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VIDEO: Biden Breaks His Own Mask Mandate

 Daily Caller News Foundation reporter Mary Margaret Olohan joined the Daily Caller’s Caity McDuffee to discuss President Biden breaking his own mask mandate at a COVID-19 memorial ceremony. “On Wednesday when Biden was inaugurated one of his first actions was to sign an executive order mandating masks on federal land,” Olohan continued. “When Biden […]

Bezos-Owned Amazon Opposes Mail-In Voting For Union Election

Online retail giant Amazon opposed mail-in voting for a union election, according to a filing with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Amazon’s position on mail-in voting conflicts with that of the Washington Post editorial board’s position on mail-in voting. Both companies are owned by Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man. In a petition filed […]

Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans Say Country Is Headed In The Wrong Direction, Double-Digit Spike Since December

Amid lingering tensions from November’s presidential election and the Capitol riot earlier this month, recent polling data indicates that more Americans now believe the country is headed in the wrong direction than they did December. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll released Sunday found that 65% of respondents said the country is headed in the wrong direction, a […]

Takeout Only | How California Elites Crushed LA’s Local Restaurants

It was a dark winter for most small business owners across America, but Los Angeles County in particular was decimated by draconian lockdown measures right before the holidays. The county shut down both indoor and outdoor dining as of Nov. 25, allowing restaurants to only use takeout to feed their customers. The Daily Caller’s Jorge […]

Pence Says He ‘Welcomes’ GOP Lawmakers’ Efforts To Object To Electoral College Certification

Vice President Mike Pence’s office released a statement Saturday saying he “welcomes” Republican lawmakers who intend to “raise objections” when Congress meets on January 6 to certify the Electoral College vote for President-elect Joe Biden. “Vice President Pence shares the concerns of millions of Americans about voter fraud and irregularities in the last election,” Pence’s […]

Gohmert Says Over 140 Members Of Congress Will Object To Biden’s Electors On January 6

Republican Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert said over 140 members of Congress will object during Congress’s counting of the Electoral College vote on Jan. 6. Gohmert and a group of other GOP figures filed a brief Friday in a Texas court against Vice President Mike Pence in an effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election. The lawsuit […]

Sen. Josh Hawley Isn’t The First — And Won’t Be The Last — To Object To The Electoral College Certification

Jan. 6 won’t be the first time partisan lawmakers alleged that a wide conspiracy should nullify the results of a presidential election. As Americans witnessed in 2017, such challenges also have the effect of weakening American trust in institutions. Two out of three Democrats, for example, believed Russia actually changed vote tallies despite no credible […]

Rasmussen Poll: Vast Majority Of Republicans Say Trump Should Be Model For GOP

Polling data indicates that a vast majority of Republican voters want President Donald Trump to remain the GOP’s standard-bearer even after the end of his term in office. A poll released Monday by Rasmussen Reports found that 72% of likely Republican voters believe the GOP should be more like Trump than the average Republican member of Congress. […]

POLL: 78% Of Republicans Believe Presidential Election Was Fraudulent

78% of Republicans believe that Joe Biden was illegitimately elected president, a USA Today/Suffolk University poll that was released Thursday found. When asked if they believed Joe Biden was legitimately elected president, 96% of Democrats said yes, while only 20% of Republicans said the same. Just 3% of Democrats said that they did not believe […]

Trump Nominates Charlie Kirk, Several Others, To New Commission That Counters 1619 Project

President Donald Trump announced 18 individuals who he intends to appoint Friday as two-year members of the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission. Trump first announced the initiative in September and slammed The New York Times’ “1619 Project,” which pushes slavery to the center of America’s founding. The 1776 Commission “will work to improve understanding of the history and the principles of […]

REPORT: President Trump Seeking Special Prosecutor To Investigate Hunter Biden

President Donald Trump is reportedly asking about a potential special prosecutor to investigate tax allegations against Hunter Biden before leaving office, the Associated Press reported Wednesday. Only an attorney general can appoint or fire a special prosecutor, and Trump’s attorney general, Bill Barr, resigned Monday. While he was on good terms with the president, Trump was […]

Morocco Will Normalize Relations With Israel, Trump Administration Announces

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that the Kingdom of Morocco has agreed to normalize relations with Israel, making it the latest in a string of majority-Muslim countries to do so. “Another HISTORIC breakthrough today!” the president tweeted. “Our two GREAT friends Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco have agreed to full diplomatic relations – a […]

Arizona Legislators To Call For Decertification Of Election

Republican Arizona lawmakers said in a press release Sunday they will make a joint statement addressing the “urgent need” to decertify the state’s 2020 election results. The group of 28 state Republican legislative members and members-elect, including Arizona House Majority Leader Warren Petersen, will announce Monday their view that the number of fraud allegations warrant […]