VIDEO: President Trump Demands an Honest Election in a Tweet — Watch!

In an Epoch Times column titled “Trump Shares Video Calling on Supporters to Contact Legislators to ‘Demand an Honest Election’ reporter Tom Ozimek wrote:

President Donald Trump shared a video on Thursday urging his supporters to contact state legislators with regard to allegations of voting irregularities in the Nov. 3 election and “demand an honest election and an honest count.”

Ozimek conclude with:

Peter Navarro, an adviser to Trump, last week released a detailed report summarizing election irregularity allegations in six battleground states, concluding that they are serious enough to warrant an urgent probe and substantial enough to potentially overturn the results.

Since Election Day, Trump and third-party groups have pursued legal challenges to the outcome of the election in the six battleground states. None of the efforts have so far borne fruit.

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