Millions of Children Targeted by the FDA

When the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) okayed the current Pfizer “vaccine,” it is not a vaccine, rather a bioweapon, according to overwhelming and mounting evidence backed up by testimony from many physicians, scientists, and virologists. It signed a potential death warrant for millions of children across the globe.

Dr. Richard L. Fleming, PhD, M.D., J.D., contacted the Federal Drug Administration concerning the safety and efficacy of the Covid “vaccine” and was assured by them, in words to the effect, “that it was everything a vaccine should be – very pristine.” However, it appears that Dr. Fleming was somewhat dubious of the FDA claims. So, he and his team went into action with tests to either confirm or reject its claim.

The results: Surprise! Surprise!

I’ll let him tell you about that. If he is correct in the findings, which I have no doubt of, it bodes very ill for the children of the world. One report stated that it could amount to as many as 28 million affected. Click here.

Let me just give you a few highlights of what Dr. Fleming stated.

According to Dr. Fleming, he and his team tested the vaccine that the FDA said was, in words to the effect, “everything a vaccine should be – very pristine” What they found was totally different.

Beginning with dropping a saline solution on a blood sample – the blood didn’t change, but after adding the Pfizer vaccine the blood became pale which meant that the oxygen and or the hemoglobin had been removed/extracted from the red blood cell. This would indicate (which he explains) that this “vaccine” would destroy the red blood cells, therefore preventing the blood from delivering enough oxygen throughout the body.

I have listened to this video several times and each time I learn more about the importance of the blood. But it shouldn’t be any surprise for God’s Word tells us that “Life is in the blood.”

Additionally, Dr. D.C. Jarvis, in one of his books on arthritis tells us that there are three ways that acid enters the blood.  After naming the ways, he names what monitors this and if and when excess acid enters which would change the PH balance from 7.2 to the lower or acid side.  Then the excess is kicked out and distributed throughout the body to form a bed of immunity that no virus or other various organisms can live in.

The ill which this jab bodes for the millions of children is only a miniscule tip of the iceberg compared to the heartbreak of the millions of families throughout the world. We cannot imagine more than a smidgen of their total suffering in the years to come, especially when it dawns them, that it was all a big lie. And as a result of being uninformed or misinformed, or maybe in some cases, just being completely ignorant of what was happening, they failed in their greatest responsibility to protect their children.

Children of our Past

This is absolutely heartbreaking for me. There are many children across this land which we haven’t seen for many years that my wife, Polly, and I have a connection with. For about 20 years, after I retired from International Paper Company, we were employed as house parents in Children’s Homes.

This resulted in our entering into a new life, for we looked not only as a new life but as an extra life given to us by God. We were entering into something that prior to this we had no idea or cognizance of the fact that there were many children, through circumstances not of their making, who were now having to adjust to a mode of living in which they were removed from family.  Other than occasional visits, their daily lives had dramatically changed.

We went into this new venture having successfully reared three grown children of our own who were now creating their own lives. As such, we believed that we had the experience and qualifications to become house parents to ten to twelve children in a children’s home.  The reality was…we weren’t…we only thought we were. We now know that it is very doubtful that anyone is really qualified for the position of house parents in a children’s home.

We were into this for over three years before becoming comfortable and in, what we considered, complete command of what we were responsible for. We now know that “what we considered’ was not correct. We were never in complete command; there were so many things we didn’t teach them.

Nevertheless, we were blessed with what agape love is all about, love that continues even when it is not returned. I had never considered that at some time I would love children who were not my own as much as if they were mine. These children, especially a group of girls we spent six years with, tunneled their way into our hearts so that it was almost unbearable when we decided to leave.

I believe this was the saddest day of my life. When I walked out the back of Phillips Cottage, AT Palmer Home for Children, after the gathering of Polly and I in the living room for prayer and the bidding of goodbye to the girls. I looked back over my shoulder and saw that they had followed me, I suppose to maybe say goodbye once more before I drove off.

As I watched them, I realized that they were all weeping. So, I had to return to them to try and give them some comfort, but I needed comfort myself. I spent a few minutes hugging and talking to them while, at the same time, I was weeping along with them. Finally, I said, “Well, girls, I need to leave, momma Polly has already left, and I don’t need to let her get too far ahead of me.”

Thinking back on this time, I remember Dr. Waldron, the CEO of Palmer Home for Children, was waiting for me by my truck.  I was heartbroken and continued weeping when he said to me, “When you get about 15 or 20 miles down the road, you’ll began to feel a lot better.”

