Edwards: Not ‘Fair’ for Media to Cover Both Sides Objectively

Monday on MSNBC’s Deadline, former Rep. Donna Edwards lamented that it was not “fair” the media acts like there are two equal sides when covering politics because Republicans are destroying democracy and favoring “authoritarianism.”

Edwards said, “I mean, for the last five years, you have been covering the demise of democracy as we have seen all the guardrails pulled down from the Republican Party. The challenge that we have is that it isn’t just that Republican people or those who consider themselves Republican voters have steered toward authoritarianism. It’s that there are no leaders or few leaders in the House and the Senate, in the Congress of the United States, who are willing to take another view and a different direction.”

What nonsense. Republicans steering toward authoritarianism? The fact is, it is the Democrat Party, controlled by the radical left, that is careening toward totalitarianism.

Edwards continued, “I don’t think it is fair for journalists to do the one side versus the other side. There really is one side here. One is democracy. One is upholding democratic and constitutional conventions. The other is authoritarianism. There is no middle ground there. So we can’t cover it as though somehow, you know, one side is equivalent to the other side. I think that is where we have been challenged over these five last years.”

And there you have it: Democrats don’t believe journalists should fairly and objectively cover both sides of the issues. They want journalists to be fellow activists in demonizing and de-legitimizing their evil political opponents. We all know this has been happening anyway for years, but here is a former congresswoman openly advocating for a partisan, biased approach to reporting the truth.

Donna Edwards

75 Known Connections

In a June 2020 interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Edwards was asked about the significance of President Donald Trump choosing to hold a political rally “a day after Juneteenth, so close to the Greenwood section [site of the 1921 Greenwood massacre] in Tulsa,” Oklahoma. The congresswoman replied:

“Well, you know, I think it’s not a secret what Donald Trump is both intending to say to black people but also what he’s really saying to his hardcore white supremacist base, and that is that he’s willing to sow chaos and destruction even as he’s running for president and in terms of race to win this election…. It strikes me that on this Juneteenth, of course, it’s not an accident that, one, he wanted to hold it on the 19th, but that he is so near the Greenwood massacre. He pretends not to know anything about this history, but he does. And what I would say is that I think he’s trying to sow chaos on the streets, and he wants the threat of that so that he can allow his Trumpian base to come out in the worst way. And so I get worried for us that we have a president of the United States who has no regard for human life, who has no regard for our history, and who is willing to go to the absolute lowest common denominator, not even a common one, in order to sow his political seeds and for his own political gain.”

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