The Kremlin’s Ruthless WWIII vs. American Marxism

To the memory of our heroes fighting Socialism/Communism globally.

The significance and goal of Information, I have learned from the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov in the 1960th Russia. “The information is the most precious commodity in politics” he said. Then in the 1960th I didn’t pay attention to that definition, the importance of information came to my mind in America, when I realized that our Intelligence and the FBI had no clue about the Russian colossal Intelligence Apparatus. They had no idea about the strategy, tactics, methods, and dirty tricks of the sick minds. The absence of that knowledge has allowed Apparatus to inflict a huge damage to us with impunity. It vividly and intensely came up in the recent creation of Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board—a typical Soviet trick—the government investigates its own honesty by misinforming us…

From Stalin to Putin and Biden’s America

I have written a lot of pages about disinformation, it is the youngest sister of Stalinist Political Correctness. They have the same purpose, agenda and the methods of management. Stalinist PC was aimed at hiding and masking the Truth and replacing it with Stalinist Dogma of Socialism. Here is my definition of PC. “…Political Correctness is a Stalinist policy, driven by the political agenda, a skillfully crafted design of a quintessential system of lies, fraud, and a long-term strategy of war against Western civilization to create of One World Socialist Government under Kremlin’s rule.”  To hide or musk the Truth is the common agenda of Stalinist PC and Disinformation in America. Read my column Political Correctness and the Socialist Revolution in America October 31, 2019

Elon Musk is right: Truth is the first casualty in politics. Yes, Truth has become the first casualty a hundred years ago with establishment of Soviet Socialism by Joseph Stalin. I am talking about Stalinist Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism. History is the Mother of all sciences and talking about Marxism in America, you at list should know Marxist Theory. I know it and want you to read the general postulates of the Theory, where Marx identified in detail the tasks, agendas, and ways to achieve them two hundred years ago as follows:

  • First, developing the tasks and agenda—“overthrowing the capitalist economic system and establishing socialism” as a basis for the creation of a classless communist society in the future.
  • Second, the strategy to fulfill the tasks and agenda—through world revolution.
  • Third, the world revolution would occur under the leadership of the proletariat. “Proletariats of the world unite!” was their slogan.
  • Fourth, Marxist theory was to be limited to industrially developed European countries.

First, the Theory identifies and recognized the plan and agenda—“overthrowing the capitalist economic system and establishing socialism.” Moreover, the Theory repeated its requirement in the fours postulate: Pay attention to Marx’s fourth postulate. It is perhaps the only logical and economically sustainable position, that is, “Marxist theory can be applied only to industrially developed European countries.” Russia was an agricultural country and therefore had to be categorically excluded from the possibility of “overthrowing the capitalist economic system and establishing socialism” Ironically, it has happened despite Marx’s first and fourth postulates: the first Socialist Revolution took place in Russia in October 1917. On the contrary to Marx by using and perverting Marxist rhetoric to further his ends, Joseph Stalin created his own ideology and established a criminal syndicate, a totalitarian machine called Soviet Socialism.

The leader of the Russian Socialist Revolution, Vladimir Lenin has known Marx’s postulates and stated that Russia as an agricultural country can’t proceed the Marxist way: he stated that “we will go the other way.” He died in 1924 and Joseph Stalin usurped an unlimited power in Russia. The building of Stalinist Soviet Socialism began with ruthless methods against the opposition of White Army in the 1920th. The same methods and tactics had been applied against the entire population. You can read about the horror committed by Stalinist Law Enforcement and Intelligence in my book: What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction, updated and republished in 2022.

As a person who had studied Marxism-Leninism and lived half of my life under Soviet Socialism, I am writing about that Stalinist Socialism for the last thirty years. As a former Soviet attorney, I know how it had been constructed and implemented by Stalinist brutal forces in the 1930th throughout the 11 time zones of the USSR. In 1960th those who had survived the notorious viciousness of Stalinist Intelligence and escaped the slaughter, came to my office with their horrific stories. Those were the same stories that have changed George Orwell’s mindset in politics. The following decades have not changed a lot in Russia; they brought to power Stalin’s devoted disciple Vladimir Putin and his notorious KGB mafia/Army. Read my previous column about George Orwell and his masterpieces books that had been a result of the information from Stalinist Soviet Socialism…

Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ put on hold for now and the Disinformation Czar resigned. Yet, we have multiple crises at home and abroad. Don’t be surprised, they all have derived from the same cause and the same source—Russia. America witnessed the Socialist Revolution orchestrated by Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army and nobody understands and reacts accordingly to stop it today. Where is the FBI, where are all 17 Intelligence agencies? The answer to the questions is simple: Neither of them knows Russia, her Intel, which has been spreading the ideology of Soviet Socialism for the last hundred years. As a former Soviet defense attorney, I had known it would come to America and I warned you in my writings for the last thirty years…

The Pentagon now declassified a report researching UFOs for sixty years and had no answer to the main query: whether it is a physical object or not. I think, this is a result of the Intel’s incompetence, they don’t know enemy and called them the Radical Left. Very wrong! I have been writing about Socialist Charlatans for the last twenty years and the proper name of the Radical Left is Socialist Charlatans. Had our Intel know Russia’s dirty tricks, it would grasp the essence of the term and find the answer for many other Russia’s crimes in America. For example, shooting by the mentally ill minors and adults during the last twenty years. As a result of that incompetence the violence rages across America. I have been writing in detail about criminality committed by Russia and its Intelligence. I have used the term KGB Mafia/Army, it signifies the entire Russian Intel and its dirty tricks. That knowledge is a must for politicians, all Americans, and definitely for the FBI members and Intelligence community…

Just count numerous wars America has experienced during the last several decades: culture war, war on drugs, war on human trafficking, war on Christianity, war on the police, war on oil and gas industries, abortion’s war, war on “White Supremacy,” war on parents, war on the Supreme Court, and war on babies. Those wars are the numerous fronts of the same Kremlin’s Ruthless WWIII waged by different methods including disinformation. We have many types of Socialist Charlatans operating from different locations, deliberately misleading us and there thousands if not millions of them in our midst. BLM proudly admitted “we are trained Marxists.” This is a clear lie to divert your attention from the real culprits—the KGB Mafia/Army, follow the money. Some Socialist Charlatans operate from our Congress, like the “Squad,” some from the current administration like Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete or Joe Biden. To win they might even cancel the upcoming midterm election.

I have followed Joe Biden and his actions since 2013-2014, when Obama assigned him as a point man for Ukraine. My several columns have been describing his activities in Ukraine. Biden was on the side of old corrupt Ukraine and he collaborated with Vladimir Putin to suffocate the young Ukrainian democracy. Just read his own declaration on “quid-pro-quo” with $1 Billion of American money to fire the prosecutor investigating Hunter. Then, twelve years ago, he was in his right mind and exposed himself by helping Putin. Biden is now have no capacity to run the country. In my opinion, his old staff consisting of Obama’s holdover and the bad actors from the KGB is running America. Just watch how the staff walked back Biden’s remark on Taiwan. I don’t trust any of them. They are spending our money to bankrupt us. I think that our economic decline has been deliberately planned since the first day of Biden’s team by sabotaging the supply chain—a wonder of Capitalism.

The issue of Biden’s staff concerns me greatly. This is the same staff that served him at the time of his collaboration with Putin in Ukraine. Biden’s economic policy has inextricably connected to his foreign policy: the war in Ukraine has a global implication. Therefore, the motivation of Biden’s team must be checked and analyzed, we are dealing with Socialists/Communists waging WWIII against Capitalism. I suspect that the policy for Ukraine had been shaped according to my column on February 28, 2022. Biden’s staff is monitoring my computer and has changed Biden’s State of The Union Speech on the next day, March 1, 2022. After reading my column, they decided to use the Ukraine war to cover-up their crime–the Dems leadership’s collaboration with Russian Intelligence. It is not American Marxism, read my column Face to Face with Soviet Fascism, April 4, 2022

Stalinist Postulate–The Arms of Democrat’s Leadership

Stalinist main postulate was known to all Soviet people, it sounds very simple: “never admit crime committed, instead accuse the opponent of that exact crime.”   That precise action has been done by the Democrat Party to Republicans in America. It started with the KGB Mafia/Army production of the Trump/Dossier, described by me as a Falshivka, a fraud in 2017. The Democrats who don’t like America First, immediately joined the war against Republican/Trump accusing him of Russian collusion. The radical hoax has become a reality, Trump was a convenient target. I had known the dynamics of the story then in 2017, but you didn’t know that the Dems had followed Stalinist postulate-order, because they had had the monumental Russian collusion by themselves. Bill Barr didn’t know it either. That is why the Durham investigation was a necessity. The shocking news is available today and the Clintons are behind both Hoax against Republicans.

