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The Cornucopia Of Deceit, Lies and Ultimate Evil — Part Two

CLICK HERE TO READ: A Smorgasbord Of COVID Corruption — Part One According to Brian Shilhavy of Health Impact News, doctors around the world, in an effort to combat Big Pharma, corporate media and big tech censorship, are frantically trying to warn the masses of the devastating effects of the experimental COVID injections about to be […]

The Treasonous Reasons Behind the Theft of Our 2020 Election

First create crises which will allow changes in the voting process that will be favorable to whatever plans and strategy are envisioned for success. Secondly, develop a narrative concerning the forthcoming charges of election tampering irregularities, out-right stealing from the opposition; presenting the subjects as sore losers who are grasping at straws. Have authorities lined […]

The Double Cover-up of the Contaminated Blood Supply

What is the double conspiracy coverup? It’s the massive concealment of the agenda for world government’s deception regarding the contaminated blood supply and vaccines discovered by Dr. Judy Mikovits who was a high-level researcher who worked in the government program to combat AIDS. In the course of her work to combat AIDS, she discovered that […]

The Cover-up of the Contaminated Blood Supply and Vaccines

Dr. Judy Mikovits, a high-level researcher who worked in the government program to combat AIDS, discovered that the nation’s blood supply from healthy donors was contaminated with disease causing retroviruses from mice and monkeys and that the source was in vaccines given to infants and young people. Originally from the East Coast, Mikovits got her […]