These are the scum I want arrested! Yes – I am angry!

“Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Like a lot of my readers here in America and abroad, I have been following the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. First let me say I believe with every fiber of my being that this fine young American patriot should never have been charged with a crime, either misdemeanor or felony. This brave young man acted properly and with amazing restraint and trigger control.

Watch As Cheers Erupt Outside Kenosha County Courthouse After Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal

Anyway. Some of the most disturbing things I saw are as follows. The total disregard to the sanctity of our legal system as displayed by a corrupt DA and a useless and obviously pandering police chief. The intimidation of jurors. The attempted intimidation of the Judge. The threats to a city. A presidential candidate ( Sniffer Joe ) calling Kyle a white Supremist. Top political figures in both houses trying to influence the outcome of a what was a truly politically motivated overcharging of non offenses. The idiotic chatter of so called Hollywood celebrities without an ounce of common sense of understanding between them. The calling of this legal self defense action a work of ‘racism’. Despite the fact that those shot were white as is Kyle.

Maybe insane liberals mix up what racism is. Here is a hint. The actions of BLM and ANTIFA as well as the New Black Panthers and Uhuru are racist. CRT is racist. Just because a white conservative defends himself against white mentally challenged perverts and criminals who are white doesn’t make it a racist crime.

Self defense is the right of every American. Period. This was as true a case of self defense as ever seen.

I am praying that Kyle now sues the pants off everyone who lied about him and the case. The list of those will keep any law firm busy for decades. Starting with Joe Biden.

How about MSNBCs Tiffany Cross who just called Kyle “this little murderous White supremacist.” She should be on the list with all the others. There is ZERO evidence that Kyle was a member of the Proud Boys, a militia or any so called by the left white extremist or supremist group.

OK. Back to the whole prison thing.

I want the DA arrested, charged and disbarred from any legal practice anywhere. He is a disgrace to an already sad and oft times profession and an oath breaker. He not only over charged but wrongly charged intentionally and bowed to pressure from leftist groups, media groups and politicians as opposed to the law he is sworn to follow. His stupidity was there for all to see as he brandished the AR15 around with his figure on the trigger. Dumb doesn’t cover him.

I want the top Law enforcement officials fired. How dare they allow the intimidation of jury members whose photos were openly taken in the courtroom. Whose identities were known and now whose families are in danger. How dare these same top cops allow protests inside the hearing of the jury room as the jurors were attempting to responsibly decide the outcome. These poor people had to listen to the threats to their safety as well as threats made against their families and the town and other cities should they find him not guilty.

It is time that the satanic left give up beating up on this dead drum. He was wrongly charged and a jury of his peers found him not guilty. The country doesn’t need the mentally challenged crime boss Biden calling for protests and objecting to the jury decision, or the likes of his limp wristed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg saying things like the “pain that the country feels and the frustration that was aroused by the entire case, including the verdict”. Those immoral and ethically challenged Hollywood types need to shut the heck up too! Nobody cares about them. They are nothing but spoilt brain dead clones of the left.

The blatant spread of false propaganda and statements by MSM like MSNBC and CNN et al was disgusting. Statements like MSNBC host Joe Scarborough stated detailing that Rittenhouse shot his firearm 60 times was just pure lies and fantasy. Like when Joy Reid stated Kyle drove 4 hours with his AR 15 to get to the riot, that his firearm was illegal or he illegally crossed state lines etc. were blatant lies told often enough to get sheep to believe them. These so called news agencies need to look deep inside themselves and start cleaning house. They won’t but they will continue growing in irrelevance. People are starting to see through their lies and hypocrisy.

It’s time for Kyle and his family to rest and recover from a traumatic event and to get his ducks in a row and his legal team in place to start suing and hopefully bankrupting a lot of evil perverts and criminal organizations to punish them for the crimes they have and continue to propagate.

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