VIDEO: New York Daily News Inducted To The Wall of Shame

Yet another journalist™ who couldn’t keep his facts straight is getting the alpaca treatment.

Rocco Parascandola, from the New York Daily News, was forced to retract when he defamed Project Veritas’ video exposing Pfizer.

You can watch my take on this latest edition of lousy journalism here:

CLICK HERE TO VIEW: The highlighted Rocco published originally.

Fact-check: False.

We NEVER claimed that the Pfizer COVID vaccine contained aborted fetal cells. 

As soon as we saw that the New York Daily News had published this lie, we reached out to Rocco for a correction.

Here is what he responded with.

And the highlighted text below is what the article was “tweaked” to say.


Now that’s more like it. That’s ACTUALLY what we reported in our video.

Here’s the bigger issue, however. Rocco published this falsehood because The Associated Press had made the following assertion beforehand:


The Associated Press drew up a Straw-Man Argument to attach what social media users were saying about our video to our journalism itself.

Because of this “defamation by implication,” the New York Daily News published it as FACT.

This is dishonest and sloppy journalism — from both AP and the New York Daily News.

I hope Rocco learns a lesson from this and does proper research next time — BEFORE reporting on Project Veritas.

But if he makes another mistake like this again…he may find himself being deposed under oath in a courtroom.

EDITORS NOTE: This Project Veritas video and column are republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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