The Long Arm of the Lawless Communist Chinese Party

China is sending its police to the Solomon Islands but, not to worry, it won’t turn into Hong Kong, or so they say.

China has been sending goons to target Shen Yun dancers and musicians in upstate New York for years, intimidating them with propaganda, lies, and life-threatening sabotage.

China hunting down Uighurs around the world; more than 1,500 detained or forced to return to China.

Human rights report: China stepping up pressure on Sinicized state-sanctioned religious groups with new restrictions on clergy, schools, and Internet postings.

Xinjiang survivor to testify to Congress and International Criminal Court about torture in CCP camps and repeatedly restrained in ‘tiger chair’ for a day at a stretch.

Spotlight turns back to widespread forced labor in China’s solar energy industry.

First-person account: ‘Our souls are dead’: how I survived a Chinese ‘re-education’ camp for Uyghurs.

“Canaries in a Cold War” film documents CCP’s rape, torture, forced organ harvesting, and other human rights violations.

Election of CCP-tied official to U.N. Torture Committee expected to cripple independent review of China’s record on brutality.

Another consequence of Chinese dominance of the U.N. – Judge Dismissed Before Ruling That UN Helped Beijing Persecute Dissidents.

Xi Jinping backs off ‘Common Prosperity’ policy – aimed at reducing inequality – to regain economic growth.  #SocialistsNeverLearn #NEP.

China tried to strong-arm Sony into taking the Statue of Liberty out of the latest ‘Spider-Man’ movie, but Sony refused.

Animated film ‘Eternal Spring’ tells “The Story of 18 Brave Chinese Who Tapped Into State TV to Air Uncensored News in China” in 2002.

Chinese law professor silenced after commenting on chained woman scandal; colleagues told not to discuss the scandal in the classroom.

The number of people quitting the CCP nears 400 millionIf you want to quit, go to the Tuidang website Sen Nieh

United States

American Library Association’s new president is Marxist; wants to harness the power of the collective for hope and change.

Democratic Socialists of America amass largest contingency in New York State Assembly.

Biden White House honors activist who was a champion of Mao’s disastrous Great Leap Forward that killed Chinese by the tens of millions.

‘Sunlight is the best disinfectant’ – University of Florida changes name of the “Karl Marx Group Study Room” after a published report.

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