 59.7%.”

  18. ebehere
    ebehere says:


    “We study the sources of racial disparities in income using anonymized longitudinal data covering nearly the entire U.S. population from 1989-2015. We document three results. First, black Americans and American Indians have much lower rates of upward mobility and higher rates of downward mobility than whites, leading to persistent disparities across generations. Conditional on parent income, the black-white income gap is driven by differences in wages and employment rates between black and white men; there are no such differences between black and white women. Hispanic Americans have rates of intergenerational mobility more similar to whites than blacks, leading the Hispanic-white income gap to shrink across generations. Second, differences in parental marital status, education, and wealth explain little of the black-white income gap conditional on parent income. Third, the black-white gap persists even among boys who grow up in the same neighborhood. Controlling for parental income, black boys have lower incomes in adulthood than white boys in 99% of Census tracts. The few areas with small black-white gaps tend to be low-poverty neighborhoods with low levels of racial bias among whites and high rates of father presence among blacks. Black males who move to such neighborhoods earlier in childhood have significantly better outcomes. However, fewer than 5% of black children grow up in such areas. Our findings suggest that reducing the black-white income gap will require efforts whose impacts cross neighborhood and class lines and increase upward mobility specifically for black men.”

  19. ebehere
    ebehere says:

    My take on much is that no matter the race, the environment in which each human being has exposure since birth to teenage years makes the foundation for future consequences. Naturally, as the teenager evolves experiencing better conditions along the way those positive changes will occur depending on the individual’s capabilities, including their mental, physical, and emotional state, as a complete resulting destiny. The adult surmises his or her own possibilities with it all and has to “manage their imperfections to create the final destiny” for their tenure in adulthood. Unique circumstances with unforeseen events may alter their course with a betterment or adversity along the way to that final destiny which the economic conditions can be a depending element in each event. More poverty brings negative results for sure. The overall systemic racism has bred negative feelings more than any remedy for those in the class of low wages with large families over time. There we may find an increase in the potential for criminal behavior among these human beings. That’s not to say that in the highest class where the millionaires and billionaire occupy there is a lack of criminals, no, they too breed ill people for other reasons. The likelihood in that class for criminality may be hidden more and never makes the stats for varying reasons. America with its history has “its foundation in racism, exploitation, and genocide”. Will it learn from it? The future now with an evolving diversity coming from many other nations and an increasing awareness to its systemic racism may change the course of its history in the end of it all. Time does heal in some cases, but the constant remaining over time is its consequential effects on the poorest ones caught in between those lines of conditions. Do some survive or become statistical victims forever? . . .


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