EXPOSED: Agenda 21 – 2030/2050

This blog subject was suggested to me by a dear friend, a fervent patriot, a Save America Foundation founder member and a conservative activist, Deb C. She and I plus thousands of others have been preaching about Agenda 21 and the Great Reset. Both are real. Both are here. Both need to be stopped. Unless we do America is doomed. No iffs or buts about it. Done. Finito. Destroyed. The video links I have pasted below need you to register but I suggest you do. There is a massive wealth of information on that site. As always we need to get the information out. One way is by the sharing this blog to everyone you know. Read on …

May God rest her soul, Rosa Koire explains Agenda 21. Everyone should pass this on . We must wake up the people.

Once we were tin foil hat wearers, NO MORE . WE ARE LIVING THE NIGHTMARE. Agenda 21  2030 and 2050 are activated. My friends, everything I told you was TRUTH, believe it now??



Right now the Agenda is the Depopulation portion of the Agenda 21. VAXXED, UNVAXXED stand for individual liberty , STAND TOGETHER AND JOIN IN THE STREET PROTESTS WHEN THEY BEGIN. I went to one on Saturday in Tallahassee, not enough people are showing up. NUMBERS ARE STRENGTH, SHOW UP.

Only we can save our children . DO NOT VAX the kids! Take them OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. SORRY, YOU MUST HOME SCHOOL Or the child will be damaged in many ways , sterilization, heart issues and possibly death.

This is a Perfectly done video for all ages. SHARE THIS!!

I think we are winning only because we are not complying .

Many that took the jab can also be saved by not taking any more shots and taking supplements and Ivermectin ( once weekly). Vitamins C (1000-2000 daily)  Vitamin D ( 5000units minimum daily) ZINC ( 30-50 units daily)

Quercetin, NAC (600units daily), vitamin A and K2.  This is for future immunity because the shot has attacked the immune system . That is why the shot is not working to protect the jabbed . Do NOT TAKE a FLU SHOT!

God save Humanity!


Where the NWOs plan is today on 2021. Explaining the Great Reset – Agenda 21 – and how it all ties in with some unexpected turns.

The most rare clips compiled in a unique fashion that completely exposes the New World Order. It wont seem so crazy anymore after experiencing this series. This is a great place to start for anyone new or advanced.


Banned Video Archive


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