The Globalists’ Economic War Against Humanity—Environmental, Social and Governance [ESG] Scores

ESG Score: A measure of a company’s exposure to long-term environmental, social and governance risks.

ESG Explained in 60 seconds:

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. recently spoke to the nation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One of the items Biden did not discuss is his active support of the “great reset” which is the globalists’ war against humanity.

A key component of that war against the common man is to eliminate capitalism and replace it with a new “stakeholder” doctrine for businesses globally and in the U.S. This model is based upon the need to attain environmental, social and governance scores that fully supplant capitalism and replace it with a one world governance based on big government, i.e. Socialist, Communist, ideals.

ESG scoring’s goal is to fundamentally transform the role of every company from a shareholder focus (capitalism) to a single stakeholder decree (the government).

According to the Heartland Institute,

Klaus Schwab and a growing list of powerful global economic and political elites, including BlackRock CEO Larry Fink and President Joe Biden, have recently committed to a global “reset” of the prevailing school of economic thought. They seek to supplant the entrenched “shareholder doctrine” of capitalism, which—as Milton Friedman famously espoused over 50 years ago—holds that the only purpose of a corporate executive is to maximize profits on behalf of company shareholders.

This effort to fundamentally transform global economics via the cooperation of major corporations and state legislatures is an existential threat to every American’s Constitutional rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The Heartland Institute explains,

To replace shareholder capitalism, Schwab, Fink, Biden, and a legion of their peers have promulgated a nouveau “stakeholder doctrine,” commonly referred to as “stakeholder capitalism.” This approach, which aims to harness the growing clamor for more socially conscious corporate decision-making, authorizes, incentivizes, and even coerces corporate executives and directors to work on behalf of social objectives deemed by elites to be desirable for all corporate stakeholders—including communities, workers, executives, and suppliers.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores—a social credit framework for sustainability reporting—are being used as the primary mechanism to achieve the shift to a stakeholder model. They measure both financial and non-financial impacts of investments and companies and serve to formally institutionalize corporate social responsibility in global economic infrastructure.

We recently reported on an armed raid by the U.S. Marshal Service on an Amish farm in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. The farm is owned by independent business owner Amos Miller who produces organic meats and vegetables and sells and ships his products directly to his 4,000 customers across America. The reason given for the raid was that Amos was “not using GMO drugs” to grow his produce and raise his livestock.

In other words Amos Miller was totally in line with the environmental component of ESG because Miller, who has been farming for 25 years, uses no electricity, no fertilizer, and no gasoline. Because of his totally organic and ecofriendly mantra he has tremendously impressive crop yields using only the oldest of methods, his products are totally organic.

So, why raid Amos Miller’s farm?

Because he does not comply with the social and governance components of ESG. You see Amos is Amish and the Amish want little to do with governance or regulations and they have their own social code, Christianity, which flies in the face of Biden’s globalist agenda.

Watch Tucker Carlson discuss the U.S. Marshal’s raid on Amos’ farm for not following government regulations “endocrine disrupting chemicals, GMO drugs.”

Because Amos refused to follow Biden and the globalists nouveau “stakeholder doctrine” his farm was shut down and he has been fined $300,000 for disobeying the globalist agenda.

According to the Heartland Institute,

Environment, social, and governance scores are theoretically supposed to incentivize “responsible investing” by “screening out” companies that do not possess high ESG scores while favorably rating those companies and funds that make positive contributions to ESG’s three overarching categories. A company’s ESG score has become a primary component of its risk profile.

Amos does not make positive contributions to two of ESG’s three overarching categories. Hence Amos must be destroyed as an enemy of ESG.

The Bottom Line

According to the Heartland Institute’s Anti-ESG Action Map:

  • Maine’s legislature has enacted pro-ESG laws.
  • California, Hawaii and Maryland have pro-ESG legislation pending.
  • Vermont, Virginia, and New Mexico have defeated pro-ESG legislation.
  • Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Florida have enacted anti-ESG legislation.

We are seeing major corporations voluntarily going pro-ESG from car manufacturers producing all electric vehicles to companies like Disney, Apple, Mastercard and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn going pro-ESG.

In the Feb. 22, 2022 Bloomberg Law article Who Regulates the ESG Ratings Industry? Kurt Wolfe reported,

The SEC is keenly aware of investor demand for ESG information, and ESG disclosures count among SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s regulatory priorities. But the SEC is unlikely to make sweeping changes to its decades-old, materiality-based disclosure framework just to accommodate investor demand. The SEC will likely require “climate risk disclosures” soon, and it may tack on other reporting requirements (like “human capital” metrics), but there is little appetite for overhauling the system.

QUESTION: Will the 87,000 newly armed and authorized to use deadly force IRS Agents be the enforcers of ESG Ratings?

That is the question, isn’t it.

The Democrat Party is pro-ESG which fits its equity, diversity and inclusion agenda.

ESG is the global strategy to destroy Western Civilization and with it our Constitutional Republican form or government.

ESG is the head of the globalist snake called the great reset.

Go ESG or you will be raided and watch your business die!

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