VIDEO: Were you consulted?

“Bad times have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Did the psychos ask your permission or even inform you before they decided to experiment on your body, mind, and soul?

Do you know where the injections are taking you? Those are two of the most pressing questions of all time and few have a clue what’s going on and what journey they’re on.

Below is Archbishop Viganò’s latest statement to the world. It is a noble calling but even he doesn’t grasp the breadth of what’s truly at play. The whole damn world has declared war on humanity! This is a world war for all the marbles. God’s creation versus annihilation. Humanity has been lured down a road to a ‘brave new world,’ a road no one was informed or asked whether they wanted to go on or not.

This worldwide attack on humanity has been a blitzkrieg operation – a 24 month, no time to think, panic-driven attack where it’s now reported over 50% of the world has already started on their fateful transformational journey.

It’s all based on a phony medical claim that doing so was essential to survive. It is a psyop ‘most foul’ as Bob Dylan would call it to lure the world unwittingly to jump on the transformational train. It will consist of an endless series of mind and body altering injections to either kill or transform mankind into cyborgs – a melding of homo sapiens with artificial intelligence (AI).

It appears to be AI-driven by an off-planet alien created extraterrestrial supercomputer whose objective is for the dark aligned (Luciferian types) aliens to gain domination over planet Earth and its inhabitants.
Archbishop Viganó calls on Christians to band together to turn back the ‘Globalists,’ the ‘New World Order.’ the ‘Anti-humanist Alliance’s of this world who he believes is the problem.

Unfortunately, he is only partially correct for these earthly Nazi demons are but surrogates for a much larger more menacing, and challenging adversary.

If the Archbishop wanted to do something worthwhile for humanity, he could start by cleaning up his own house and what’s under it. He correctly notes that most world leaders are in on the ‘Great Reset.’ That would include his boss, Bergliono.

No, his intercessions should be spent invoking Jesus Christ the Creator and Savior of mankind if he truly expects this interdimensional, diabolical attack on humanity to be defeated. We all need to fervently pray for the intervention of the God of the entire Universe. He reigns over all things seen and unseen, including Lucifer and his band of demonic angels who need to be stopped now before Lucifer succeeds at long last to steal the minds, bodies, and souls away from God the Creator.

This war is much bigger than an earthly conflict as Viganó visualizes – it’s an interdimensional Biblical war between good and evil, between the light of eternal life and the darkness of spiritual death.

Following Viganó’s video is a video reporting that the Austrian government is going to start forcing the vaxxing of its unvaxxed citizenry. As I have said before there is no government on the face of the planet that will stop this and they all seem to have LE and the military on their side. Only the Good Lord’s intervention can put an end to it.

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