EXPOSED: The Biggest Child Abuse Network in the World

Kids: Chasing Paradise Exposes the Hate Factories Dooming the Next Generation.

A new documentary reveals what it calls the “biggest child abuse network in the world” and warns that inaction by political leaders, big tech and unaware parents is dooming the next generation to hate, violence and the countless problems that arise from psychological and physical abuse of children.

The film, Kids: Chasing Paradise, uses shocking hidden camera footage and eyewitness accounts to show how purveyors of hate and terrorist organizations rob victims of their childhoods in order to transform them into extremists willing to abuse others and even kill and die for their cause.

Viewers will learn from:

  • Tania Joya, who was married to a high-level American member of ISIS and, after aspiring for her children to become jihadists, escaped and now lives in Texas with her four kids.
  • Mohammed Ali, a 14-year old boy in Iraq who is training with Iran-backed militias who are fighting ISIS.
  • Mohammed Sheikh Eid, a 14-year old boy in the Gaza Strip who attends a Hamas-run summer camp. The film features interviews with his parents and camp counselors.
  • Michael “Younnes” Delefortrie, a jihadist and former member of ISIS, currently imprisoned in Belgium.
  • Mothers whose sons were radicalized by jihadists.
  • Footage from schools, media outlets and houses of worship around the world.

While there is a consensus that predators and gangs who similarly groom children are reprehensible and must be stopped, this global infrastructure of child abuse faces little meaningful action.

In addition to releasing Kids: Chasing Paradise, the filmmakers have released a series of interviews with former extremists from non-Islamist ideologies on YouTube.

Former white supremacists, Antifa anarchists and anti-Muslim radicals share how they were brought into the ideologies, why they left, and how adherents of these ideologies are targeting children and youth.

The filmmakers explain that they were motivated to make the film because of how the hate factories stymie progress on all kinds of issues.

Clarion Project CEO Richard Green questioned:

“How much progress toward peace in the Middle East or anywhere else can you really make if the next generation believes they are obligated to continue that violence? How much progress can you make in improving homeland security? Or hate and intolerance more generally, or school shootings, or bullying? What about PTSD and mental health issues and what results from that? We can’t possibly count the ways that this abuse affects the victims for the rest of their lives, and how that then affects other people.”

Ryan Mauro, national security expert and director of the Clarion Intelligence Network, said that they were also motivated to produce the film because there’s a realistic chance that it can force policymakers to begin addressing the problem:

“These atrocities against children are enabled by our own complacency. This infrastructure of hate and abuse is not an inevitable problem. It is manufactured. And the hate factories can be dismantled.”

Mauro offered ideas like sanctioning entities around the world who indoctrinate children, designating complicit governments as “State Sponsors of Hate,” demanding transparency from school systems and publicly holding the child abusers accountable consistently so that they cannot escape the issue.

“This problem can start being decisively addressed relatively quickly and with minimal expense or risk. If the U.S. and its allies focused on this root cause, President Biden could have major, measured impacts by the end of his first term,” Mauro said.

Kids: Chasing Paradise is available on iTunes,  Google Play,  and  Vimeo.

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