The Truth: Putin’s Socialist Revolution in America

The month of August is a very troubling reminder of human tragedies: WWI started in August 1914. After the Soviet/German Pact was signed by Molotov/Ribbentrop in August 1939, WWII started September 1, 1939. Nobody knows the actual consequences of the Pelosi visit to Taiwan in August 2022, but the Chinese Military has already started massive military drills across Taiwan as a response to Pelosi visit. It is typical aggressive Communist behavior to intimidate the people of democratic-Taiwan and force the American President to react. After the lesson in Ukraine, knowing the Communist behavior, the White House needs to provide Taiwan with defensive missiles to prevent the war. We have time to do that—China is not ready to occupy Taiwan in 2022. But time is short, we should act promptly.

WWIII is also going on in America in August 2022—The FBI has raided Mar-A-Lago on August 8, 2022! It is unprecedented! History of the American republic doesn’t know anything more dangerous and un-American than the dramatic event by the FBI on August 8, 2022. No comments from the FBI and DOJ. The American public and pundits have been shocked, they have no idea where it is coming from. They don’t know Socialist abusive and corrupt systems and its modus operandi: lies, deceit, and fraud. In fact, Biden’s White House is in the process of demolishing capitalism and implementing socialism in America. What do you think eighty seven thousand additional IRS armed agents are going to do in America?

I know socialism and constantly have been sharing knowledge with you—it is again Russia… Terrorizing political opponents is the KGB Mafia/Army vocation activities, I’ve warned you for the last several decades. The Democrat’s leadership has conspired with weaponized law-enforcement and DOJ to entrap Trump and the White House was totally informed. Discussing the event on all channels, yet nobody presents it as an International precedent, like I do. I don’t trust Biden’s theatrical performances, reading on prompter what has been written by his staff. The policy of open borders intertwined with Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army that executed invasion to America from 160 countries. The surging crime on the streets has started by Democrats states in 2020 and continues. Read my column about Russian Socialist Revolution 1917 and you will be struck by the resemblances of the two events…

Yes, we are witnessing The Global Spy Ring run by Vladimir Putin, described in my column under that title. A member of a legal community at the time of the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov 1967-1980, I learned a lot about the KGB in Russia. Responsible for designing a protocol of America’s infiltration, Andropov spaced it as a simultaneous intrusion of the American Security Apparatuses and media. You can read the details in my columns and books. It was shocking to watch America in the last thirty years. We still don’t know Russia and her Intel. Putin is the next generation of Stalin/Andropov’s devoted disciples. Seven years of Hoaxes aimed at Trump were Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army production. I recognized the familiar handwriting of corruption, fabrication, provocation, deceit, and fraud…

As a matter of fact, Biden’s White House created authoritarian paradigms in America. Glenn Beck is right “the Democrat Party is historically un-democratic and now they find a new way to do that ” June 2, 22. I would add “the Democrat Party is a Party of Socialist Charlatans.” I have been writing about that new way for over thirty years. Interview with the Democrat Sen. Mark Warner in Cavuto on August 6, 2022 illustrates the inability of the Republicans to rebuttal the Socialist Charlatans. I purposely introduced the term. Some Republicans don’t know the Socialist modus operandi: lies, deceit, and fraud. They also can’t perceive the fact that the KGB mafia/Army was overturning the Democrat Party to Socialist Party. The collaboration was going on for decades under the nose of incompetent leadership of the CIA and FBI. The result you see in the states run by the Democrats. Read my book Socialist Revolution in America, XLIBRIS, 2021.

Pay attention to Biden and his White House team. Something strange is happening in the American Kingdom—it self-divides itself. The executive branch battles the US Supreme Court and doesn’t communicate with Pelosi’s legislature on Taiwan, at the time when crime is sinking the American republic and Fentanyl is killing thousands of our citizens.  It is even worse: Stalinist aggressive twins-brother Putin, Chairman Xi and the “Axis of Evil” under the Russian umbrella are at the attack against Western civilization. The Republicans don’t know the major Russian agency that manages The Global Spy Ring–The KGB Mafia/Army. Read here my column under that title.

