Righting History: The Journalistic Battle of January 6th

David Sumrall, a Christian, carpenter, small business owner, activist, citizen journalist, documentary filmmaker of “Righting History,” founder of StopHate in 1992 and StopHate.com, co-founder of the American Celebration Tour, and creator and host of Discussion Island created the following videos about January 6th, 2021.

This series is titled Righting History: The Journalistic Battle of January 6th.


David’s team includes:

Shawn Bradley Witzemann

Entrepreneur, Gonzo Journalist, Satirist, Patriot, Lover.

Founder of Tribune Media International LLC, which started out in 2018 with a single satirical Facebook page, and now encompasses multiple media productions, and online publications.

Producer and host of The American Council for Truth in Journalism, and New Mexico Rising.

Provided on-the-ground, livestream coverage of the post-election protests in 2020, across the United States, including the events of January 6, 2021.

Contributor to multiple media productions and publications including The Stew Peters Show, Rocci Stucci’s Situation Room, Blogs@RelativeProgress, and The Freedom Papers (Arizona Stands Up!).

Telegram: https://t.me/ShawnBradleyWitzemann

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shawnwitzemann

GiveSendGo – Witzemann Family Fund: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site.


New Mexico Rising



Blogs @ Relative Progress – All Human Progress is Relative

Tamara Leigh is an editor and contributor to StopHate/MashMedia as well as author, speaker, political and social influencer, and versatile communications professional. She is the Host of Tamara Leigh’s Trend On, one of the new media politically-focused podcasts trending on the hot topics, informing on the important issues, exposing corruption, and pushing back on bad politics.

Along with Lisa S. Belanger, J.D., Tamara cohosts PeopleAtLawPodcast.com empowering #WeThePeople with legal and political analysis.

In March 2018, along with great friend and colleague, Pasquale Scopelliti, Tamara and Pasquale launched the historic Pardon Flynn Now social media movement resulting in the first time ever “Pardon of Innocence” granted to Lt. General (ret) Michael Flynn by President Trump.

Tayler Hansen

Founder of #BabyLivesMatter / Investigative Journalist / Field Reporter.

Lauren Morris

StopHate Media Team investigative journalist, researcher and content producer www.laurencomelemorris.com and thecentristproject.org

Samantha Felt

Samantha Felt, video editors, is a God fearing, country loving, American patriot. She has been politically active since 2015 and her passion has only grown stronger over the years. Samantha is a digital soldier fighting to expose the infiltration of the United States, the Globalist Agenda, and the persecutions of the political prisoners. She was one of the many patriots at the Capitol on 1/6 and is determined to get the truth out about what really happened that day.

JD Rivera

Chicano Patriot

Independent filmmaker / Journalist /Cinematographer / Content Creator

Arevir Films LLC (Owner)


United States Marine Corps Veteran (2002-2012)


Lindsay Anderson

Lindsay Anderson is dedicated to helping make the world a better place, is an experienced Social Media Manager, brand ambassador and sales director.

Lou Collins

Christian, Mother and Patriot. 12 years waking up the UK. Former presenter of the UK Column, founder of Lou Collins Radio Show and Liberty Tactics. Exposing the VIP Child Abuse ring and international child traffickers. Lou has interviewed the biggest names in truth including Gen Michael Flynn. A regular long time guest and contributor on the Pete Santilli Show. Lou and the Liberty Tactics team covered the UKs Bilderberg Conference way back in 2013. A leading light of truth and 1 of the 1st women in the UK to put herself out there.

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