Companies Jumping on the LGBTQ+ Bandwagon: TARGET

Target (1.72) and other retailers are jumping on the LGBTQ+ bandwagon with both feet.  Please do not even try to tell us that it takes courage to support the movement that is grooming children for pedophilia.  Caving to the politically correct stance may be the least courageous thing you can do.  Sure, you will be applauded by the media and the pro-ESG investment crowd as well.  But if you want to take a courageous stand, stand up and oppose these destructive initiatives publicly. Now.

Here’s the latest Pride month promotion from Target.  They have a t-shirt with the message “Trans Rights are Human Rights,” displayed on a child-sized mannequin in store and on a toddler on their website.  They are TARGETING our children with their over-sexualized propaganda.

Do you remember the days when the gay rights movement told our government to “stay out of our bedrooms”.  They shouted flamboyantly that the person with whom they sleep is purely a private, personal matter and should not be the subject of legal, political or public discourse.  “All we want is equality”.  Remember those days? If only we could revert to an equal approach for all and the elimination of this LGBTQ+ stridency from political and economic interactions instead of having the LGBTQ+ agenda rammed down our throats at every turn. But equality was never their agenda.

Similarly, we can recall the days when people were annoyed that the top 1% ran everything and told us what to do.  Of course, they were referring to the rich in their anti-capitalist sentiment.  But, strangely enough, that perspective isn’t too far off today.  We have deviant behavior, in which less than 1 percent of the people actually engage, being pushed as acceptable and mainstream.  This new one percent are running the show at Target, at many other retailers and across most of our publicly traded companies.

If you want to support companies that are at least neutral on these radical social topics, you really need to check their 2ndVote score frequently. We help you shop at, invest in and support organizations that just want to provide a good service or product and generate fair returns for their shareholders without these other distractions.  In the digressive left’s business world, its hard to keep up with the landscape. From supposedly trans-gender babies to ESG initiatives for business, the battle is complex. Find out who is voluntarily wasting resources on these initiatives instead of providing the best possible products and services so that shareholders get the best possible returns on their investment. And since 2016, we have continued to push #AnythingButTarget .


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  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    TARGET has been WOKE for many years starting with the bathroom issue.

    Don’t spend $ at TARGET period. Hurting their pocket book is the answer.


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