Our love for those children never diminished, and we still think about them today.

In the following weeks and years, I continued to be very concerned for our girls. I wrote a little booklet about the time we spent with them entitled, “Precious Journey.” At the end I voiced my concern and dread for their future. I think I stated it something like this, “We are very concerned about the future of our girls. I think of Krystal, she was the oldest, she will soon cross the threshold into adulthood what will she do, where will she go? I envision her vaulting upon the back of a wild steed and grasping a handful of the horse’s mane and charging into God’s thunderstorm of life.”

This was about 22 years ago, and the concern we had for them at that time can’t be compared to the concern we have now, with all the murdering of people under the pretense of fighting a virus that according to mounting, overwhelming evidence doesn’t even exist.


But what chills me to the bone is what they are doing and planning for today’s children. I pray for them, but I know by the testimony of many doctors and scientists that these bioweapons called ‘vaccines” are engineered and designed to either kill or seriously injure. My prayer is that they know that faith in God is their only refuge.

Now the White House is urging Americans to undergo booster shots to help prevent the spread of new strains when they originally told us the vaccine would protect us from all strains. This reveals how urgent and determined the forces behind the Plandemic have become. They are aware that time is of an essence – they need to proceed with their depopulation goal and most people are unaware of their plans.

Implicit in this “urging of Americans by the White House to undergo COVID booster doses to help prevent the spread of new strains,” actually means “the booster will bring forth new strains of the virus.” This third jab is one of the biggest lies coming from the very depths of Hell by the stakeholders. Foolish Americans and most of our medical personnel will agree to once again be government guinea pigs.

For us to understand the true meaning of it we must perceive it 180 degrees from how they intend for us to see it.  For us to see the truth of it, we must read it like this, “The White House is urging Americans to undergo COVID booster doses to aid in the spreading of death throughout the world.”

By interpreting this esoterically, we can see that the injection of the current jab, the bioweapon called a “vaccine,” isn’t killing people fast enough.  In order to speed up the operation, i.e., the global objective, for decreasing the earth’s population by 91.7%, a bioweapon booster shot is designed to accomplish what the former two-jab bioweapon, failed to bring to fruition.  These are the expectations of the stakeholders behind the Great Reset, represented by Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and others too numerous to list.

Listen to Mike Adams as he excoriates the FDA for their endorsement of murderous vaccine atrocities against children.

According to Brian Shilhavy, Editor of Health Impact news, the flames of “COVID fear” are being stoked again, as the Big Pharma Globalists unleash their new plan to increase profits, and exert more tyrannical control over populations by using corporate media and puppet politicians in an attempt to extend the false “COVID pandemic.”

Within just a couple of days after announcing that a “new variant” had been discovered in Africa, Big Pharma has now promised the world that they are rushing to rescue everyone with new drugs and new vaccines to fight this “deadly new variant.”

But Big Pharma is not rushing to rescue anyone.  Reality is that it is rushing to implement provisions which will kill millions of people across the globe.

Listen to Mike Adams as he explains how the cover story of the “Nu” (Omicron) variant plays into accelerating a wave of “vaccine” deaths. Link  According to Adams, the omicron “variant” media hysteria is pure fiction. It’s nothing but a 1984-style Orwellian psychological terrorism operation that has been engineered to keep the populations of the world enslaved and obedient while terrorist governments carry out their global depopulation/genocide programs.

I agree with him on most everything he presents. There is one part of his presentation, however, that I disagree with, and that is where he speaks of the danger from the variant and what we can do in defense against it, when it only exists in the minds of the people that are targeted.

To my mind, based on the evidence thus far, the only way there is any danger from it is when one takes the vaccine in defense of it. That is the purpose and strategy behind the omicron “variant” media hysteria – to develop a climate of fear.  And fear does not come from God, it is a weapon of the devil.


Please share this article in as many ways as possible. There are millions of people who continue to believe that the COVID-19 jabs, as well as the boosters, are a defense against the “COVID” virus and variants. According to all evidence submitted by multiple physicians and scientists, the virus has a 99.8% recovery rate which is lower than the seasonal flu.  If we fall for their lies and consider them to be the truth, the result will be the same as if their lies are the truth – and the “pandemic” will exist, but it will be foisted upon us via their spike protein clot shots.

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  2. […] to the safety of the vaccine – please see my article, “Millions of Children Targeted by FDA”, and listen to the video featuring an interview of Dr. Richard L. Fleming, PhD, M.D., J.D., with […]

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