Nefarious Russian Crimes that Escaped American Minds

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is Threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual Life. If you can undermine these three areas, America will Collapse from within.” — Joseph Stalin

The FBI Director and a majority of political commentators will tell you that China’s military is the most dangerous force for our future. I agree. When it comes to domestic prosperity and national security today, I disagree. According to his vision of American Collapse, Stalin left his ideology as a protocol-legacy to several generations of Russian people. His KGB Mafia/Army has been operating on our soil promoting it through Socialist Charlatans like Soros and Sanders since the 20th century. All strata of our society had been infiltrated: the government, courts, business, sports, the educational system, etc. The KGB mafia/Army had been present in the Clinton and Obama White Houses and it is now in the Biden White House to complete the agenda, to demolish American capitalism and implement Socialism, Stalinist Soviet Socialism…

The Truth sooner or later will surface. The source of my constant concern is Russia and its KGB Mafia/Army aimed at the destruction of the American Constitutional republic. I had been a witness of Stalinist Soviet Socialism under his ideology. I know the aggressive force, a product of one-party system that implements Stalinist Soviet Socialism across the world: the KGB Mafia/Army. Awareness of that force is a must, as it is inextricably tied to the recent crises in America and the world. Though I reported thousands of the KGB dirty tricks implemented in the world, its strategy, tactics, and methods to extinguish American Capitalism, I have to return to major KGB crimes still unknown to humanity. There is a list of them and chronologically the Soviet law of 1955 is the first on the list.

Read the Soviet document of 1955, a document by the Soviet Defense Council, the first formal Soviet decision to launch narcotics trafficking against the Bourgeoisie and especially against American capitalists:

“Soviet strategy for revolutionary war is a global strategy… narcotics strategy is a sub-component of this global strategy. …First was the increased training of leaders for the revolutionary movements—the civilian, military, and intelligence cadres.”

You can read the details about this law in my books and columns. It is a spectacular document, which reveals the real face of our nefarious foremost enemy, destroying us from within… You will now know who is responsible for the death of 1.000 000 Americans in 2021, let alone the other crimes against the American republic.….

Second: “Stalin married the Communist Ideology with Islam” and Islamic Jihad was born. You can read the details in my writings about Bin-Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, and many other terrorists working with the Russian Intel. Yes, Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri was killed in Drone strike, but there is a New Reports on foreign spies across America: July 30, 2022 – News 5 min. read American Briefing, Leftist Group Used by Russian Operative to Spread Propaganda:

“A Russian operative backed by the Kremlin was charged with conspiring to have U.S. citizen act as illegal agents of the Russian government, and at least one of the three groups alleged to have “co-conspired” with the agent is a self-described socialist party.” All my writings are dedicated to exposing the Russian Intel, which is demolishing the American Constitutional republic from within. By the way, the attacks on 9/11 had been executed under the supervision of the Russian Intel. The CIA and FBI leadership don’t know the Russian Intel and are unable to protect the country and the American people. Read my book: What is Happening to America published in 2022.

Third: The Stalinist story of the children from foreign countries should be known to the public. The thousands of children organized by Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army in several Caravans are now under American jurisdiction and have been spread across the country. Considering the information in two preceding paragraphs, I am submitting the following:

Child trafficking started by Stalin after the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939. He brought several thousand Spanish children to Russia, placed them in a dormitory under strict control of the KGB that was training them for 10-12 years. After that the Spanish speaking young men and women had been sent to Mexico and Central America—the variety of different gangs had been established in the 1950-1960th there. The drug trafficking gangs bring enormous wealth to the coffer of The KGB Mafia/Army. All gangs continued old Soviet operations: human-sex trafficking that has started in Europe under the Warsaw Pact countries in the 1950th. For your information, all issues regarding perverted sex is the main operations of the KGB Mafia/Army. Just look at the contemporary American educational system with new language of “birthing people” and alike. Doesn’t it remind you Stalinist Political Correctness?

All crimes of drugs trafficking by Russia have been handed over to China lately. Read about the Soviet Decision of 1955 to wage the war against Western civilization, where the drugs war was a sub-component of the global war. Remember, we are dealing with the “Axis of Evil” under the Russian umbrella… Also remember the formula of the WWIII against the American capitalism: “Recruitment, Infiltration, Drugs, and Assassinations…”  To perceive the scale of the Russian infiltration in the midst of our country, recall Jeffrey Epstein, his International Empire was a small part of the Kremlin Kingdom…

My fellow Americans! Knowledge is Power to save the American Constitutional republic and our freedom. That is the reason the FBI has submitted my name to the FISA Court and Court made me a foreign agent in 2002—my writings had been banned. Educate yourself, try to find my columns and read them for free.

To be continued and

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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