America – A Criminals Utopia!

“A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.” – Harry S. Truman.

Law enforcement as we know it, in many large cities run by the leftist elitists and Defund the Police proponents like in Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, New York, Las Angeles etc. is in trouble. Forces are losing members at an extremely high rate, we are seeing that officers hands are tied by politicians and communist style organizations. Their police leaders are politicians and not law enforcement professionals. Many top cops are breaking their oaths daily. The average tax paying citizen apparently has no part in the decision making.

In Minneapolis the city council received a petition signed by only 20,000 out of 440,000 citizens asking for the disbandment of the police department to be replaced by a “community-focused safety initiative.”

What is that? Well, here it is! It will be a department that has some ‘licensed’ peace officers, mental health responders, substance abuse specialists, violence interrupters and violence prevention professionals! There you have it! A criminals utopia.

It will be called the Department of Public Safety!

So, as you are being raped, robbed, assaulted, murdered, car jacked, kidnapped or being victimized any way the criminals choose, you will have a regular smorgasbord of options as you dial 911! Imagine if you can. Hit 1 for a peace officer, hit 2 for a substance abuse expert, hit 3 for a mental health professional!! You get the picture!

This will be on the ballot in the next Nov 2nd Minneapolis general election. Bless them all. They are a lost population.

Then let’s look at other libtard leftist run major city. I know!! San Francisco in the incredible state of California! You know, the land of fruits and nuts!

Here we see daily pictures of shoplifters emboldened by the $950 limit to become a crime worthy of being even stopped. Loss prevention officers in stores stand by as thieves and looters walk in and brazenly walk out with huge bags filled with stolen swag to be met by ‘professional’ purchasers of stolen merchandise!! Very organized!

According to the National Retail Federation two of the top 5 cities with organized theft are in California, Los Angeles and San Francisco! They must be so proud to be in the top 5!!!

Store employees and store security staff are told to just let them come and go. Some have died trying to stop shoplifters, like Miguel Penaloza of Rite Aid who tried to stop a couple of thieves walking out with arm loads of beer! He was shot dead just for doing his job.

The result is stores are closing down or closing early. Target in San Francisco closes at 5:00pm in some locations and 6:00pm in others. Walgreens have been forced to shutter several locations. Everything worth over a few dollars is under lock and key. Try finding staff to help you!!

If these thieves need anything they just pop out to the local stores and take whatever they need or want. It’s easy. Nobody stops you. As one fine upstanding citizen, Cassie, an addiction and mother of 2, recently said, “If my babies need diapers or formula, who is going to get that for me? No one. I have to do it,” she said. “They ain’t out here arresting people for shoplifting and everyone knows it.”

What a country! Shop owners in San Diego tell stories of their inventory being stolen hour by hour, daily. There is evidence that people are crossing state lines to shoplift in certain counties and states, well equipped with lists and calculators to ensure they stop at the $950 limit. They will work in pairs. One will go in with a backpack or similar and fill it and go out to his/her buddy, unload the bag and go back in. Professional fences will be waiting at appointed places to buy the goods.

Police are unable to do anything. In California they are told not to make arrests for misdemeanors, hence the limit of $950 the thieves carefully adhere to. Little did those thieves know how much those silly math classes would help them!

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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