Unhinged Leftists: Now, That’s Entertainment!

It’s hard to keep up with all the crazy talk gushing out of the Left these days, but I’ll try my best.

A leftist writer said parenthood should be abolished, raising your own kids should be illegal, and kids should swapped with those of homeless neighbors to achieve “true equity”.  That’s very far down the rabbit hole.

An eco-warrior threatened to blow up pipelines because, in his view, political leaders aren’t acting fast enough on climate change.

Squad member Ayanna Pressley said student debt is “policy violence”.  Violence?  That’s crazy talk.  But, then, the Democrats are given to crazy talk.  The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said Republicans are “dangerous”, “chaotic”, “reckless”, “divisive”, “cynical”, and “a threat to public health”.  Did I mention “dangerous”?  This, from the people who brought you the KKK and Antifa.  Who’s “dangerous”, again?

An opinion piece in the New York Times said people are better off dead than adopted.  Dave Thomas, the creator of Wendy’s who was adopted, would have been surprised to hear that.

A teacher’s union official wrote unvaccinated people with religious exemptions deserve to die.  And Republicans should kill them.  Wow, I’m not even going to try to figure that one out.

Chicago’s Mayor said retailers deserve what they get because they haven’t done enough to protect themselves from looting.  Didn’t they used to call that ‘blaming the victim’?  AOC denied the existence of smash-and-grab robberies despite the fact they’ve been widely reported.  There’s a psychiatric diagnosis for people who cannot accurately perceive reality – it’s called schizophrenia.

As if crazy talk weren’t bad enough, threats and actual physical violence from the Left are escalating.

A former teacher pled guilty to threatening a New Hampshire legislator who had spoken out against teaching critical race theory in schools.  “Hope you get skull-f**ked to death,” the teacher said.  Charming.  But not as charming as the man who began yelling at parents at a school board meeting in Texas for opposing CRT who claimed to have an army of a thousand soldiers locked and loaded, ready to wipe them out.

Unhinged leftists are increasingly acting out their craziness.  Like the leftist teacher who stuck her kid in the trunk of her car because the kid had tested positive for COVID.  Or the feminist who hit a pro-life demonstrator in the face with a sign.  She shouted “I hate you”, as she walked away.

The Left loves to whip up race hatred so it’s not surprising a black man in Florida killed a 14-year-old white boy for racial reasons.  Records show the man used anti-white slurs after he was arrested and he killed the boy to take revenge for what white people have done to black people in the past.  Another black man cut to the chase on Twitter, calling for genocide against whites and saying he wanted to ‘put all you white opossums in a gas chamber.’  I blame the Left for producing people like this.

I wish I could say I was making all this up. But I’m not.

There is hope, however.  I’ve been waiting for moderate Democrats to take their party back from the unhinged Left.  Finally, some of them are openly criticizing Progressives for putting the Democrat Party on an unsustainable path and forcing candidates into unelectable far-left positions.   Let’s hope this blossoms into something like Bill Clinton’s Democratic Leadership Council which formed in the 1980s to keep the Democratic Party from going too far left.

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