Transgenderism Is The Tip Of The Spear!

Never underestimate how far the Left will go to protect their phony narratives.

In May, a boy said to be wearing a skirt went into a girls’ bathroom at a high school in Virginia and sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl inside.  The boy was charged with forcible sodomy and arrested again later for a second sexual assault at a different school.  It’s being reported the local school board covered up the first incident because it was trying to pass a transgender bathroom policy at the time.

The girl’s father showed up at a school board meeting in June to talk about the incident.  A liberal activist told him the assault never really happened.  This is called ‘gaslighting’, something the Left does all the time.  The school board behaved no better, calling his story a ‘red herring;’ looking away, reading magazines, and scolding parents for clapping and booing.    The father said he was told to keep quiet and was misled about how the boy was being monitored by law enforcement.   The father was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.  Other parents complained they were not allowed to speak.  The school board shut down the meeting and cleared the room.

I wish that were the end of it, but the father’s story ended up in the letter the National School Boards Association sent to the White House two weeks ago [at ftn. 13] which resulted in the Attorney General siccing the FBI on ordinary parents as ‘domestic terrorists’ for objecting to school board policies.

Much of the apparatus of the Left and the state is now arrayed against parents who object to the transgender narrative.    If things stay on their present course, here’s what you can expect:  Courts will throw out the First Amendment and require you to use transgender preferred pronouns.  In other words, courts will control your thoughts and compel speech.  This just happened in Canada where a tribunal ruled the government can punish people with huge fines if they don’t use preferred pronouns.  A federal appeals court in the U.S. recently decided the other way, but you can bet the issue will be back.  The Left never quits.

Here’s what else you can expect:  more cover-ups of more rape cases so the transgender agenda can proceed unimpeded.  It reminds me of England, where the police and complicit politicians routinely cover up rapes because the perpetrators are Muslim, giving women nowhere to turn for justice.

In the U.S., the transgender narrative is being protected, but to what end? California just passed a new law allowing children to get sex changes without telling their parents, so the transgender agenda is being used as a weapon to cut parents out of the picture and tear down the family. Then there’s the whole move to erase biological sex designations from official records, like driver’s licenses and even birth certificates. It’s to the point where even medical schools apologize for differentiating between male and female patients.

But the insanity doesn’t stop there.

According to transgender doctrine, men can get pregnant and need abortions. The point of all this insanity is to tear society down to ‘build it back better’ with totally new concepts that just so happen to serve a tiny subversive elite that seeks to control our thoughts and rule over us. This is a communist technique. In Russia, it was called ‘the New Soviet Man.’ It comes straight out of Marx who preached the utter destruction of absolutely everything with a constant barrage of new ideas that contradict previous ideas, including our founding principles. The process is called dialectical negation and it is the Left’s weapon of choice to destroy America as we know it. They will keep sending guided missiles like transgenderism into society until there’s nothing left and they can take over because people are confused and don’t know what they stand for, any longer.

That makes transgenderism a giant con job.  The issue is never the issue.  The issue is always wealth and power for a tiny elite.    Women, you’ve especially been conned by transgenderism.  You’re getting a rotten deal under the new orthodoxy.  Your sports have been destroyed, your battered women’s shelters are no longer safe, and you can’t get justice if you’re raped by a transgender biological male.  The authorities will cover it up, just like in Virginia.  The patriarchy strikes again.

And we’re ALL being conned by transgenderism into believing male is female, up is down, and nothing that has been built in society up to this point is worth preserving.  But it is possible to fight back and win, and that’s exactly what I encourage you to do, at school boards and everywhere else the Left is trying to control our thoughts and destroy life as we know it.

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A member of the same group I belong to, Jeff, also added the following:-

We also have to stop letting The Radical Left define this issue on their terms. The trans movement can be broken down like this:
Gender reassignment surgery – Or as they are even more sinisterly (is that even a word?) referring to it “Gender Affirmation Therapy” should never be referred to it as anything else by our side except for “Child Mutilation.” Bonus question – A creep who tries to touch a child’s genitalia, he goes to jail. But now drugging and mutilating them while threatening kidnapping if parents don’t consent is the new Civil Rights movement?

Transgender bathroom laws – Part of The Radical left’s ongoing War on Women (use thier own words agaisnt them), forcing teenage girls to have to get undressed in front of boys.

And if you don’t mind being crude (language warning), when you find that the conversation going into Leftist fever pitch territory where intelligent conversation is no longer possible, just say, “Look. I support every young woman’s Right to Choose the first situation in her life where a hairy, sweaty d*ck is dangled in front of her face. You’re entitled to your ant-choice position”
As I’ve finally learned over the years, try to engage Lefties, but as their tone gets nastier and more personal don’t feel the need to continue to be polite.

As Patrick Swayze said so well in Road House, “Be nice. Until it is no longer time to be nice.” Yeah, we’re probably well past that time!

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