Was George Floyd a Psyops?

Foreword by Fred Brownbill. This article was written by a great friend of many years, Kenny E. It is thought provoking and falls into my firm belief of the many false flag events committed by the Obama and Biden administrationsLet me know your thoughts on the subject of this felons demise and if you feel that there is some truth in this story! You can comment here or to me privately. Here we go ……

Regarding the subject of George Floyd . . .

I witnessed this myself.

I’m an airline pilot by trade – and have been for most of the past 20+ years.  I’ve flown both domestic and international.  When you do this job for this long, you tend to learn what ‘normal’ is in the (seemingly) endless number of cities we overnight it.  One thing about knowing what ‘normal’ is – it’s easy to spot ‘abnormal’ when you see it.

A thought recently hit me . . . and compelled me to do a little research.  You see, I was flying at a charter airline during the time of the Floyd incident.  I was flying a corporate jet, and things were anything but normal at the time.  Fear of covid-19 was near its peak, and as a result few were traveling on commercial airlines.  Hotels were mostly empty (at least the ones that stayed open), and the ones that were open were limiting the number of floors that remained in operation.   On May 7th, we flew a family home to Minneapolis from Florida.  When we landed in Minneapolis, our company told us there were no other flights scheduled for us – and to check into a hotel.  Our company allows its pilots to book their own hotel rooms – and gave us a general ‘rule’ as far as the cost for the room.  We typically stay at decent hotels – but rarely anything extravagant.  Since the demand that week was almost non-existent, prices plummeted at even the nicest hotels.  For that reason, we booked ourselves at one of the top end hotels near the MSP airport.

We ended up staying at this fancy hotel for nearly a week before we received orders to fly another charter.  During our week at this hotel, we were the ONLY two rooms being occupied for the first couple of nights . . . but later in the week, things changed dramatically.  Despite this hotel having (roughly) a dozen floors, only two consecutive floors were being used.  As I walked down the hallway on my floor one day I noticed a VERY strong odor of marjuana.  There was literally a cloud of blue smoke that covered the entire hallway on my floor.  Later, as I was in the hotel’s elevator, several occupants from the rooms on my floor were waiting to take the elevator.  They were all male, approximately 20-25 years old . . . and clearly belonged to inner-city gangs.

I grew up in Los Angeles in the 70’s and 80’s . . . so I know what street gang members look like.  Between the clothing, the (specific) tattoos, the body language, etc – I learned at a young age who to avoid.  And why.

As it turned out, both floors were occupied with these individuals.  For timeline purposes, it was almost a week before George Floyd would be ‘arrested’ by local police.  And we were just a few miles from where the incident would take place.

My colleague and I flew that day – and ended up in Detroit for the night.  Michigan – like Minnesota – was on a self-imposed lock-down.  We found an above-average hotel just outside of Detroit – and booked it for the night.  To our surprise, it was also filled with gang-banger-types . . .  just like the hotel in Minneapolis.  What I found even more odd was that – even with our pilot uniforms on – the gang-bangers would not make eye contact with us as we crossed paths in the hotel.  My colleague and I are both white males in our fifties – all the gang-bangers we encountered at both hotels were black.

So here we were – literally one week from THE watershed event that obviously my colleague nor I knew was coming.  It was an event that would ostensibly (and allegedly) spark an outbreak of ‘spontaneous’ riots in the streets in (mostly) large cities throughout America.  It was an event that would be shoved down our throats from the moment it (allegedly) happened.

But THEY knew.  In twenty-plus years of spending half of my work-week in hotels, I was seeing something I had never seen before.  Street-gang thugs were being staged in (mostly) empty hotels – and in this case . . . high-end hotels.  This all took place in the two weeks leading up to the George Floyd incident.  I also spoke to several pilots and flight attendants at commercial airlines who said these same ‘types’ were on their flights leading up to May 24th, 2020 (the date of the Floyd incident).

This is no conspiracy theory . . . I actually watched it happen.  So what REALLY took place as George Floyd was being arrested?  Was the whole thing staged?  Parts of it?

Who knew about it?  Who paid for the logistics in getting all the gang-bangers transported, lodged and fed?

And how did they keep them quiet?

This was clearly a HUGE undertaking.

I keep going back to the speech Obama made to a crowd of SEIU members – shortly before being inaugurated in 2009 . . . the one where he said he will assemble a CIVILIAN army that is every bit as well-funded as our military . . . and equally well-trained.

It would appear that he achieved his goal . . .

©Kenny E. All rights reserved.

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