AUN-TV and its 11 TV Stations are Seeking Conservative Shows and Programming

A new era of independent news has started with an eye to revolutionizing the way America views the news, as American Uncensored News has made its debut!

American Uncensored News Network, (AUN-TV), was founded to solve what may be America’s biggest problem: the near monopoly on television of corrupt and censored news that advances the world view and policies of a small group that is hostile to American Values. These values, such as Liberty and Justice for All, Economic Freedom, and Limited Government have already been severely damaged. The future of America depends on exposing and defeating this monopoly by having a truthful and legitimate alternative.

All the news that’s true has a home at the AUN-TV network, The Uncensored News Network! AUN-TV has a mission of creating “uncensored” news, talk and documentary programming from independent media and grassroots production. The network’s goal is to report the news and features other networks are afraid to touch. AUN-TV Network with its sister website will air and post hard hitting credible stories that no other television network will touch.

AUN-TV will open with a 11 station television broadcast network based in Northern California. Broadcasting outlets will include: Channel 3 (San Francisco, CA), Channel 12 (San Francisco/Marin County) CA, Channel 8 (Fort Bragg/North Coast CA), Channel 27 (Santa Rosa, CA), Channel 45 (Wine Country, CA), Channel 23 (Redding, CA), Channel 11, (Chico, CA), and Channel 28, (Sacramento/Chico, CA). All combined, the network covers a market of over 10 million people, with many yearning for AUN-TV’s unvarnished and uncensored take on news and views. Future stations in process include outlets in Monterey, CA, Carson City/Lake Tahoe, NV, and Reno, NV.

Dana Allen the founder of AUN-TV has also announced the appointment of Rick Trader as President and CEO. AUN-TV and its companion website –, – is proud to announce the launch of the AUN-TV Television Network. There is an unmet need in America for uncensored news and investigations. Most TV news sources ridicule and demonize the majority of their own viewers, something unheard of in other industries. For example in polls only 15% of Americans believe that evolution is the sole source of humans, yet that 85% of Americans is ridiculed as if they were an extremist 2% group by most TV news channels. The same is true on other issues. AUN will respect our viewers right to think for themselves. The majority of Americans believe the news media has covered up multiple government corruption scandals, they are right. As someone who has been in the news media I have first hand witnessed news censorship. It is the mission of AUN to end that censorship.”

Rick Trader is also the producer and host of the Conservative Commandos Radio Show (CCRS). Over the past 10 years, the CCRS has interviewed a “Who’s Who” of thinkers, authors, writers and policy makers from Washington and around the world.

Trader will be responsible for bringing the best of uncensored talk shows to the AUN-TV Network.

“I am thrilled and excited at the prospects of AUN-TV! Now, many great shows, views and voices will have a television platform to call their own” says Trader. “The AUN-TV Network is badly needed to report on the stories the alphabet networks do not want the American people to know of. Our goal is to bring original, thought provoking programs to the viewing public that has a thirst for the truth, and to return our country to the principals of Liberty, Rule of Law and Judeo-Christian ethics our founding father created it for.”



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Rick Trader

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