COVERUP OF THE CENTURY: Leaked Documents Expose Extent Of Communist China’s Coronavirus Lies/Disinfo/ Censorship

Thousands of internal directives and reports expose how Chinese officials stage-managed what appeared online in the early days of the outbreak.

Called “The Wuhan Files,” the report reveals evidence of mishandling and purported destroying of evidence, based on a 117-page document marked “internal document, please keep confidential.”

The documents reveal that China’s censorship on information about the outbreak began in early January, before coronavirus had even been decisively identified.

China deliberately misled the world in the early stages of Wuhan’s Covid-19 outbreak, suppressed evidence, and mishandled the pandemic, stated a report published by CNN.

The Times reported that the documents include more than 3,200 directives and 1,800 other files from the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), the country’s Internet regulator located in the eastern city of Hangzhou. Also included were files and code from Urun Big Data Services, a Chinese company that produces software used by the government to track online discussions and oversee troops of online commenters.

And the Democrat media cabal and their tech giant handmaidens were only to happy to submit to the Chicoms. It’s bloody treason.

Leaked documents reveal extent of China’s attempts to control coronavirus message

By: i24NEWS, December 20, 2020:

Chinese censorship on information about outbreak began in early January, before decisive identification

China’s attempts to influence opinion regarding the coronavirus pandemic have been brought to light through secrete government directives and “reclaiming the narrative” after The New York Times and ProPublica reviewed hacked documents.

A hacker group known as CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Unmasked shared the documents, which reveal the Herculean efforts that the actual CCP invested in maintaining control of the Internet. “The Times and ProPublica verified the legitimacy of many of the documents, some of which had been acquired independently by China Digital Times, a website that follows Chinese Internet controls,” according to The Jerusalem Post/.

The documents show as early as January – before the coronavirus had been decisively identified – Chinese authorities clamped down on information to make the virus look less severe, and the government more capable.

This was particularly true when Li Wenliang, the doctor who had initially sounded the alarm about the new viral outbreak died of COVID-19 on February 7, sending Chinese sensors into overdrive.

“They ordered news sites not to issue push alerts about his death, and told social platforms to gradually remove his name from trending topics pages and activated legions of fake online commenters to flood social sites with distracting chatter,” reported The New York Times.

Beijing was caught off-guard at the outpouring of emotion and became deeply concerned about creating a “butterfly effect,” in turn causing officials to get to work suppressing inconvenient news.

The Times also maintained that propaganda workers produced reports that ensured people saw nothing other than the calming message from the Communist Party, i.e. that the government had everything under control.

In addition to employing hundreds of thousands of people part-time to promote information that parrots the CCP’s ideology, WeChat, China’s version of WhatsApp also censored data at the beginning of the pandemic, according to The Post.

Wired reported that by March, WeChat blocked mentions of international groups, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Red Cross, in addition to censoring references to outbreaks in other countries.”

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