What’s Wrong With The West?

Dutch politician Thierry Baudet produced this high quality video. He is a controversial man, but this video is superb. That doesn’t mean that he himself should be promoted. Can’t The United West produce a video in the same line as this one?

The problem with much work of conservatives these days is, that they focus on the day to day issues, and Thierry has a more holistic approach.

Please write me your comments/reaction to the video.

Watch the Forum for Democracy’s 9-minute video titled “What’s Wrong With The West?” The Forum for Democracy asks:

What is happening in the West? Why are we observing a trend of collapse and decay in all Western societies? In this episode of The Movement, Thierry Baudet shares his views about the current problems plaguing the West and identifies the three major trends that are responsible for what we are witnessing today: immigration, supranational legislation, and climate change. Thierry explains that these trends have emerged from Marxist ideology, sold to the public as a higher and utopian state of existence, but that is eventually dystopian and doomed to fail. He further illustrates that we, as humans, are beings in need of a sense of community but that this very foundation of our humanity is being undermined by these three major projects.


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