The Border is Secure and I’m the Tooth Fairy

There he goes again.  DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said again last week the border “is secure”.   Sure, and I’m the tooth fairy.  This is gas-lighting of the highest order.  How do I know?  Let me count the ways.

Border agents called Mayorkas a liar for saying it.  Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have poured across the border in recent months and the number of border stops is at an all-time high.   A new DHS report shows about a third of those released failed to check in with ICE within 60 days as required.  The government failed to collect many of their U.S. addresses and has no idea where many of them are.   More illegal aliens are headed our way.  One day last week, 3,000 migrants stormed the Mexican border with Guatemala, pushing their way past the Mexican National Guard on their way to the U.S.  Watch the video if you want to see pure chaos.

Things are so bad the Biden administration has stopped releasing the numbers of people who die illegally crossing into the U.S.  Things are so bad, even Democrat big city mayors are complaining.  New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said too many migrants are finding their way to these cities and are straining public resources.  But they have only themselves to blame.  The New York City website proclaims for all to see, “Many services and benefits are available to all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status.”  If you’re an illegal alien, not to worry. The website promises, “The City of New York has confidentiality protections in place for all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status, who are accessing important City services.”  Washington, D.C. has been a sanctuary city for years, with Bowser trumpeting in 2016, “We celebrate our diversity and respect all DC residents no matter their immigration status.”  But now that the problem is in their face, she and Adams want the federal government to bail them out and let them escape the consequences of their own bad policies.

The feds are busy enacting bad policies of their own.  In previous commentaries, I’ve listed numerous policy changes the Biden administration has made to deliberately open the border.  Here are half a dozen more to add to the list:

The administration wanted to reduce the number of deportations where there was no immediate public safety risk, but the Supreme Court has blocked this for now, pending litigation.  The number of prosecutions for illegal border crossings is down 80 percent, and that’s by design.  The federal government just gave a contract worth at least $171 million to a left-wing group to help unaccompanied alien children avoid deportation.  The administration reinterpreted federal law to allow people with Temporary Protected Status to leave the country and return even if they had come here unlawfully at the outset.  Deported illegal aliens used to have to wait years before being allowed to reenter the U.S. legally but now they can come back in the next day without prejudicing their eventual application for legal status.  Finally, the administration is instituting a new system to allow aliens to apply for asylum online from anywhere in the world.

Alejandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden hate America and they’re trying to destroy it by replacing who lives here.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: they should be impeached for refusing to faithfully execute the laws.

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