VIDEO: Our Constitutional Republic Depends on Fighting Electoral Fraud

Concept of US presidentail election ballot being completed

The Center for Security Policy Founder and Executive Chairman Frank Gaffney hosted a critical webinar on mounting evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election and the implications of this fraud for the future of our republic with Colonel Phil Waldron, U.S. Army Retired, and the Center’s Senior Analyst for Strategy Dr. J. Michael Waller.

Colonel Waldron reminded viewers that it was President Obama who established the February 2013 Presidential Policy Directive – Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience (PPD-21) “to strengthen the security and resilience of its critical infrastructure against both physical and cyber threats” and that his DHS secretary Jeh Johnson designated U.S. election systems as part of the nation’s critical infrastructure on January 6, 2017.  Waldron explained, though, that despite this designation there is no national standard for cybersecurity for these systems and that the government agency responsible for protecting it – DHS – has been woefully unprepared.

Waldron made it clear that the recently fired director of DHS’s Cyber and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) – Christopher Krebs – was completely wrong when he stated that the election was the “most secure in American history,” and that “there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.” He went into detail to demonstrate that at least two of Krebs’ assumptions were incorrect: that voting machines are “air gapped” from the internet and that the states maintain mechanisms to prevent fraudulent activity in their elections. Waldron pointed to numerous examples of the fraud, including the more than 17,000 votes cast in Michigan and nearly 40,000 votes cast in Pennsylvania by deceased voters.  He and Frank Gaffney also discussed the extremely informative HBO Documentary “Kill Chain” which demonstrated well before the election just how vulnerable these voting machines are to electronic manipulation, including through their connectivity to the internet.

Waller explained that the election systems and procedures used by the United States neither meets the standards established by the U.S. State Department for its evaluations of elections in foreign countries or the well-respected “Jimmy Carter standards” established at The Carter Center and used worldwide.  He explained how the “DNA” of the voting machine software traces back to Venezuela where it was designed to keep Hugo Chavez in power perpetually. He explained that Venezuela, like many other Latin American nations, actually has much stricter voter identification rules and systems, so that capability to electronically manipulate votes had to be designed around these “obstacles.” In comparison, Dr. Waller stated, “the United States’ election system is a soft target.”

Both the webinar’s viewers and its experts decried the lack of focus on this critical issue of election security by the intelligence community, law enforcement, and other government agencies and the overwhelming censorship on the topic by media and social media giants who consistently state that stories of election fraud are “baseless claims.”  Mr. Gaffney made it clear that the republic itself is at stake if we don’t fix these issues, and fast.

Waller was pessimistic for our nation’s future because he did not believe this attack on the right of Americans to free and fair elections will be countered.  Colonel Waldron’s prognosis was positive because he sees that the American people – from whom the United States’ government gets its own power and legitimacy – are waking up to this threat.


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