CARTELVILLE USA: Mexican Drug Cartels Take Over Small Town California

A Daily Caller undercover investigation has revealed Mexican drug cartels buying up land on the outskirts of Los Angeles to run illegal grow operations and training camps.

Join the Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura as he ventures behind enemy lines in an American small town that’s become ground-zero for the new war on drugs and the losing battle against illegal immigration.

Watch as terrified citizens and an overwhelmed sheriff’s office struggle to keep control of their own backyards, within the borders of the United States, while Liberal leadership and corporate media turn a blind eye.

Going where others refuse to go, our reporters probe deep into the crumbling underbelly of California’s desert border towns as they feel the crush of lax drugs laws, unfettered illegal immigration and ruthless Mexican cartels.

Click here for a map of cartels near you in America.

Watch The Full Video On How Illegal Drug Cartels Have Seized Control In Small Town California


EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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