Abolish the Family, Enslave the People

Marxists Want To Abolish Family

The international tribunal investigating the communist Khmer Rouge wrapped up its work after 16 years having convicted three people in connection with the slaughter of 1.7 million Cambodians to build the perfect communist society.

  • Nothing quite says ‘socialism cares about the masses’ more than killing people who wear eyeglasses and getting 12-year-olds to machine-gun their parents
  • The Khmer Rouge were not ‘tyrants’.   They were messianic – they wanted a perfect society and were willing to kill a third of their population to get it
  • “ …  the Khmer Rouge tortured and killed people by hitting their head with a hoe, or hurling the children on to tree trunks to not waste their bullets. But to me, the majority of the people in those days died of starvation,” he says…. Twice a day, a small tin of rice would be split between 10 people. A lot of people ate leaves, rats, insects or snakes to stay alive.
  • yet another socialist-engineered famine (the Holodomor, Great Leap Forward, etc.)

Venezuela defends the indefensible, rejects U.N. human rights report detailing Maduro regime’s torture and possible crimes against humanity

  • Arbitrary detention, electric shock, asphyxiation – this is real socialism, the self-proclaimed Socialism of the 21st Century

In Venezuela, orders to brutal security service to silence dissent come from the very top

Years of burrowing in Queens pays off for socialists; now hold local, state, and federal offices

  • Hey socialists!  What good is ‘economic equality’ if you can’t speak your mind and you get imprisoned if you do?  And don’t give me that ‘democratic socialism’ nonsense.  It’s a unicorn.  It’s never existed and never will.  You can see how authoritarian the American Left is becoming – censoring people, persecuting political enemies, etc. – and we still live in a constitutional Republic.  And these are the people you’re counting on to usher in ‘democratic socialism’?  Hah!

Democratic Socialists of America-tied Rashida Tlaib collected $100,000 in rent while calling for Congress to abolish rent during the pandemic (typical socialist hypocrisy)

More quit the CCP – “The CCP’s organ harvesting from living practitioners is so inhuman and evil! The Communist Party lies to the people and doesn’t give them religious freedom, which is a basic human right,” he said. “Many Chinese are waking up. The Chinese Communist Party has caused millions of deaths. The Chinese people should have quit the Party years ago!”

What China’s ‘economic miracle’ has wrought – home buyers squatting in their unfinished units, schlep water up the stairs after using makeshift toilets outside

Yet another Chinese spy case raising intellectual property theft concerns

Socialist Venezuela working with China, Russia, and Iran against American interests – enabling Iranian terrorism with land grant, cooperation with intelligence operatives, air bridge to Tehran, etc.

China finds global influence operations are not so easy; backtracks on Belt and Road initiative after $1 trillion in losses and vociferous international criticism

Coda re the Khmer Rouge getting 12-year-olds to machine-gun their parents:

  • Abolish the Family, Enslave the People
    Radicals have always known that the family is the biggest obstacle to achieving their goals.

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