The Durham probe reveals valuable information: a collusion going on from the Clinton campaign to the Media. Hillary personally approved dissemination of the Trump/Russia Hoax. The former campaign manager Roby Mooch testified to that. The Russian “Operation Disinformation” was brought by the Dems to America. Now it is very evident that Clinton’s campaign scandal is the media scandal like Hunter-lab-top story—a deliberate, deceptive and calculated criminal disinformation against the Republicans and American Constitutional republic. I recognized it as the same disinformation like in Soviet Russia aimed at the opposition. We saw Truman’s Party transformation to Socialist Party and implementation of Socialism in America—from Bill Clinton and Obama to Biden’s America. James Sullivan is proof of that—Biden’s team continues implementation of Socialism in America today. The court should read My Conversation with Rush Limbaugh, February 20, 2021

If you ask what force has developed this transformation, you should read my preceding column about Socialist Charlatans built by the KGB Mafia/Army in America, like it has been done in all Socialist countries of the “Axis of Evil,” changing policy through bureaucracy. To understand Stalinist Soviet Socialism and its leadership, just compare Biden’s family in America to Kim Jong-un’s family in the North Korea. To control and power over the population, Socialist dictator Kim Jong-un keeps the people in misery. Analyze the policy and actions of Joe Biden since the first day of his presidency and you will be surprised learning the same direction in Biden’s America to make Americans poorer and the same covering-up of the crime had committed by his family—the patterns of Stalinist Socialism.

The list of major achievements of the KGB Mafia/Army in America I offered in my preceding column. You can now learn about Soviet Socialism in America and its epic effect on all aspects of our lives. Russian Intelligence has been infiltrating our midst and the world for the last hundred years implementing Soviet Socialism. The forces of the “Axis of Evil” are firmly involved in the Kremlin’s WWIII. Remember this: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.” Abraham Lincoln. I admit the quotation may have other words, but the meaning is obvious—threat to be destroyed from within. We have that exact environment and continuation of the school shooting in May 2022 America today…

It is a torture to see devastating parents in the school and hear their desperate voices. It is even worse to see the pictures of alive and smiling children, killed in the horrific shooting in the TX elementary school. The entire country is shaken to its core and people ask: What’s happening to our country? I know our country experiences social and cultural breakdown. There will be a thorough investigation of the crime, but only the people who have read my books or columns will be able to answer all questions. I have been writing about the school shooting since the shooting in Columbine in 1999. The shooting by mentally ill people has never stopped; hundreds innocent children and adults have been killed. We can only guess the mental state of the killer. Why does it happen in Republican Texas? Because we are at war!  All of that could’ve been prevented by reading about the Russian Intelligence Apparatus reported by me.

That didn’t happen, because after the publication of my first book, the FBI submitted my name to the FISA Court to make me a “foreign agent” in 2002–my writings have been banned… There is no coincidence that today a Federal Court investigates the Trump/Russia probe and Clinton’s role in it for decades. All my books were dedicated to that exact subject by reporting the criminal activities of the KGB Mafia/Army working in concert with the Dems leadership and converting the Party to Socialist Party. Not knowing that information, we are not ready to fight the Kremlin’s WWIII or January 6 Commission—both are inextricably connected. You see American continuation of Stalinist Purges and Show Trials joined by the Democrats. Read my column: The Stalinist’s Now Run America January 1, 2022

My fellow Americans!

The Democrat Party doesn’t like America the Beautiful and a unique and brilliant design of our political system left to us by our Founding Fathers. All three branches of our government are now run by the Democrats and we are witnessing the constant ‘transition’ of our political system and the battles against Republicans. I haven’t changed my mind, but I leave to you the final Judgement on the ideology discussed in my writings. Whether it is Socialist Revolution the Democrats manufactured for decades in America? Or, is it a merger of the government bureaucracy with big tech into a Fascist Regime in America?

Be ready for the 2022 “summer in rage.” There will be more violent and brutal riots than the “summer in love” of 2020. The forces exercising the riots are the same—Socialist Charlatans in cahoots with the KGB Mafia/Army. Watch the theatrical performances of the Dems like Pelosi, Schumer, Beto, Joe, Liz and Debby lying arrogantly, agitating the mob… Remember also, Afghanistan now is the member of the “Axis of Evil” under the Russian umbrella and Putin’s war in Ukraine can create a global food shortage for years… We are facing a monumental threat to our republic…

My friends! It is now or never! Save America the Beautiful!

Freedom’s torch is yours!

To be continued.  and at

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